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  1. We rented a car in Dublin to drive to the Wicklow Mountains and the Glendalough Cathedral/Monastery. It was an easy process to rent the car. Driving was interesting because we are used to driving on the right and in Ireland they drive on the left. My dh drove and I navigated. It was difficult, but we thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. We were able to take our time and stop and explore the areas we were most interested in and not be on anyone's schedule. The manager of the hotel where we stayed in Dublin moved some things around in a small lot behind the hotel and made a little parking space for us. I have great memories of it. It was a fun challenge and I say if you are interested in it, then go for it! One thing I remember vividly was that the car was VERY small!
  2. My dh travels for work (more than a little, but less than a lot). It definitely wears on me, although I oddly enjoy the change in routine sometimes. If I were you I would ask my dh to make a big effort to keep you in the loop about his travel and maybe cut the optional travel to half or less than half if he feels like he can't cut it out altogether. My lot in life is that I am blessed to have a dh that always supported my homeschooling and has worked hard to provide for us---but I must be super flexible to his schedule. It's the way it is for me. We have done what we could to make it easier, but the simple fact is that his success depends on me being the one keeping the home fires burning. I may not love it all the time, but that's what it is. When I am feeling upset with him or annoyed by his travel it is usually a result of not having time to connect with him and spend some time talking and really focusing on us. I can be so annoyed and feeling like I want to scream, but just sitting down talking and catching up and giving each other a pep talk will bring me back to a good place. Edited to say that I scrolled up and read your update and YAY!!!
  3. Yes, great idea! Please send me an invite. I have a 21 year old and an almost 18 year old.
  4. The lease has an option for a pet but you have to either say you will or won't have a pet when you sign the lease. All 4 girls signed that they would not have a pet. There are extra fees and papers to sign if you want a pet. We learned after the fact that at any time a tenant can change that and pay the fee and have a pet within the guidelines (weight restrictions, etc). And as of now if all of the tenants of the apartment do not want the pet, then the person with the pet has to keep it in their room and not in the common areas. Violation of that eventually results in eviction. So they have already been notified and served with one additional warning. Not sure how many warnings they get. But an ESA doesn't fall into the pet category--it is basically viewed by the law as a medical device. Hopefully she can get evicted before she attains any paperwork. Dd called me and told me that another roommate told her that cat roommate was "broke" and couldn't afford to get the online and probably not legitimate ESA letter right now. I wonder if she had the cat vaccinated or dewormed or anything. I am going to call the manager tomorrow to ask about that. I'm just wondering if she was broke, why she chose to get a cat at this time in her life. Pets aren't cheap! Food, cat litter, routine vaccines, flea prevention, and heaven forbid it needs vet care.
  5. It is an off-campus complex that is not connected to the university but is rented only to students. It just isn't right that the roommate is admittedly going to try to get an ESA letter just to get her way, regardless of how my dd feels. Also note that over the summer this roommate said to the other roommates (not my daughter, she didn't know her yet) that "we need a cat!" and they were like "NO!" and she was upset because she wanted a cat. She moved in on Sunday (Aug 25th) and got a cat off of Craigslist the next day and didn't tell anyone. I have no idea if the cat has had vaccinations, been dewormed, etc. My prayer is that she gets evicted before she can get the letter. DD is allergic but it's not severe like asthma, it's just stuffy, itchy, misery that never warranted a medical diagnosis until now. I guess I'll be making an appointment with the allergist and get the testing for her so that we can put this to bed.
  6. My dd is in college, and is in an apartment with 3 other roommates. They each signed their own lease, and each have a bedroom and bathroom, with a common kitchen and living area. One of the roommates came home with a cat last week. Well, my dd is not only allergic to cats, but she despises cats in general. She would never want to live with one, and her roommate knew she was allergic but got it anyway (yes, her roommate is a gem). She told my daughter that my daughter would just have to keep her door closed all the time. I called the apartment manager, and he told me that if my daughter didn't want the cat then the only thing he could do was to tell her roommate that she has to keep it in her room only. He also said that if we got a doctor's note that says she is allergic then he can make her get rid of the cat. We've never had allergy testing for a cat allergy because we've never needed to, so this will be costly and will require a wait. So he sent a notice to the roommate, which angered her, and she told the other roommates that she doesn't care what my dd thinks or if she is allergic, that she is letting the cat wherever the cat wants. She also said that she will just "register the cat as an emotional support animal" and then my daughter can't do anything. So, dd called the manager again, and he was annoyed that the roommate wasn't following the notice instructions that he gave her. He said he would give her a second notice. However, another roommate told my dd that the manager told the cat roommate that I was the one that called and complained. I find that odd that he would disclose that information. So....I've read about ESA's and I get the general idea. I can't seem to find out what happens when a person gets a cat that is part of a rental situation like dd has. Like I'm thinking that the roommate would have to live alone if she had an ESA that other roommates didn't want or were allergic to. I understand that this falls under ADA, and I really do believe that these animals provide a legitimate service. But the fact that this girl is threatening to get the ESA is beyond offensive to those that truly need an ESA. Any thoughts? Was my privacy violated? I appreciate any advice.
