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  1. And usually when homeschooled kids participate, it’s because their private teacher pays those same association dues. Usually you have to have a sponsoring instructor. If anything, the instructor for the homeschoolers probably has fewer students so is paying proportionally more per kid.
  2. In my area, there is a private school that has opened their orchestras to homeschoolers and those students are eligible to audition for regional (and state) from that orchestra. Is that an option for you?
  3. So proud of my piano students and DD :). Life after homeschooling is looking more and more possible 🙂

  4. I have 6 piano students playing in a recital tonight :). My studio is slowly getting off the ground 🙂
  5. Piano recital tomorrow :). Not at all concerned about DD, but am about my oldest and youngest beginners-a 3 yr old and a 20 year old :).

    1. scrapbookbuzz


      I'm sure they'll do their best. just go and enjoy. Be supportive. The 3yo might not notice, but the 20 year old sure will. 😉

    2. dmmetler


      I’m playing duets with both of them, so I’ll be there 🙂 (my other students are more experienced)

  6. I don't mind it, but don't enjoy it, either. I enjoy amtrak, but not air travel.
  7. We have two cats who are each over 10 lbs currently on the SAME shelf of ours, so I'm thinking it would be fine for an 18 lb dog. I would suggest buying somewhere that has assembled version so you can check for stability. Some are more stable than others. I think ours came from Petco.
  8. I took beta blockers for basilar arterial migraines through college (Atenolol). It did help with migraines. I know a lot of people in performing arts take it for performance anxiety, but I can't say that being on it reduced my performance anxiety any (or if it did, I would have been through the roof without it!). It definitely had an adjustment period-I think I slept through about half of my last semester of high school because the drug wiped me out so badly, but once I adjusted, i was OK. It took a couple of months, though.
  9. dmmetler


    Is she in a sport where she could do club? In my experience, homeschool teams are significantly below the PS teams in skill and quality, and she would likely find it a major step back if she has qualified to play on a PS team, especially when she is playing up by age already, especially if your area has Tebow laws in place that let homeschoolers try out for high school teams, so a lot of the better homeschool athletes will move to playing for school teams.
  10. I would retake only if it was fundamental skills that you need to relearn, or if methods have changed a lot (for example, computer science. I also would consider retaking math or reteaching at home before taking the next class in a sequence). For lifespan, I'd buy a book an edition back, read through it, and you'll be fine. Honestly, only a few sections are likely to have changed in any psych class. And definitely don't feel bad. One of the missions of CC's in my state is to help adults complete degrees and credentials,and we have a special state scholarship for exactly that purpose. They WANT people to finish degrees started 20 years ago and half completed.
  11. We have used when we had a cat who was on a prescription food. It was much easier than stopping by the vet's office regularly. In general, I haven't had any complaints. I also have ordered other food and litter from them in the past for convenience, although shopping sales usually costs less.
  12. This is relatively close to me this summer, and I am considering going, especially since DD will be at her summer program then (and I need professional development hours for my teaching license renewal anyway). I was wondering if anyone had any experience-or was planning to go this year.
  13. dmmetler


    Our homeschool only teams play small Christian schools or other homeschool teams, and generally do FCA tournaments (non-league). If they choose to (and are allowed to, because it's up to the individual school/district to decide if they are here) play for a high school team, that wouldn't count.
  14. Yes. It actually covers enough content to match three years of middle school curriculum, so you have a LOT to work with.
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