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  1. Fogginess and the blues are spot on! She took 5 vials and did a whole lot of other tests so she couldn't have done that much with the thyroid. I am going to call tomorrow for my followup blood draw and insist they schedule the other tests if they haven't done them. When I inquired about the thyroid she said, "the level was normal" which makes me think they only tested TSH. From what I understand cancerous thyroid nodules are super rare so that doesn't really worry me right now. I am taking Spectra 303-T which has L-tyrosine and throxine free thyroid in it. 100 mg each. Does that sound right?
  2. Can you tell me what your symptoms were, what tests you had run, and if they had trouble pinpointing it? Here are my facts so far: Knee and ankle pain that gradually worsened over 2 weeks now with swelling, stiffness,and heel(bottom of foot) involved Thyroid is enlarged and they measured something on the ultrasound yesterday(nodule I think) Calcium up and Vit D levels super low in blood work Negative for Lyme's and kidney function looked fine. Thyroid also looked fine on blood work but I don't know what was tested Scattered brain, lack of interest or energy in anything, suddenly like coffee(weird, right?) No shortness of breath or trouble breathing, Naproxen helps with the pain
  3. Mine had them done at 4 when he had tubes put in. He had no issues with pain at all.
  4. Gun Lobby trying to create an alarmist state and redirect the real issue?
  5. Simple. I enrolled the kids in Classical Conversations and the amount of money has guilted me into purging and not buying more.
  6. I have cut down to 1 cup per day on coffee and drink a lot of decaf ice tea. What exactly is high quality butter compared to normal? Just organic? I have been buying cage free eggs and waiting on the situation to resolve itself before I do any other supplements than the D. I am NEVER sick so this has all blindsided me. :crying:
  7. I don't do gluten, make GF bread with the coconut flour recipe, and buy as much organic produce as I can. My Dr ordered me to take 5000IU of vitamin D until I go back in for blood work(it was that low). I will ask about the thyroid test but should know more after Friday's u/s. We are thinking could be parathyroid issues. The sun thing work in VA April-Oct but not in the winter due to the lack of strength of the sun. I told DH he should get me a convertible!
  8. What do you consider mandatory for these categories taking into account my symptoms or just for general better health: Vitamins/supplements Daily Foods/weekly foods Organic items I am having some sort of health thing. Arthritis type stuff in my knees and ankles with muscle pain and swelling in ankle, super tight in the morning. Went to the Dr and it is not Rheumatoid but my D level is super low, calcium is up, and thyroid is slightly enlarged. Thyroid, kidney functions were fine and negative for lymes. U/S scheduled for Friday for the thyroid.
  9. If bedroom doors are closed at night then no.
  10. Here in VA when we built 10 years ago they had to have 1 in every bedroom, 1 in the upstairs hall, one in the foyer downstairs, one at the top of the cellar stairs, and like 3 in the basement since we put in rooms down there. We are hardwired with battery backup and EVERY home should have at least 2 carbon monoxide detectors imho.
  11. Christians have killed many other religious groups. Crusades anyone???
  12. This is hard. They did not care for TT and my older DD ASKED to go back to Saxon! I am letting them do math book work now and just piecing it together. One uses a Harcourt text and the other Saxon 7/6. Next year the plan is to go back to TT and supplement on Fridays with something else. For DS(7) I will be switching from Horizons to CLE 2. It is so hard to pick a math program when they hit walls here and there and need something extra in whatever you pick. I have Beast Academy for my son and plan on working that in to see if it works. I got it for DD(9) but that comic format is not appealing to her at all. She is a straight forward get it done kind of gal.
  13. Well to answer your original question I would have to say who cares. So what if they quote you. So what if they quote me. Life is too short.
  14. Remember Doug Flutie? Similar one hit wonder who went north.
  15. I am going to print this and put it all over my house. Better than FINE! But I just wanted to add that I have a DS in public middle school. Ugh. It is just as bad for boys as it is for girls. They are not there to learn. They are there to for the social aspect and it is not a healthy one. Most days I feel like he just tolerates us because what is important to him is not here in this house.
  16. You might have them checked in certain buildings. Remember this city is primarily business so backpacks and briefcases are in every hand. It is tourist friendly so there should be no problems. I haven't encountered a building that restricts bags.
  17. But he wasn't the right fit for them. Maybe the team didn't gel with him. He had to be a leader to be their quarterback. Maybe he wasn't worth the $$ and they are restructuring. I never saw anything great out of him. He is the 3rd worst quarterback since 2010. His career in the NFL has been bad. College doesn't mean jack when you are getting paid to be a pro so that means nothing.
  18. He needs to go the CFL where they play more of his game-on the ground. He wasn't right for the Jets. Can't even begin to see why anyone would look further than that. Must it always be about religion? Yikes
  19. The Enchanted Castle-very weird A Day No Pigs Would Die is hard to read due to the bad use of language but a great story
  20. Ha! My 7 year old said to me, "Mom, wouldn't it suck if everyone in the world had no legs?" What can I say? That would really suck. He's right.
  21. So if I were to get cutoff while driving my response would be, "Stupid son of a b%tch. Get a f'in clue!" Your would be something like, "How unfortunate it is that you chose to endanger my life and those of my children with your irresponsible driving abilities." Seriously? I am socially incompetent, inarticulate, and dumb? I would say that I got my point across quite well. I will be sure to reflect on that as I gaze at my Master's diploma hanging on the office wall. I guess I missed that class in grad school. But on a side note. I love profanity when it comes to my self proclaimed "good catholic neighbor". (the one that watches porn and has been married a few times). I string together a nice line of my Long Island heritage and let it fly. She will get it every time she confronts me with her bullshit.
  22. I just got radishes and lentils and can't wait to get going. I loathe science and think that units will help me get it done.
  23. I have it and use it only for the books to print. If you want it half price let me know. I feel guilty keeping it here and really need to purge!
  24. The word "panties" is much creepier in my book. Something only a pedophile would reference. Ick....but that's my opinion
  25. Crude is a judgement. Some words hold little meaning for me but may offend you. Nice to know that you can make a blanket statement about people who curse like that.
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