  7. So cool! I live a short drive south of that area. I'm actually going to Trader Joe's tomorrow, it's just down the street from BB Cafe. Have you guys ever toured the Ryman? You might enjoy that too. I second the Frist and the Parthenon. Currently at the Frist there is a Dorothea Lang exhibit that is simple yet remarkable. I was very moved by the exhibit. I've been to museums all over the world, but sometimes a small and simple museum exhibit can be as powerful as an extensive collection of something. True Food Kitchen and Char are two restaurants that are close to BB Cafe that have wonderful food. If you like Restoration Hardware, there is a 70,000 square foot store in front of Green Hills mall. Enjoy!!!
  8. Dh's grandparents passed away in 1970 and 1975ish. They owned a farm and a house on the property. They had 7 children. The executor was the oldest sibling. They left the property to all the children, but in the will they specified that the disabled sibling was allowed to live in the property until his death, and then it could be sold. Dh's mother moved in with the disabled sibling when he needed care, because he couldn't drive and had trouble with many adult-type tasks. Everyone was happy with the situation. Dh's mom and uncle paid the property taxes each year. Dh's mom also kept up the property at her own expense, such as keeping the fields mowed and maintaining the long gravel driveway that needed new gravel every year or so, as well as maintaining the house. Disabled uncle passed away late 2016. At that time all the beneficiaries were fine with dh's mom staying on the property. We were NOT in favor of that. We wanted her to move to a place closer to us and a place that didn't need so much care. She was in bad health (COPD) and almost 80, wasn't really able to drive, could barely walk, so it was a pain. Dh's mother passed away December 2018. She had enough money saved for her funeral, and a little left over. But it wasn't a big estate. She had an older car that we gave to someone in the family that needed it. Now the executor of the grandparents' estate (the executor is now dh's cousin; dh's mom never owned it, she was a beneficiary) has come to us wanting us to pay the property taxes for last year. On one hand we feel like we should pay it because dh's mom would have paid it if she were alive. BUT she is not alive, and we personally think the taxes were handled improperly all along. Also, she was not technically responsible on her own to pay the taxes or do any upkeep, there was no agreement, she just did it. Also, in the last weeks before dh's mom passed away, a cousin that was destitute moved in with dh's mom, and is now living in the house. She will not be able to upkeep anything nor pay any future taxes. So dh and I want the place to be sold, (to be fair, we wanted it sold before mil died) but we are getting pushback on selling the property. Our problem is that the longer the property sits unmaintained, the lower in value it will go, and also we don't know who will pay the taxes in the years going forward. If we pay them for 2018, then technically the cousin that is refusing to leave will need to pay them next year, but she has no money whatsoever. I know we need to talk to an attorney but I thought I'd get your input because I can't quit thinking about it. Ugh.
