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  1. Bumping because I want to know what you came up with so far!
  2. Plus, the name of the college will only get you so far. Mommy, Daddy, and your alumni buddies won't help you keep the job and succeed. I would prefer a quality education with less cost over an expensive name that charges $$$$$$$ because of their name. If you really want a job then intern whenever you can. As for DH, he chooses the resumes. No HR person weeds them out. He knows what he wants and he deals with them directly.
  3. I would say that they don't do any chore because that would require them to get up from the TV and wipe the Cheetoh dust off their fingers.
  4. Private industry would never use a computer to pick an applicant. Dh is COO of a tech firm in DC and he scours over dozens of resumes weekly in search of someone who has the EXPERIENCE he needs and the correct training. He literally bypasses the school section. Makes no difference where they went to school if they can't do what he needs them to. These jobs pay 6 figures to start so we are not talking small time hiring here.
  5. He is allergic to something. I would start with the obvious-milk. Eczema is a symptom of an allergic reaction most of the time and you need to find the cause.
  6. I like some aspects of IEW and this year the girls are in a course. The teacher is wonderful but still older DD hates writing. Next year I am going to use WWS for her to keep her writing and then the following year get her into a 5 paragraph essay class with the IEW teacher. I have also considered SWI-B so that I can throw her on the DVD's and know it is getting done.
  7. I am curious what foundation people are using that they can "feel" it so heavily on their faces. Many of them now are so light and melt in so well that my moisturizer feels heavier.
  8. Yup. There is little to the name when my DH hires. He finds the Big Name grads to come with a sense of entitlement and thinking they get a bigger paycheck since they have a certain name on their diplomas. Ummm....sorry. It doesn't work that way.
  9. That stinks. My last was a grunter and they simply told me that if he continued to do it they would have to take him for a treatment. I love my hospital. You deliver and they do everything in the room you stay in. All the equipment comes out of the wall so the baby essentially never needs to leave your room!
  10. Every day. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara all in under 10 minutes. I could not love my Chanel foundation more and get compliments on my great "natural" skin all the time.
  11. I am north of that and while it is more liberal up here it still tends to be a conservative state in my mind. You can find people you are looking for because it is heavily populated down that way. I am sure it will work out. I personally happen to live in a very "public school worshiping" neighborhood.
  12. No where. I plan on having my family save the money and time by burning me up and spreading me around in the garden or something. I have no clue what happens to the "soul" but at that point I guess I won't care, right?
  13. Shut the front door!!! I am going to try that! I used the natural stuff but it messed up the armpits of my t-shirts.
  14. Sorry Joanne but it has become clear that throwing out scripture on this board is absolutely acceptable even if you are throwing it into the face of someone who puts no stock in it. Saying that the bible is a load of crap and made up of fictional fluff is not okay. I still get such a kick out of the holy that back their criticism and finger pointing with religious tone. Does this pagan's heart good to know what I truly walked away from.
  15. KK is that WOW once again the non believing contingent get the bible thrown in their faces as hard cold fact with no recourse? Or WOW I need to run to the store to get more tinfoil? Either way you can't get fat by any other method than overeating. Science people. If you don't take in the calories your body cannot make more of you.
  16. Oh boy here we go. So obese people go to hell? I am so confused. Alcohol addiction is a character flaw but food addiction is a religious one?
  17. Would food addiction fall into a character flaw? Should we then judge all fat people to that standard and say they are flawed because they chose to overeat or eat poorly and therefore led themselves into weight gain?
  18. I know how that feels. We walked away from a house deposit back in 2003 because I refused to live next to the same house. You can do a lot with landscaping though. Tall growing shrubs and trees like Crepe Myrtles will hide a lot. Perhaps the front walk could be changed? Or the steps covered in stone? What about a portico?
  19. Kohl's has a lot of petite. I mostly shop old navy for me because I like to be able to chuck it after a year or two when I get tired of it.
  20. Would love to hear more about using year 1. I was really hoping to do the same thing for all 4 years but couldn't find a way to get around the overload of bible stuff in year 1. I want ancient history, not just on closed perspective. If you don't mind sharing......
  21. A-freakin men. If I go to a store I really hate to be ambushed by kids selling this, that, and the other thing. As for Walmart I refuse to go there anymore. They are a crap company in my opinion and their clothes are cheap, don't last, and the food is all artificial junk. Target is so much nicer. The clothes are better made and the food selection includes quality stuff in among the regular junk offering. Of course I may be over educated....or something
  22. I am leaving for Magic Kingdom in about an hour and we will be staying until 1am. We own with the vacation club and stay in villa condos at their resorts complete with kitchen and washer/dryer. Best investment ever. We have gone every year since 2011 at least once. If you look past the rides there can be a lot of educational value in the parks like Animal kingdom and Epcot. We used Marriott this time but will transfer over to Kidani village tomorrow night. If you have never seen the deluxe accommodations click some of the links and be amazed. http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4511168345080029&pid=1.7&w=250&h=155&c=7&rs=1 this is a pic of the three bedroom we have http://ts4.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4534859355128187&pid=1.7 and Saturday morning I will be drinking coffee while looking at zebra and giraffe eat.
  23. My grandmother died at 93 and lived alone until 92 years of age. I think having something to do each day is what helped. Even is it is just bingo, reading, her "stories" on TV. Family and friends are super important at that time and a feeling of purpose.
  24. Yes, why analyze everything. It is a mindless fun dance that is being done by celebrities like sports player. Dumb, fun, ...like the Bernie.(weekend at Bernie's) Odd that cupcakes and kilts are amusing though to throw off thread after thread.
  25. To quote my teen. "Oh, ok. You know'" Whatever. If football had no bearing why is the media all over it? Let's ask the Saints how their coach handles integrity.
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