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  1. My dh became a local Scout Master two years ago. For about 30 years the Troop he took over had NEVER been to another Boy Scout Camp, other than the local one about 2 hours away. However, the boys have asked to go somewhere new for this next summer('10). And I told him I would ask around;) Have any of your boys attended a Boy Scout Camp that they absolutely LOVED? We need ideas. We live near Memphis, so anywhere close to that would be great. ( Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, Kentucky....for starters) There is a small group that is going to Philmont in June, b
  2. That is exactly what we came to also....I knew I could NOT miss Huck Finn. It is one of my all time favorites. And we are heavy this year on math and science. And there just has to be a balance. Thanks, Lori, just needed someone to confirm what I was already thinking... Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  3. We are going to read Red Badge of Courage and Huck Finn this year during our study of the Civil war. However, do you think that we need to read Uncle Tom's Cabin too? Is this a "do not miss"? Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  4. Well, I finally decided.....Did call the Holiday Inn, but all they had left were double beds.....Well, Umm.....dh is 6'5"....So we needed to find Queen beds if we could. Well, Best Western fit the bill and even came down some on the room rate. (Talk to Clay at the Best Western) Thanks to every one for their WONDERFUL ideas! Can't wait! We leave on the 15th! Ya Hoo! (See I'm practicing for going out west.....;)) Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  5. I went to the Cody museum....A Long time ago....I was 13! (And now I'm 43)......But I still remember it.....Fantastic....We will not miss it. I'll go check out the Holiday Inn. I think I called yesterday there, and they were full. But I will double check. Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  6. While the KOA would suit most of the family(We are a scout family!), we are taking GRANNY, and we will need a hotel for that..... I've been searching Cody hotels all day and I have come up with a few,but just not comfortable with them yet.... 1)Cody Cowboy Village 2)Beartooth Inn And 3)Big Bear Motel Any of you stayed in any of these? Or any others that I missed? Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  7. O.K. almost done with our Western Trip plans.....But just need a great place to stay in Cody Wyoming. Anyone have any ideas for me? Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  8. I know I am getting into this discussion kinda late....but here is my two cents.... I have been a TOG users on and off for about 5 years now.....And I always remind ladies what TOG was designed for..... TOG was designed for LARGE families.......So to make the lesson planning easier on mom. So, that EVERYONE could be on the same history topic at once. It was written because Marcia was about to quit homeschooling if she didn't find a different way to teach ALL her children at once. I have heard her speak, and I think I could say that she would not want a homeschool mom to be burdened
  9. Will be in Cheyenne the first weekend of Frontier days....My aunt is a realtor there in the city and we will be staying with her.....Also the WHY we are taking Granny.....They are sisters....:001_smile: Brenda
  10. I am listening as ds and dh are going next summer!:bigear: Brenda:001_smile:
  11. Good morning, ladies! We are planning a trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone for July. (Have an Aunt in Cheyenne(Sp?) and will be staying with her during Frontier days. Anyway, where were your favorite places to stay near the Tetons and also Yellowstone. Due to this late date, we will probably be staying OUTSIDE the park. Looking at the South Entrance, West Entrance, and East Entrance toward Cody. (Intend on getting to Cody to see the Buffalo Bill Museum. Saw it a LONG time ago when I was 13!) AND What are the must sees for each park? We will have a mom and dad in additon to
  12. AHH!!! Do you hear the stress level going way down over here.... One book at a time......Something SO simple....Yep, I can wrap my mind around that! Thank you! I can do that! (And you use TOG and AAS too!:001_smile:) Blessings, Brenda
  13. Thanks for all the wonderful posts today...Think we will go check out the meeting when they start forming this group.... Brenda:001_smile:
  14. All we have heard all summer long is "Why can't I go canoeing or why can't I go repell(sp?) a wall?" (Course why ANYONE would want to repell a wall is just beyond me.....I want both feet FIRMLY planted on the ground thank you.....but mom is just a big chicken....I get scared on the second row of the choir loft at church....REALLY) But dd loves a challenge. So, she is interested......Hmmm...... Brenda
  15. We are knee deep in Boy Scouts....Husband is Scout Master and oldest ds is almost Eagle and little brother is a Sr. Weblos..... But now someone is talking about a Venturing crew forming.....Which would include girls.......And oldest dd is excited.... Do any of you have experience with this? Or would 4-H be more appropriate for a 14 year old dd? Blessings, Brenda :001_smile:
  16. But thanks, Asta, for posting anyway....Think I'll move this.... Brenda:001_smile:
  17. We are knee deep in Boy Scouts....Husband is Scout Master and oldest ds is almost Eagle and little brother is a Sr. Weblos..... But now someone is talking about a Venturing crew forming.....Which would include girls.......And oldest dd is excited.... Do any of you have experience with this? Or would 4-H be more appropriate for a 14 year old dd? Blessings, Brenda
  18. How often do you ladies schedule work in CWP or IP? Every day? Once a week? Or when needed? (O.K. my very "in the box, left brain" has trouble with the when needed......It is just easier for me to schedule it. Guess I'm just getting old!:glare:) Presently we are spending about 45 minutes on a "regular lesson", which includes the textbook with mom and independent work in the workbook. So, do I use another 15 or 20 minutes of math time ONCE a day, OR do I schedule once a week do use the whole time for IP or CWP? How do you schedule it? Blessings, Brenda
  19. You ladies have been very helpful. I have a friend who has both of these and I get to put my hands on them tomorrow. But from what you said, I think I'm leaning toward IP. Blessings, Brenda
  20. This would be for a mathy kid, who loves math, and "might" be an engineer......(too early to tell, really.....but he has those tendencies....). I call him my "Thomas Edison". BUT he has issues with getting things into his long term memory and HAS to have extra practice so that things with stick and stay there.;) But once things are in the long term memory, they are there to stay. Blessings, Brenda
  21. Which supplement, in the Singapore line, would you say is a MUST HAVE? Intensive Practice? Challenging word problems? OR Extra Practice? This would be for a 5th grader. Blessings, Brenda
  22. What edition of this book would you use? And what would be a good price for it? Got to go out of town for a day, but I'll check back either late Saturday or Sunday. Blessings, Brenda
  23. Great ideas, ladies! You have been VERY helpful! Blessings, Brenda
  24. What would you do, if your gut instinct told you that your student needed basic math skills review as they advanced into Algebra.......Just to keep those skills fresh in his/her mind? I was thinking of a review set, of mixed problems, given once a week....just to keep things fresh.... Anyone have any suggestions? Blessings, Brenda
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