  9. A few I find motivating: Matrimoney--husband and wife team that discuss self-improvement and saving money. They rarely put out new podcasts but the archives are worth listening to Happier with Gretchen Rubin Simple with Tsh Oxenreider
  10. You have great advice already, but I wanted to add a little about Glasgow as well. We stayed in Glasgow and took a day trip to Edinburgh, and I think we would have preferred the other way around. However, we thoroughly enjoyed Glasgow! It was easy to navigate. If you spend any time in Glasgow, I recommend the following: The Hunterian--- https://www.gla.ac.uk/hunterian/visit/ourvenues/hunterianmuseum/ The building is gorgeous, peaceful, and amazing, and has the most unique collection of science-related artifacts. We had a wonderful time there. I just remember it being so delightful. While we were there they had a little "class" and they asked if we wanted to attend...so we sat in on an adorable and well-informed lecture on the water vole and their habitat, and a project they were working on. They had some hands-on items as well, and everyone was having such a great time. Our teens were the only children there. And it's free. Kelvingrove--https://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/venues/kelvingrove-art-gallery-and-museum If you go to Glasgow, don't miss this! The building is beautiful, and massive, and is both a museum and art gallery. Kelvingrove park is also a nice place to walk. Glasgow Necropolis https://www.glasgownecropolis.org/ This was a little out of the way for us, but we combined it with a visit to the Glasgow Cathedral http://www.glasgowcathedral.org.uk/ adjacent. The Necropolis is on a hill and has amazing views. Honorable Mention: Glasgow School of Art. The people in charge were cranky but we saw a great exhibit in the gallery and had the unique and militant experience of eating in their cafeteria. There were many RULES but it gave us a good laugh. Navigating the bus ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh was very easy and inexpensive. The shopping was good there. Modern Art museum was terrible. This is where we stayed. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2130443?guests=1&adults=1 Happy travels! I know you will have a wonderful time. I would love to go back to Scotland. There is so much I want to see!
  11. We have a Samsung and I HATE it. I hate it for small reasons and big reasons. We've had so much trouble with the ice maker that I BUY ICE. I resent buying ice for a $2200ish fridge that is only 4 years old. The french door spring doesn't work and it has been fixed a few times, but after a while it breaks again. So.... We have to shut the left door first or the seal will not fold in and it won't shut. So fun.
  12. I make these recipes together. Everyone loves it. And it's super easy. https://www.browneyedbaker.com/chipotle-chicken-recipe/ https://www.browneyedbaker.com/chipotle-cilantro-lime-rice/
  13. Just a quick note about cell phones---- My youngest dd now attends public hs. In almost all of her classes, the teacher requires that cell phones be on silent and placed in a certain part of the room during class. Some have cubbies, some have a large board with pockets for each phone. If they need them for kahoot or whatever, they are allowed to have them for that time.
  14. We had central heat/air in our bonus room that needed replacing and we went with a mini split. We love it! As an added bonus we were able to get rid of a huge furnace that was inside a closet and gained tons of closet space. We were hesitant to get one because we already had the ductwork and we didn't know if the mini split would be effective, but it is wonderful and I'm so happy we chose it.
  15. DD is a sophomore in college. She had a roommate last year in a dorm and got along ok with her. They weren't besties but they got along and cooperated for the most part. DD is living off campus in apartments that are for students. She has a room and bathroom that she can lock (much like a dorm) and her roommate has her own bed/bath, and they share a kitchen, den, and laundry. My dd did a roommate match with the apartment company and they matched her with a roommate that had already moved in. The roommate moved there knowing that she would have a roommate eventually but didn't have one for several months. On move-in day, the roommate (I will call her B) wasn't there the entire day and upon our arrival we discovered that B had not made space for dd in the kitchen or laundry room, and had decorated the shared spaces already. She had items on the balcony that had obviously been there for a long time. She has an abandoned eno that is tied diagonally across the balcony (against the rules) and a rusty dog crate (no pets allowed) and you can open the door but you can't walk out onto the balcony. We understood that she had lived there alone for a while, and that was just a temporary thing that was probably really nice for her to have. However, the apartment is for two tenants and has two separate leases. At 10pm B still had not come home to introduce herself and my dd texted her to see if she was coming home because B needed to make cabinet space for dd. B did not want to make space, she initially responded to texts but when dd asked her about cabinet space she quit responding. She came home around 11pm and told my dd that she already had all the cabinet space except for one shelf of one upper cabinet. (this is a full size kitchen). She refused to move her stuff until I stepped in and explained that the cabinets would be divided evenly (they are symmetrical so it was super easy to divide.) She reluctantly did it, and still has not found a place for things that would not fit into her cabinets. They are piled on her side of the counter. B is dirty, messy, and leaves her dirty dishes in the sink every.single.day., leaving them for days at a time. She cooks and leaves the pans on the stove with dried food, sometimes covering all four burners so if my dd wants to cook she has to find a place for B's pots and pans, which is not easy since her side of the counter is overflowing. She does laundry and leaves her clothes all over the laundry room for days. I could really go on and on but you get the idea. She avoids my dd and barely speaks to her, and dd has to initiate every conversation and it's as if the girl enjoys the "power" that she has over my dd. If my dd tries to initiate a conversation about any issue, B just tells her no and won't cooperate. The way that B has decorated is not even close to my dd's style. And