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  1. As far as blending CVC words my oldest was 5 and number two was 3 almost 4. But they are both still emerging readers at this point. The older one is 7 (just turned) and she has just started the 2nd grade HOP. Number two turned 4 in August and we are making are way through HOP K (more than half way done). They are both reading but neither is what I consider fluent yet.
  2. OK has ZERO requirements. Some school districts may want to test them if they are ever put back into PS but even then you don't have to follow what they tell you with the tests. After a friends DD was tested to go back in they told her to put her a grade lower than she was but mom refused and she got place where she should have been. ( the DD is doing great at that level BTW).
  3. We might be moving to Missouri in the next few months and I was wondering what is required and how you meet those requirements. I know you need to school 1000 hours and you need to keep examples of their work. All of that is needed after they turn 7 so if my DD turns 7 in Nov do I need to have records for her? How to you record your hours and how do you meet them. 1000 hours seems like a lot. Just looking for some insight, I am in Oklahoma right now and we don't have any requirements.
  4. We are doing OPGTTR and she is on Lesson 56 what books do you recommend for her that will match her abilities?
  5. I have a very young 4yr old girl, (just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago) She is doing K level work. But for everything outside of this house she is a preschooler. She will remain on age level for all outside activities. I figure that it could catch up later meaning we will have to slow down at some point. If we don't great she graduates at 16 ( a few months short of 17). If she needs a year to catch up academically or to mature before college then that year is built in. I am okay with that.
  6. We are using GWG with my 1st grader and we like it. I can see how it will become independent once she is reading better. I haven't used FLL so I can't comment there.
  7. I have a young 4 yr old K'er, who is doing OPG, horizons k, Bible, and Handwriting I make myself. She has the option of doing History, science, and geography with her sister but she isn't required if she isn't up to it that day. We just started today but we did bible right after breakfast then did her math then reading and then handwriting. I should have done handwriting right after bible though because by time we got it she was tired of writing and didn't want to do anymore after a couple of lines. Tomorrow will be a normal day, today we didn't get started until later because we had
  8. Roaring rivers is good for fishing Mark twain national forest is good for exploring and hiking Wilson's creek battlefield is fun Lake of the Ozarks is good too
  9. I would get the whole set. I have level 1 and it is all included in one book but I would still get the whole set. unless you don't think you need the answer key, but I find them handy.
  10. This is a great thread, We are in OK too and that is one of the places that we are considering moving to.
  11. Love this from the Pioneer woman (she is my hero! :D ) http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/06/chile_con_queso/
  12. We have a reason to celebrate, Today is my DD's 4th birthday!!!
  13. Our school district starts on the 19th. We are starting on the 16th so a few days before them. The way I have it laid out we should finish about a week to a week and half before them. (if all goes well)
  14. There is paint you can buy that will turn any smooth surface into a white erase board. http://www.ideapaint.com/home/ideapaint I have heard you can find it at lowes or home depot.
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