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  1. Our studio owner judged a comp they did and the behind the scenes was exactly like the show. She was appalled at the way the kids are spoken to off camera and the fighting among the moms. Girls crying, fingers pointing......it was bad. Anyway, what is Ancient aliens? I just got hooked on Storm Chasers and watched the whole 3 seasons in a week. :huh:
  2. I would not be worried in the least. My 4 year old is odd. He knows all letters and sounds but since he is a lefty he has NO recognizable pencil grip. He also insists on spelling his name wrong, He won't retell the day but will give you his analysis of it lol.
  3. I would gently suggest that based on your history that perhaps you need to consider not putting yourself through this any longer for your own mental and physical health. I don't know your age but perhaps your body is sending you a message? Sorry for your struggles. :grouphug:
  4. Thanks for sharing! I have one year to get this set in my mind! ARGHHHHHH
  5. Here is what I hate about the whole dog issue. These neighbors have 5 dogs. 4 dachshunds and 1 german shepard. One of the dachshunds has bitten both a kid and a police officer. Do they still have the dogs? You bet. If it had been a pitbull that bit it would have been destroyed. Those little dogs are the most aggressive and nasty things I have ever seen and yet they are allowed to keep them.
  6. Exactly. DH is partner in a tech firm. Do we have enormous cash flow? No. Do we bills? Hell yes. Is his company worth millions? Yes. That is for our future. We live, we enjoy, we don't stress the almighty dollar. And that is coming from a person who doesn't have a loving, holy power to fall back on in prayer if the sh&t hits the fan. I want to forge great memories and teach my kids the value of a dollar and that the money we earn is OURS and not theirs to enjoy when we are dead.
  7. If you need to know my finances I would suggest calling Nordstrom :lol:
  8. We have car loans, a mortgage, credit cards....I really don't care. I live life and enjoy. Good for Dave Ramsey and Suzie Orman. They take people's money telling them how to live. Kind of ironic I think. As long as we pay our bills and my kids are happy I am good.
  9. Strange to think to myself, "Oh good, at least it was just a knife."
  10. In either case this nut seems unfit to be a mother. Wow. Who would ignore it? Who the heck would make it up? Money is the least of her problems.
  11. I printed it and was like "I paid $5 for 6 pages?"
  12. OMG that's so sad! I am not a horse owner but I appreciate the beauty of the animal. Sorry for your loss!
  13. Well since I understand they have issues paying bills on time that may very well be the case! I didn't even think of it until you said that! I'm not sure what is more unsettling. The deviousness of that scam or the paranoid nature of the claim!
  14. Yes it goes with the secret listening device she says we own so that we can hear her in her house, her calling about the car parked facing her house with a camera taping her residence(unmarked narc car with a blue light in the window), the garbage men made a mess outside of her house, the neighbor on the other side pushed snow into the street and didn't clean it up(he was still plowing), and the ever popular "my dogs had a good sense of who is good and who is bad and you antagonize them by telling them to stop barking".
  15. From an officers mouth to my ears: My neighbor called the police to her house and claimed someone had broken into her residence and rearranged the files in her filing cabinet. :huh: This is what I have lived next to for 8 years.
  16. Gosh I am so sorry. I was so cruel that you got to hear a heartbeat and then lost it. Sometimes I think technology does us a disservice.
  17. I keep looking at it so I have decided I will do the one month sub and see how useful it really is before I shell out all of that money. I am a paper person and would prefer to have the books. Sigh
  18. To be free of the cravings and the NEED to eat when you aren't hungry. So freeing. Have you read Wheat Belly? Changes a lot of thinking.
  19. I wouldn't spend much money on something to make noise. Conair alarm clocks come with noise options and a simple $15 fan will work
  20. againstallgrain .com is a great place. I use her bread recipe and since it is based on eggs and coconut flour it is super low carb.
  21. Jeal. Ous. Very. Please keep your blog updated so I can dream!
  22. In my next life I am going to write a secular TOG and buy a vacation home.
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