dd understands that when B lived there before having a roommate, she didn't have to collab with anyone on the decor. But the decor is bold (red, black and tan with lots of wine bottle style decor) and she has all the space decorated, the entry, the laundry, the kitchen,and the den. DD approached B about making the common space a place that feels like home for both of them. (btw my dd is a graphic design student and so design and aesthetic are very important to her, although that is beside the point, but I still wanted to say that lol) DD offered to purchase a larger and more neutral rug for the den (the one in there is small and is red, black, and tan and has large black swirls and red circles and doesn't really match anything except itself). She told B that if B wanted to show her some neutral rugs that she liked, that they could pick out one together and dd would pay for it. Also, she asked B if B would make room on the wall for dd's decor and maybe they could try to figure out which things coordinated and use that. So in the end, it would be a larger neutral rug (like an 8x10 instead of a 4x5) and dd would pay for it. Also the curtains are red and dd offered to pay for something more neutral that would blend it with both of their decor choices. B refused, and the only "concession" she made was to let dd add some things to the wall but not take any of B's stuff down (which is going to be strange because she has stuff on every wall). B told my dd that B had already bought things and that she wasn't moving them. Yep. Yes, dd has tried to talk to her, she has also talked to the managers of the apartment twice about this roommate. So I spoke with them yesterday to get an idea of what dd's options are for this situation. They said that the roommate was in the wrong but they don't really get involved. They offered to mediate to help them find their own solution, but I am not sure that is a good idea. My dd gets very tongue-tied (she has mild dyslexia and it affects her speech when she is anxious or stressed, so I'm afraid she will walk away without having much in her favor). Maybe she should try it... This place is 100% full occupancy so right now moving to another apartment on the property isn't an option. They allow subleasing for a fee but there aren't any good options near campus right now. Dd was in a puddle of tears last night from frustration and disappointment. She is so sad that she is basically stuck living with this girl that is not going to be friendly or cooperative or considerate. I would appreciate your thoughts. My personal opinion is that dd is paying the same rent and has the same rights as her roommate. And that they should find a way to mix their decor and work together to make it a place where they both feel at home. It is also not my dd's fault that the girl lived there alone, because if they had moved in on the same day, dd would have insisted that they cooperate on the common areas. Also, it is not dd's problem that the roommate purchased something like a rug that would please a very limited audience. The real problem is that dd doesn't know how to carry out any plans to make the space agreeable to both of them when the roommate has everything like she wants and doesn't care about anyone else. Thanks for reading all of this!!!
  16. Random thoughts... 1. My family did not "travel" when I was growing up. We took a weekend trip once a year to a place about 4 hours away, and we went tent camping once or twice a year. I have WONDERFUL memories of those trips. 2. I have traveled quite a bit with my husband and children. We have two kids. We went to Europe for the first time when they were 12 and 15. Each time we go they are older and it is more enjoyable. Many people take younger children on big trips but I just don't think I would have enjoyed that at all. 3. We pay cash for our trips, so it is budgeted and paid for before we go. We would go and do what we could afford, even if it was camping or an overnight stay somewhere. 3a. However, when our kids were really young we took them to the beach a few times and we put it on a credit card. I stressed about it so much and my dh had to sit me down and explain that we would pay it off if it took us all year, and to quit worrying about it. We chipped away at it and paid it off over the next several months. I would have not taken those trips if my dh had not insisted, and I am so glad we did it. We were frugal on those trips and stayed as inexpensively as we could, but sometimes you just take the trip! 4. I love the idea of taking a child during a milestone birthday with one parent. If we couldn't travel all together, and that was what our budget/time/support would allow, I would definitely do that. 5. Not only did we not travel when I was growing up, I don't recall knowing ANYONE that traveled outside the U.S. as a family. Most people we knew were middle class. Maybe that's just related to where I grew up, or just a generational thing, but the only time I remember someone traveling outside the U.S. was a few friends that were able to go on a class trip with the French teacher. 6. I saw on FB where one of my childhood friends just went to the beach (we are about 6 hours away from the nearest beach). They stayed at a campground. Her pictures just seemed to radiate with fun. I could tell they had a great time. That is what is important----not how extravagant the trip is, but who you are with. You can be miserable in the nicest restaurant in a famous city, and you can be belly laughing while eating sandwiches and playing cards while waiting for the rain to stop. I know that you already know that, but it's just nice to be reminded. 7. We have been really privileged to do a lot of traveling but we have NEVER been to Disneyworld, Disneyland, Disneyanything. That is unheard of in my social circle. But we just do our thing and don't really care what others do. 8. It helped us to list out exactly where we would like to travel and what types of things we'd like to see. Of course I want to see it all, but when I really think about it, I could pick a few favorites and go from there. If you know exactly the type of trip you'd like to take, it helps you not compare so much. For example, I have no desire to take a cruise. So I don't need to save money for that. 9. Finally, we plan our trips as far in advance as we can, because we get so much enjoyment out of anticipating them. It also helps us to be more frugal because we know we have a trip coming up and we need to keep our money under control. I hope something I said in this helps.
