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  1. And she spent last night running around playing flashlight tag at a Halloween party, and now says it hurts again. Hoping this is just that she used it more than she has in a few months...
  2. If you're interested in an online class, there are several Junior instructor ones at Athena's Academy focused on Marine biology topics. JI classes are taught by kids, who have a strong interest in the topic, with an adult moderator and a lot of mentoring in the class design phase. Emma has been doing this for quite awhile (she was the first JI at Athena's), and is really, really good. My experience (as a moderator for DD's classes) is that kids who already have read everything they can get their hands on about a topic usually really enjoy JI classes just for the chance to discuss with other kids.
  3. One of my strategies for managing DD's college anxieties is basically not letting her get on the competitive collShe train at all and focusing on finding schools which are "safe", but still have amazing things to offer. And the VA college pressure is intense, with a feeling that only certain schools are good enough. Which then leads to trying to advertise and compete on other fronts, which then leads to fees that cost more than tuition, so there is a lot of pressure. There was even back when I graduated, and I'm sure it has gotten worse. I can think of a half dozen state schools off the top of my head that have excellent fine arts programs, both for majors and ones open to non-majors, where your DD's stats as a whole would likely put her in the top 25%, and where any merit aid at all comes with an out of state tuition waiver, with base cost lower than VA schools. Some do automatic admissions based just on ACT/GPA, so no need for four AP's a year. They aren't UVA, but they are pretty comparable to JMU. And there probably are a lot more out there that I don't know about.
  4. We've used online classes at Athena's and OnlineG3 for that purpose. Both have classes which are heavily discussion based, both via weekly live webinars and on forums, and both provide access to highly moderated forums for further discussion. There are many choices for literature.
  5. DD will be teaching Herpetology II in the Spring. I suspect it will be Southern hemisphere heavy 🙂
  6. Do a family costume,since it is so close to Halloween, and his siblings are already invested, but check the after Halloween sales for pieces to add to the collection. And just wait until you have a teen who gets into cosplaying. Much of DD's costume pieces come from thrift stores and are than adapted, but I'm pretty sure she is over $30 so far this year.
  7. She does piano with me (she actually was the student that pushed me back into teaching privately, because she so needed it, but her father was unwilling to pay for lessons) and is in my teen orchestration class. DD is doing a teen social group that I'm hoping I can bring her to as well-it's a nice group of kids, and is relatively low pressure. I think some form of animal therapy would be good-she spends a lot of time at my house with the cats, and I have one who is the original Velcro cat and is more than happy to spend hours being cuddled and held. I was thinking the keys workbooks might be good because they are small and not intimidating in the way that Saxon or a similar textbook is. She actually did some of HoE with me two years ago. I also have Algeblocks, which might be good-feeling like she's behind isn't helping anyone right now. Geometry would be good too. Maybe a quilting project?
  8. She's a very artistic, musically gifted, animal oriented kid. Her father is, at minimum, emotionally abusive, and one form that abuse has taken is to tear down mom's homeschooling and to tell the kids that they are going to fail in life, repeatedly. I tutored the girl and her younger brother two years ago before a standardized test, because Mom was trying to prove that they were on target, and she was solidly on grade level or a little above. Now, she freezes and is unable to start on almost anything with numbers, feels she cannot write, and is just plain unable to start. I think a lot of the loss of skills is just plain that she is so emotionally overloaded.
  9. Check OnlineG3. (The teen focus one). My DD is taking their class this fall. Usually you can just watch the webinars later. I don't know if their spring schedule is out yet. She's enjoying it quite a bit.
  10. I think what she needs most is success and something she feels in control of, but ideally in a way that produces output, if that makes any sense.
  11. She’s theoretically homeschooling, but not much is happening. Mom is stressed, too, for good reason, and one of her concerns is that her soon to be ex is likely to use homeschooling in court, so if he can claim there is no education happening, that won't be good. The girl is very resistant to going to school right now, and middle school would be a tough time to come in.
  12. One of my friends is going through a pretty bad divorce, and has asked me if her 13 yr old can stay with me while she works a couple of times a week for the next few months. The girl is just plain emotionally shut down. She is functioning substantially academically below the level she was at a few months ago, and that is upsetting her as well. Mostly, I just want to give her a break, but she does need to get some schoolwork done in that time, both for consistency and because she needs a win somewhere.
  13. Prepare for trouble, and make it double! (I also have DD’s top to go with a black skirt she already has and a tube for Pinkie Py(thon) done.)
  14. It's hard. DD did a summer program that was 2 university classes in a 3 week session-6 hours in class a day, plus tons of homework and far too little sleep. She did well in the classes, but the cost physically and emotionally was high.
  15. My brain is trying to come up with a Monolith song....something like this (so a parody of a parody?)
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