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  1. My 15 year old son is needing a more independent English program. I have been so pleased with CLE Math and wondered if their English program was of equal quality. If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate those as well. Thanks!
  2. Time Left: 10 days and 23 hours

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    Rod & Staff English Grades 9 & 10 Teacher's Manuals and Student Texts, Parts 1 & 2. Very Good condition. Hardly used. $50 for all, including media mail shipping in continental USA. PayPal, non-credit card payment only. (Grade 8 in picture is SOLD)


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  3. I have an 8th grade son using Teaching Textbooks Math Pre-Algebra at this time but am curious about Christian Light Math for high school. We have had such success with CL Math since starting it with our younger children. I wondered if CL Math Algebra 1, 2, and geometry are adequate for high school. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate this so much and have forwarded the title recommendations (as well as a few of your suggestions and warnings) to my friend.
  5. She is sensitive to when the characters experience trauma in the stories. It becomes too real for her. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for book recommendations (asking for a friend). She has a 13 year old daughter who is very sensitive to certain topics and themes. Many have recommended titles to her but they are usually fantasy stories or books written at the turn of the 19/20th Century. If you have any ideas along these lines, she would greatly appreciate it! Blessings, Camy
  7. We will be trying Biology 101 this year. Hoping it is a good pick. http://the101series.com/bio/index.html
  8. I knew there had to be a thread about this topic somewhere here! It didn't turn up in my search, so thank you for posting! Will take a look.. Blessings
  9. Not meaning to start a curriculum debate or war here. We have worked with IEW Structure Style but not EIW (what a tongue twister..LOL) Perhaps you have experience with one, the other, or both. Would you mind sharing your likes/dislikes/preferences for either program? Thanks!
  10. I am looking for a French I class that meets either AP or college credit requirements. Debra Bell's AIM Academy AP French I seems pricey to me. Has anyone here tried College Plus for high school AP courses? If you have suggestions for any online courses (the less expensive are appealing to me), would you mind sharing those with me? Thanks!
  11. We did Meet the Masters 7 years ago and it was a basic survey of art history (based on the artists you choose). We really enjoyed it, especially producing works of art similar to the artist being studied. I think it could be considered as an elective 1/2 credit or a full credit (if you add a research paper or 2 on one of the featured artists). You could also have your student (s) write summaries featuring each artist's style, mediums, and artistic movement. We studied one artist per week, watching the video and discussing the artist on Tuesday and doing the artistic project on Friday. We also incorporated some geography into it as well (studying the artists area of origin). (btw, I was an art history major in college)
  12. Thanks! We are also busy outside the house...this will help me a lot! Thank you.
  13. You are preaching to the choir!!! I tell my older kids that they are big pains in the neck now (of course they are loved...they just take up too much space and eat our food..*and* interrupt our homeschooling..grin) We are blessed beyond measure. I think I would really be stupid if I didn't have so much to do or figure out. Thankful. Keep on going, one mountain at a time! grin.
  14. Contemplating an accredited route for my 11th grader through CLE's Homeschool Plus. Reason being is that it's more inexpensive than other accreditation programs familiar to me. It would be great to hear others' experiences with this. Thanks!
  15. I see that you have older and younger children. It's crazy how the dynamics have changed in our home (and our homeschooling) as a result of olders leaving the nest. Then there's the issue of my middle-age distracted brain...but I digress! LOL!
  16. I really like the idea of the "nature study kits." That would save us a lot of fumbling around for pencils, notebooks, etc. I am considering making small nature totebags or boxes that could be carried along on our hikes. Thanks for all of the info!
  17. Question: Do you adapt the extensive literature list to TWTM recommendations as far as writing goes? I'd love to see your week's layout plan for writing. Thanks!
  18. You guys are the best!!! I really needed this info to help me get out of my brain fog. Thank you!
  19. At one time the Charlotte Mason how-to books dominated our bookshelves (during the 90's). However, after adding many children to our brood as well as trying to keep my head above water, these books were sold & forgotten. Fast forward to now. 3 children have left our nest and the younger ones are getting older. A few of them are requiring a different educational approach, and Charlotte Mason entered the picture once again as a possible route. My brain is not nearly as absorbent as it once was, so reading the CM how-to books is not my preference for learning her science teaching methods. If anyone here is well-versed in CM science and would be willing to give a Cliff's Notes summary, I would be thankful. BTW, this would be for the elementary/middle school years. Thanks!!
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