  17. TV show: This Is Us Movie: Elizabethtown, The Fault in Our Stars
  18. Several of the cringey scenes and episodes have already been mentioned, but there was a Halloween episode where Laura thought she saw Mr. Oleson cut off Mrs. Oleson's head and then after they figured out it was a mannequin, they decide to freak out Nellie and her brother by tossing the head of the mannequin down into the cellar where they were hiding and it was so scary. I was young when I saw that, and it FREAKED ME OUT and gave me nightmares. I guess I wasn't old enough to really pick up on what was really going on, and the episode haunted me, and the idea of a severed head falling down a set of stairs was just too much for me to process.
  19. I have a low-tech way that I keep up with the bills. I've been doing this for years and it works well for me. First, I print the "monthly portrait HTML calendar with Holidays" from http://printfree.com/category/calendars/monthly. I 3-hole punch the pages and put them in a binder. As bills come in I put them in the binder pocket. I circle paydays in each month, and then for each bill I write the company name and amount in the square of the due date. When dh gets paid, I pay all of the bills that are due before the next payday. After paying them, I put a slash mark through them so I know I paid them. I even write down the bills that are auto paid so that I can keep up with them. When I sit down to pay bills, I just make sure the autopay bills are on my banking account and have been deducted. I also write any vacation days or days we will be out of town to make sure I don't forget a bill because we are out of town. I have the current month as the first page when I open the binder. After the month ends, I move it to the back and the new month is the first page. It's super simple but I seem to work better with a monthly paper calendar. I print out 6 months at at time, and as a matter of fact, I printed Jan-June 2018 today and loaded them in my binder.
  20. Dealing with grief from my mom passing away in January after a long and sad cancer battle, and the way my family (siblings and my dad) changed after her death. Then sending dd to college and the younger dd attending public high school, so no more homeschooling for me. After 13 years of homeschooling being my identity it was such a huge life change. I miss my "old life" but I am doing all I can to not dwell on it and to adjust the best I can. I'm actually really proud of myself for how I am coping, because I would have said that a year like this would be the undoing of me. But I'm ok.
  21. Quill, of course you do what you feel is best, and it's just a vacation, so don't stress over it too much. We go to the beach a few times a year, so this year we let our girls take friends and it was really fun. Different, but fun. I would be hurt if I thought that one of the friends' moms thought we had any ill intent. It was simple: we had a house rented, we had tons of room, we've been there many times, and thought our teens would love to change things up by taking friends. We know that our time with them being this age is short, and we wanted to make the specific memory of a friend vacation. My daughter studied abroad this summer, and went to a country I've never been to. I knew we probably wouldn't be able to go there together, so I gladly let her have this experience. It gave me sheer joy to give her this opportunity, even though I wouldn't be able to experience it with her. I didn't want to deprive her of this just because I wanted her to have the experience with our family. I know these things can be emotional, but if you decide to let him go, it can still be exciting for you. How fun would it be for him to come back and tell you all about what he did, and share the experience with you in that way? Another thought...we only have two children, and we definitely lean on the side of "spoiling" them, but they also really truly love to do the simple things in life, and enjoy simple pleasures as well as the things with a wow factor. We do both. For example, my girls love getting dressed up, visiting a museum, and going to a fancy dinner. They also love cooking smores and hot dogs on a fire in the back yard and playing cards. They would love a water park visit, but they also love looking for fossils in my parents' creek and taking a nature walk. It has not been my experience that once they do something really extravagant that they can't enjoy simpler things. I love both too! Hope this helps.
