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  1. Simple. It is a 4 letter word made up by people and given meaning by people. It's power is in what you give to it. Vulgarity may offend you as you put meaning to the words that are negative and contrary to your belief. An atheist could easily be offended by constant references to prayer and god since we do not put any stock in either and believe them to offensive. Chanted prayer like the lord's prayer literally makes my skin crawl. Not being snarky-it literally makes me feel ill. Anyway, here is what I do find offensive. Ethnic slurs. Wetback, dot head, rag head, chink, N&gger, and the like. Those have deeper meaning. Now around here the term redneck is not offensive but it may be on other places. Some people flip at the use of the words retard and midget. I guess it depends on the person. I couldn't stand that my 90 year old grandmother still used the term "coloreds".
  2. I agree with Bill that some of the book choices are just absurd. Really quite useless in terms of life today. Like Moby Dick. Would be great to say you have read it but...why? So you can discuss it over lunch? Most people haven't read it because it really is boring, long, and tedious. Sometimes the idea of the perfect education is not what the kids will like. Just my 2 cents
  3. Wait, he was given that reason??? They can't say that outright without being slapped with a lawsuit for discrimination.
  4. No, I am sorry that you feel the need to write this. The thought should never have crossed your mind. Some days I would like to wave a wand and make everyone green with black hair and blue eyes. That way there would be no judging by appearances.
  5. Get Chef Mickeys(Contemporary) and Akurshus(Epcot) for meals if you want princesses and the normal crew. The castle is fun but a total rip-off. Do early mornings and avoid the middle of the day. Close the parks when you can and download their app so that you can see ride times and current Fast pass machine times. Many will be gone by mid-day so you can get them early before you leave for lunch.
  6. Well we banked for 2. One boy and one girl. Hopefully it will be the biggest waste of money we ever made but I feel like piece of mind is priceless. For me it is about the advances they are making and what is on the horizon. We offered it to a friend who had lymphoma if he was a match.
  7. On another note-what is Obama care is not what it was intended to be when originally designed. What you see is what is left of it after it has been picked apart and compromised to kingdom come. This is the fault of congress and the fact that they continue to worship the almighty dollar and care little about the public. That was obvious yesterday when they voted. We are backwards. Other countries do it but they don't have huge insurance lobby groups feeding money into political pockets. It can be done and it should be done. The public gets screwed either way.
  8. Thank you for that. I guess I should put less stock in reading and more in the academics. She seems to do well with TT for her math so I guess that works. I tried MUS and that threw her for a loop. She also does well with writing assignments because she goes to a class and there is lecture. I will stick to reading WITH her and discussion.
  9. I don't understand Crossfit. Lifting huge weights and swinging stuff around? It's the latest fad in exercise around here and to me it just seems to needlessly extreme.
  10. Almonds are fine for my nut allergy kids. If she were going to react then it would have caused a rash on her skin.
  11. We had her vision checked but I think she is an auditory learner. Unfortunately not everything in life can be found on audio or read to her
  12. Hmmm...not sure. She remembered that he was hunting and that it took place in the country. I really have trouble trusting her since she has lied in the past about completing stuff.
  13. Read the first 2 chapters of Sign of the Beaver...... can she answer even 1 question I ask? No. Not where the rest of the family was, not how long the father thought he would be gone, not why the father asked him to mark the passage of time. I am DONE. I know she is not the brightest kid(maybe a bit ADD and has always struggled with academics) and for sure will not go far into higher education that requires in depth math and science. I am not expecting the world but I am expecting the basics of effort. What in the world do I do with this kid? She tells me that she doesn't like the book. I told her this wasn't a democracy and sometimes she would have to read a book that wasn't her first choice because I want her to.
  14. No kidding. With the heat over the circ thread I was afraid something else had exploded and word smegma was involved :leaving:
  15. I need to supplement this desire because she is not an active learner and this is the first time she has voiced an opinion about what she wants to do. I am wondering if pulling pieces from trisms to align with Kingfisher would work?
  16. read through the red book(kingfisher ency.) and take notes and perhaps write a paragraph here and there, what would you say? I had her lined up to do History Makers so I am on board with a year of history overview but now I have Trisms looking me in the face from the bookshelf!
  17. Increases in rates and not hiring full-time employees is a direct result of greed and nothing else. There is no excuse for large companies to pull that crap. The insurance companies will use any excuse to pad their pockets. We have paid less due to well care being co-pay free. We got a refund last year from the company as well. Oddly if we had true universal healthcare we wouldn't need this conversation. Ironic, right?
  18. What about time4learning? That would be fun and cover lots for those ages.
  19. Ha! I wore a dress from a place that was closing and nabbed a $800 dress for $99! Had the train cut up and created a christening gown for my girls so I got double duty out of it.
  20. Here is another thing. What was your own experience with Prom? I grew up on Long Island. First they were NEVER held at the school like they are here. Second, everyone had a limo. Sounds odd but they just did. I guess based on my own past I assumed all of these things for my kids. Having said that, I don't get the allure of "prom" in general. It is one of the biggest reasons I get against homeschooling HS. "But what Prom???????" Here they take it to the highest degree with a 6 hour afterprom party where there are moonbounces, games like a money booth, and they give away a new car to one senior who is there all night in the final drawing. It really is an insane amount of work but they want the kids there and not out drinking. I also wanted to say that last night as they were on the way back they witnessed a terrible accident where a car flipped the median and rolled several times. I hate to think that could have been my kid driving right next to that or IN that situation last night. Ugh
  21. Gee I don't know! My son just left for prom and he paid for the tickets, the limo, corsage, and will pay for dinner as well. I don't mind the limo cost as I insist they not be driving around on prom night. Your prices look in line with ours but his tickets were only $70.
  22. Dance practice for 1, soccer game for another, second oldest reffed a soccer game, grocery shopping, and just got the oldest off in the limo to prom with his friends. Ready for a drink.
  23. Grimm-totally agree Walking Dead-yes PLEASE SHOOT the governor True Blood-ick Vampire Diaries-yes, so lame and needs to go
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