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  1. My dad lives there in the Mount Pleasant area and it is *beautiful*. If you like the ocean and history, I can't imagine a better place to live. Mt Pleasant is nice and safe and very close to the downtown area. And downtown Charleston is amazing. Fort Sumter, the aqaurium, Battery Park, all the shops and parks and little museums. Just wonderful. If we weren't so rooted in Texas, I would love to live there. :)
  2. Our AHG troop is Catholic and we are not, but feel very welcome. They are well run, do lots of things, and are leaps and bounds more "scouty" than the GS troops in our area. :) DD got tired of only doing crafts and wanted to get outdoors. Our AHG troop does a good mix of both. And personally, I think the badges in AHG are completely awesome :)
  3. Ha! I want to run away, but return home later to find it cleaned out, organized and decorated exactly the way I want it to be done. And with the kids schoolwork finished. And dinner on the table. And some wine. That isn't too much to ask, is it?? :p
  4. And you could certainly do the process without the WWE workbooks, but if you tend to forget to do it while doing your other subjects (like myself :)) then having all of the selections laid out for you is nice. My kids have also really enjoyed the literature selections and we've followed a lot of them by reading the whole book.
  5. We love WWE2, but had a hard time with WWE1. I will say that listening to SWB's lecture (after giving up on WWE1) on Elementary writing was a HUGE help in understanding *why* we were doing all of this. It (along with the hardback WWE manual) gave me a lot more background info and helped me teach WWE2 much better. I will certainly be using the series with my younger kids.
  6. I'm not on here as much as I was, but that is probably a good thing :). When the boards went offline and while I was waiting for the speed and bugs to get ironed out, I got out of the habit of checking in here all day long. Now I spend more time actually homeschooling my kids instead of talking about it - lol :D
  7. It truly is. I can not believe how awful it is when compared to organizations like Boy Scouts, that also depend on volunteers. We eventually gave up and joined American Heritage Girls which is *amazingly* better.
  8. We did last year because I was exhausted and overwhelmed after having our 4th baby, and I felt I was giving them a sub-par education. They were in PS from the end of January until the end of the school year in May, and by the middle of April we knew that they wouldn't be going back again the following year. It was good because it gave me a break when I needed it and because it reinforced that our kids do best at home and that our family is meant to homeschool. I would do it again because of those reasons. However, unless our circumstances dramatically change again, we plan to homeschool for the long haul.
  9. I am excited to join! I'm downloading Last Child in the Woods right now :).
  10. I don't actively hope that people call me those, but it never bothers me when they do. It's just how some people pepper their speech. You know, like some women call other women "chica" or "girlfriend" (which I could never do, I do not have near enough sass to make it sound anything but silly)? I'm sure it can be condescending, but I usually assume the opposite - just an extra friendly person :).
  11. My DD8 is really, really interested in spiders. We have quite a few kids books on them, but she is wanting to find one that is more in-depth and that has better photos. I can't seem to find any that don't include insects and other bugs and she is insistent that it is *only* about spiders. Does anyone here have a recommendation?? Thanks!!
  12. :iagree: and :grouphug: :grouphug: . Offer grace to your mother, even when you don't think she deserves it, because she very well just may *need* it.
  13. :laugh: :laugh: You really are being a good sport out of all of this. I hope you get some rest soon, I would be out of my mind getting up that early - even with the Barnes and Noble perks! :grouphug:
  14. It just isn't a thread about Keurigs without Bill saying how much he hates them :D We love ours. We use it ALL the time, buy our KCups in bulk from amazon and we have our refillable KCups to use when we want to use our fancy whole bean JamaicanBlue Mountain coffee. The convenience outweighs the cost for us, but that is a personal decision, of course. And our machine has lasted 2 years now, no issues at all.
  15. This is fantastic!! I am loving the discussion. I have found that we seem to be at a sweet spot in our schooling. I've found materials I love and the children love, I feel like each day we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. I do see that I could be education myself more and perhaps being a little more intentional in making sure certain things get done. I need a good checklist, but that is about as far as I need to take planning. I get sucked down the rabbit hole of list making and planning way too easily. Again, thanks for the well timed words!!
  16. finally got my smiley back!

  17. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I can not WAIT until my kids are old enough to do this with. Oh the fun we will have. Ours just does mundane things, like sneak my coffee, make snowflakes and leave the mess everywhere, etc. I LOVE the random note idea!!
  18. I laughed so hard my kids wanted to know what I was reading. "Nothing, guys, just something about a maw and a saddle."
  19. trying to figure out status updates...

  20. :iagree: Thank you so much! This was a lot of hard work and expense and I appreciate it very much :)
  21. She thought you should spank a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD? :001_huh: That is hilarious. :lol:
  22. I absolutely LOVE this tree!! We are thinking of getting new decorations for our big tree this year and I may have found the ones I want :D
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