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  1. I thought it worth mentioning that Dayna has responded to her family's ABC coverage. It can be found on her blog: http://thesparklingmartins.blogspot.com/2010/06/nightline-truth.html I know that unschooling and radical unschooling are not for everyone. But please, do NOT call radical unschooling: unparenting. That sounds like children are neglected. And this could not be farther from what I see in radical unschooling families. (Neglect, I realize will be defined differently by all.) Someone above, mentioned an unschooler who doesn't seem to have any direction and has vid's on
  2. Hi, Laura~I wondered if you'd chime in! Thanks so much for doing so~as usual, I appreciate your thoughts on Galore Park! Thanks for clarifying. What we are using for Science right now looks like it may not be working. I had an opportunity to pick "So You Want..." up and wondered if I should. Thanks all!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply! That helps a great deal. I had recalled finding info on Galore Parks website, but was hard pressed to find it again!
  4. I am looking at Galore Parks So You Really Want To Learn Science 2 for my dd12. I see that it is for ages 13+, but does anyone have any idea what "grade" this would correlate to? TIA, Maria/ME
  5. Thanks all! I"ve got some wonderful suggestions from my two posts. I think the Stories for the History of Sweden would be perfect to go along with reading about the history of Sweden, too.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions! I know have a few ideas and a few books on my AMazon wishlist. I was not familiar with Ingebretsons, so thank you for that wonderful link!
  7. I am looking for a book on Swedish History for my 12 year old. I am looking for something more than a quick run through that most world history books offer. Any thoughts or ideas? TIA,
  8. I am looking for a book about Swedens history geared to a 12 year old. About 7th/8th grade to high school textbook or otherwise. Something more than just a cursory glance through as most world history books do. Any thoughts or ideas? TIA,
  9. Hi there! I'm from the area, however, I don't really belong to any specific homeschool groups. I have heard of the one mentioned above, but haven't met anyone from it. It's largely a Christian group if that helps at all. I know also of a group of eclectic schoolers who are from all over the Mid-Coast and usually meet in Rockland every week. Both groups are very very welcoming I'm told! The area is VERY homeschool friendly!
  10. Another vote for Young Living...I have a friend who sells these and they are great. Therapeutic/food grade oils, as was previously mentioned.
  11. I would like to chime in with those who have suggested a Dev.Optometrist. I think if you can determine whether a vision issue is at play FIRST then you can move on to whether or not there is another type of LD issue involved. Some kids have a few issues layered. I can relate to your issues as my dd was not reading well at age 9. I was a flexible sort of mom and wasn't going to push her, but at the same time we had gone through various reading curriculum and nothing was working really well. Spell to Write and Read worked best. My dd knew her phonograms, knew words on sight, could read dif
  12. I AM coming to Chicago, thanks so much for the offer to meet! I would love that, but I've decided to pass on the Expo. So much to do, so little time.....thanks again!
  13. Links help, don't they? http://homeschoolingvoices.blogspot.com/
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