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  1. :iagree: My marriage is pretty easy and pretty darn great. We are naturally well matched and see things the same way. There is nothing that wouldn't be more fun with him along :). That said, there are seasons of life where we have to pay more attention to make sure we are getting the time together that we need. Right now, we are in the middle of moving and things a crazy busy. It's not hard work to make sure that we reconnect each day, but we do have to make sure we do it. I guess I think of it as less hard work, more routine maintenance. But most of the time we don't have to "make sure" to do those things, we just naturally do them.
  2. No idea, but I would have loved to hear a story about killing your PC with teA :tongue_smilie:
  3. Seriously? You would rather some one not contact you at all rather than print out your address on a computer? Heaven forbid someone with a tremor in their hand want to send you a letter....
  4. You have no idea how skeeved out I am right now. Small places and centipedes. My worst fears. Throw in a good leg restraint or a straight jacket and I may puke. :ack2:
  5. Funny enough, I use it in place of swear words all the time and it doesn't bother me at all, but use it for its original meaning? Blech!!
  6. The "f" word always makes me cringe and I don't let the kids say it. It sounds so...gross! We are a rather casual family so I don't know why it bothers me so much. We always say "toot" or "make a hoo-hoo". Hoo-hoo came about when it was all my 2 yo dd (now 3) would say. It absolutely cracks me up. :D
  7. Wow! This is so timely for me! I have some probiotics in my amazon cart but am hesitating to buy until I know they are good ones. I saw Culturelle recommended here on another thread. Is that still a good one?
  8. Does any one else keep having to hit refresh all the time? Or is it just me?? My screen keeps freezing!
  9. All I can say, is that I am glad I am not a giraffe. :tongue_smilie:
  10. 1. Yes, but only through work. However, fairly soon afterwards, they became my friends as well. He doesn't currently have any female friends that aren't also my friends. 2. Yes, but none that he has chosen for them or that they have sent him personally. They are all ones that the friend has chosen through a site like FB or through their own phone. *You know, I take that back. He does have a picture of a female friend (coworker) that he took of her that shows up when she calls. But I was there when he took it, so it's not weird or anything. * 3. No. None of his female friends (our friends) have pictures that either of us would consider provacative. They are pictures of them with their children/spouses/etc. If she is having to ask you about it, instead of her own DH, then there is a problem.
  11. I've heard many of those words all my life and none of my family are British. Some of the words (particularly cheeky/twit/wonky/autumn/gobsmacked/muppet) I don't even think of as bring British at all. That said, I have heard many more British type words lately. I would assume it's because of the growing popularity of BBC programming here and of a more connected world in general. Although my favorite phrase I've heard is "A right stropping cow" that I would love to use if I didn't know it was rude :)
  12. :grouphug: I can see how that would color your views on the subject. I am so sorry that you all had to go through that. In our family, it played out differently. No marriages were ruined strained. No jobs were in jeapordy. My grandparents moved to where my Mother lived (8 hours away) and my mom's siblings came to help as often as they could without hurting their jobs. One sister could come often, the other came as many weekends as she could. We all recognized that everyone did as much as they could and no one bickered about it. In fact, one of the best decisions they ever made was to split the care into 3 different ways. Mom took the physical help. She had the time and ability to do that. One sister (the one that couldn't travel much) took care of the paper work, the legal work, etc. The other sister took care of financial help, moving them out of their house, etc. Each child had a specialty and helped where they could. I can EASILY see how the situation could have been different with fewer/less varied children. All that to say, I do realize that all situations are different and not every one will play out the same. And its apparent from here that not everyone even WANTS their children to take care of them. I do get that. But for ME, for OUR family, this is how we work. We take care of them as long as we are able - without ruining our own family or finances - and do the best for them that we are able to. We are not expected to ruin our lives in servitude, but it is hoped that we will love our parents enough to do whatever we can do for them. Just like they did our whole lives.
  13. :iagree: I fully intend to do my part to make it as easy on them as I can. I will move, I will manange my finances and my possessions wisely, I will be as little additional trouble to them as I can possible be.
  14. :iagree: You do what needs to be done, as much as you are able to do while still caring for your own immediate family unit. I hope that my children WANT to take care of us, just like we WANT to take care of our parents. Yes, yes I do. I watched my mother and my Grandmother take care of my Grandfather for years. I watched his health deteriorate to where he could do absolutely nothing for himself beyond lift a spoon to his mouth and that was on an incredibly good day. He and my grandmother moved into my Mom and Stepdad's small home. Most days he was fed by my mother, changed by my grandmother (and eventually my mother as well), he was entirely cared for by them. And you know what? It was BEAUTIFUL. It was back breaking, exhausting, emotionally draining, and beautiful. He was able to pass away in the home he lived in, surrounded by those that loved him. At the end, we kept constant vigil for a week, waiting moment by moment for him to die. It was brutally exhausting. I can only hope I have the blessing to do the same for my husbands and my parents.
  15. Fun? This weekend we are MOVING!!!!! We are moving in with my IL's and getting our house ready to sell, then we are buying their house from them so they can move and live in a smaller home. This is my MIL's childhood home that her mother designed and built, so it is very special to all of us. Bonus? It. Is. HUGE. And it is beautiful. We are so excited to move to a house that has plenty of space for all of us, and truthfully, they could never leave and we would still have plenty of room. I am completely stoked to have an actual homeschool room, for the kids to have room to leave a toy out on the floor without it making their bedroom a tripping hazard, and to have a place to put paper. THAT is my fun thing!! :D
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