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  1. Boys are in camp all day. Wow. I don't know what to do with myself. It's....quiet.

    1. sassenach


      I'm terribly jealous.

  2. I need to DO stuff today!!! Get motivated!!!

  3. Working outside of the home, and homeschooling together, is tough. That's all

  4. Interesting that ds110 always has to go po*p right before we are to begin a challenging subject.....20 min later and i am still waiting....

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    2. jeninok


      It happens every day here too. I just send him to the bathroom before we start everyday.


    3. SaDonna


      ahaha ... I have the same thing. She just 'disappears' into the bathroom when it's time to get going! WTH!?!?


    4. BridgeTea


      Well, of course it takes at least 20 minutes. Look how old the feller is! LOL. Yeah, I've got one hear with great timing, also. Right when I'm geared up, off she goes.

  5. DS8 is going to NYC with DH tomorrow,so we are spending the afternoon together, watching romantic-y movies and eating popcorn on the couch.

  6. why did i ever think this online latin class would be LESS work for me? Just helping him keep track of all the assignments is a full time job!

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      Mine sure don't!


    3. quark


      It gets easier. Just give it time. Meanwhile, stock up on chocolates. :)

    4. Halcyon


      It's really hard, actually. I have already missed one "deadline" due to not understanding the format. My son isn't happy. But keeping him on task and NOT taking a day off ever is tough. Very intense.


  7. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed this morning.

    1. Plum


      Me too! Hope it gets better! :)

    2. Halcyon
  8. waking up fro an afternoon nap is like waking from the zombie dead.

    1. GailV


      You need more practice!

    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Ha ha, Gail! My dh says I wake up from naps mean as a snake, so I stopped taking them! Hope you sleep well tonight, Halcyon!

  9. All jurors with numbers 560 and higher do NOT need to come to jury duty tomorrow. My number? 540. Sigh.

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    2. Halcyon


      That would be awesome. DH is watching to boys but he is very busy at work so it will be challenging,



      Hoping it won't take lllooong!!


    4. JadeOrchidSong


      I just served! I didn't have to do after calling 6 times in 2 and 1/2 days.


  10. I love Saturdays. Clean the house, organize curriculum, read books, take a walk.

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    2. Mom in High Heels

      Mom in High Heels

      Wanna come clean mine?


    3. Marie131
    4. Halcyon


      Hehe, sat is my deep cleaning day so i am afraid i have my hands full here lol.

  11. I finally told my son that if he doesn't meet me halfway with school, I can't do it anymore. He agreed to change the way he's been behaving. Pray for us!

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    2. Mukmuk
    3. Mukmuk


      Sometimes, a bit of a shove does work. Ask me how I know!




      Prayers! Struggling here too.

  12. We WILL DO our science experiment this week. WE WILL!

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    2. Unicorn.


      Sure you will. Both of you. :D

    3. SunnyDays


      Throw me in there with a determination to do music, LOL!


    4. Halcyon
  13. Omg ran 5 miles today and i am wiped out. I dont think i can pull off a half marathon in 8 weeks. Nope.

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    2. Halcyon


      Thx, chris, but really, i need to be able to function, at least minimally after my runs! Today was a joke.


    3. Critterfixer


      You will get stronger. Don't know about 8 weeks, but you do get stronger with each run.



      Just keep up some exercise. You know if you are ready!

  14. DS10 taking Explore this morning. He is very relaxed. Me, OTOH.....

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    2. Dmmetler


      Hang in there, mom! I'm glad to hear there are other young ones-I never hear of anyone taking the EXPLORE before 5th grade here, so that's been a worry about my 8 yr old taking it.

    3. ErinE


      Good luck to him!

    4. Element


      He's going to do great!

  15. Oh my. Starting school late, at 10:30, means ENDING school...at 4:30. I am exhausted, more exhausted than my kids, I think.

    1. ....


      Oh, no! Those days are rough. Tomorrow will be better.

    2. mlbuchina


      I have gotten stuck in a cycle of late starts. I feel your pain.

  16. Now i know why public school moms think they can't homeschool...homework is HELL!

    1. Roadrunner
    2. lynn


      When my kids were in ps they took every spare moment at school and on the bus to get their homework complete. They rarely had the 2 hours homework parents complain about.

  17. there is nothing better than being home alone....love my kids, but man, i love quiet too!!!

    1. jenL


      Can I come join you? I promise I will not talk. It's been one of those days here.


    2. MissKNG


      I'm home alone too! Loving it! TV, hot chocolate, a good book...and quiet!


    3. Halcyon


      woot! had a nice evening, got sO many chores done. I know i should have relaxed but it;s nice to get things done without any noise!


  18. When will people in this family learn. DonT talk to the momster until she has had her coffee???

    1. nmoira


      I've trained the kids not to ask questions when I have something in each hand because my brain is overtaxed at that point. :P

  19. When will people in this family learn. Don

  20. When will people in this family learn. Don

  21. When will people in this family learn. Don

  22. When oh when will this achy, lingering flu go,away?

    1. Murphy101


      We are on day 6 here and no end in sight. It's the worst flu ever here.

    2. Halcyon


      It just doesnt end!

  23. When will this flu go away?? Ugh, i feel like crud.

  24. Just took my kids to see lincoln...they got a lot out of it!

    1. Chelli


      I really want to see it. What did you think of it?

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