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  1. I need some advice. We have an opportunity to participate in an Apologia biology co-op this fall, but ds will only be an 8th grader. I was considering having him do it, and then going back and picking up Apologia physical science in 9th grade, but I am concerned how that will look on his transcript. Will colleges frown upon biology being taken in 8th grade? Or, will they not even consider it a high school level course when they see that he took physical science after biology?
  2. I too saw this at our convention this year and thought it looked fantastic. I plan to purchase it next year for ninth grade.
  3. Nope. The ones I got look just like file crates, but are more narrow. They are called locker crates because they are sized to fit in a school locker. They don't have lids.
  4. You know, I just looked on the Wal-Mart website and didn't find them. They are Sterilite Locker Crates. I found mine in the seasonal school supplies area.
  5. First of all, thanks to everyone who took the time to post. I have gleaned some really good ideas. It was well worth the read. I do still want a t-shirt though.;) Secondly, for those who think their crates are too large/heavy, Walmart has locker crates for $3 right now. They are about half the size of the regular file crates, and would be good for holding 6-9 weeks of work. They do have the lip for hanging file folders, and they are very sturdy. Thirdly, for the pp who asked, I am just going to use a file crate system for my younger son's science and history. Those are the subjects whe
  6. One word of caution regarding red-eared sliders: it is really easy to over feed them, causing them to outgrow their aquarium. Ask me how I know...
  7. I have two weeks set aside to purge my clutter before my annual garage sale. The stuff piles up so fast, that an annual purge doesn't seem to be enough anymore. Maybe I need to give up the garage sale all together, and just make monthly trips to Goodwill.
  8. We like FlashKids Spelling. It is very similar to Spelling Workout, but has full color illustrations, and the list words are given in manuscript, as well as cursive (I had one child who struggled with reading cursive writing). You can buy it for about $6 at Barnes and Noble. The answers are in the back - no teacher's manual needed. My only time commitment is a spelling test on Friday.:thumbup:
  9. Lots of you said to get there early. How early is early? Would 10am be early enough?
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I really appreciate it! I did see a launch from Orlando once. What I remember is seeing a streak across the sky, but I couldn't really see the shuttle itself. I'm hoping if we drive to the coast, the view will be much better. Will it? I don't want to fight huge crowds if I could see almost the same thing from Orlando.
  11. We'll be staying in Orlando, but plan to drive over to the coast just for the launch on Friday. Can we actually stand on the beach and watch the launch? How early should we arrive to get a good spot? We want to be able to see the shuttle on the launch pad before take-off. Can we do that from US1? Thanks for your help!
  12. We are going to be in Florida on May 14th, and would like to watch the shuttle launch. Where is a good location to view it? Thanks for your help!
  13. So are you saying this is a pattern of behavior for him? Everything you said points to a disturbed, and persistent individual. I don't think her changing dorm rooms will deter him. Can she leave campus right now and finish the semester from home? Please do read Gavin deBecker's book "The Gift of Fear". And trust your gut. Don't tell yourself you are over-reacting and talk yourself out of your gut instincts. If your gut tells you your daughter is in danger, she probably is. Act accordingly. :grouphug:
  14. Yes, you can order them from Rhino Technologies at www.rhino-technologies.com. All though, the last time I looked, they had not added this year's sessions to their web site yet. And some sessions were "on site only", so you can't buy those.
  15. Since they are moving the convention dates up next year, I think it will be before opening day. Therefore, no Reds conflict. :D
  16. That talk is one of my favorites. I've heard it at least three times, and keep going back for more. :D
  17. :iagree: There were way too many kids in the vendor hall. And Rhino Technologies needs to hire more help, or not work this convention. Two cash registers, to serve thousands of customers, is not nearly enough.
  18. I have heard both of them speak (Pudewa on multiple occasions, including at 8:30 this morning!) and have enjoyed their talks very much. Vendor halls are great, but I appreciate the encouraging words of the speakers. It's how I recharge my batteries for the next school year. :001_smile:
  19. Thanks for sharing this Erin. Good to know. I hope though, that all my favorite vendors and speakers will still come to Cincinnati next year. (And a side note - I'm so impressed that I received an email saying my Analytical Grammar order has already shipped! I just purchased it Thursday night. You all aren't even home yet.) :001_smile:
  20. I have been attending the convention the last three days and had a great time. I heard from several sources ( hotel manager and vendors) that the convention had doubled in attendance from last year, and it certainly felt that way. The hallways and the vendor hall were crowded, but not to the extent that I wanted to leave. Some speaker sessions were crowded, with standing room only. But other sesions did have a number of empty seats. I think it is hard for the convention organizers to predict exactly how many people will be interested in hearing a given speaker session. They estimate numbers, a
  21. Thanks for the excellent post Vicki! We also didn't like Vocab From Classical Roots, and I need a new option for next year. I'll check out your suggestions at our upcoming convention. :001_smile:
  22. Wow! You guys are really on the ball. I am just starting to plan for next year, and will do most of my purchasing next month at the Midwest Homeschool Convention. But I am excited for next year, even though I don't know what we are doing yet.
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