  22. Selfie with Kristen Howerton and Sarah James Happier with Gretchen Rubin Young House Love has a podcast A Slob Comes Clean Raising Daughters Organize 365 The Big Boo Cast By the Book 99% Invisible
  23. We have a Samsung with French doors, a drawer underneath the fridge that can be refrigerator or freezer space, and a freezer drawer on the bottom. I love the freezer, I like the middle drawer, but other than that I hate my fridge! It's only 3.5 years old and I can't wait to get rid of it. The stainless steel exterior shows fingerprints and water drops and they are difficult if not impossible to remove. There was a sticker that went across the top of the fridge that I've never been able to completely buff out (no one would notice but me, but I see it). The ice maker is terrible---sometimes it makes ice, and most of the time it just freezes a big chunk of water that has to be chipped away and removed. To make that matter worse, it's difficult to remove the ice box. The water and ice dispenser on the door is also a big thumbs down. It is awkwardly shaped, slow, and our ice dispenser will dispense a shot of water (probably a few melted cubes of ice) into your cup before it dispenses ice, so if you are drinking something other than water, it will water down the drink. Also, it's not tall enough for most water bottles, and the ledge isn't deep enough for a bottle to sit on it, so you have to hold the cup or whatever. I can't count on ice to be available, so I buy ice and it takes up precious space in my bottom freezer, which is sad considering that I have an expensive fridge. Once inside the fridge, there isn't enough tall space for milk, tea, etc. There are lots of shelves but I do so much rearranging. The crisper isn't large enough for a fridge this large. The door shelves are nice and deep, which is great. But the spring on the door is messed up (we don't know what happened, it just literally quit working) and it was expensive to fix, so my dh fixed it, and it held up for about a year and now it's messed up again. So you have to shut the left side before the right side because the spring is messed up. In our previous home, we had a Kenmore Elite and it was wonderful. It was practical. There were these awesome bins on the fridge door that held fruit for easy access and we loved that. The ice maker and water dispenser were amazing. I could press a button to have the fridge dispense a certain amount of water in ounces or cup measurements. It was deep enough that I could place any of my cups/glasses and one of my pitchers on the ledge beneath the water and leave it to dispense the proper amount of water. If you had a tall container, the dispenser would pop out and you could fill something tall. Never had a problem with it. The fingerprints buffed out much easier than on my Samsung. I would have loved to have taken it to our next home, but it became part of the negotiations of the house and so we bought a new one. I am the kind of person that would gladly keep using something for a long time until it fell apart. I don't have to have the best and the latest things. But this fridge has brought out my inner brat, and I am so ready to get a new fridge. People that come to my house love my fridge and we've had so many oohs and aahs over it. I try to hide my disgust so that I won't seem ungrateful. I told my dh that it is a great party fridge---it can hold lots of drinks, a giant cake, and trays of food, and it looks cool, but it is NOT a good fridge for everyday use.
  24. I don't know if you have Kroger grocery stores where you live, but they have most of their spices that are packaged in tin containers half price right now.
  25. My dh's father passed away when dh was 21 and his stepmother of course got everything. My dh was the only child of his father, and his stepmother had a grown son from a previous marriage. When FIL passed away, she got everything, shared it all with her son----after they blew through the money, she sold the farm and home and took that money and moved to another state with her son. Dh was left with nothing, and had to drop out of college. I don't understand how he is not completely bitter about it. Dh is a very successful CIO and so it's all okay now, but it was rough on him during those years. I feel that my FIL should have either left an insurance policy for my dh or had some other way to leave him something so that he could have at least finished the last years of college. (He did finish years later and also earned is MBA, but it was done nights/weekends and took several extra years). Yes I blame the stepmom but I also blame FIL. I also had a cousin that had this same thing happen....but her mother set things up so that her children were able to get some inheritance and that they actually own the home that her husband would continue to live in (she owned the home prior to marrying him). They still had lots of issues surrounding her estate and it caused hard feeling all around, but they tried. What your stepmother did was wrong, and I think it is heartbreaking and unfair. I don't know what could be done about it, but I hope for your dh that somehow things don't work out like the stepmom wants and that your dh can have a share of what I'm sure his father intended for him. I'm so sorry.
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