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  1. I'm one who didn't like Rosetta Stone for actually learning to speak a language. Before we moved to Brazil, we did all of level one, but it really didn't teach us much. We then used a tutor over Skype (a native speaker) and that did help, a lot, but we didn't have enough time with him before we arrived. Then we took local classes once we got here. Plus then DH did the online extra levels of RS (I guess up through level three...?) -- in those later levels, it did get to useful stuff.


    The main problem with Rosetta Stone, imo, is that there's room for error. We all found it hard to work out the little nuances of language that you don't get from the intuitive, immersion style teaching they use. NOW -- we were not using the homeschool version, only the regular, so we weren't doing written work, only the computer stuff. Maybe that makes a difference.


    But in our experience, it gave us some vocabulary, and very very very basic knowledge, but not nearly enough for coming here and being able to communicate.



    I think Rosetta Stone would be a *great* supplement to language learning. When it comes to vocabulary acquisition and such, it would be very helpful. But honestly, the only way to really learn a language is to speak it. You can be as fluent as you want while reading/listening, but actually producing the spoken language is much different! No program will give the same experience. (I'm dealing with this now.... I can read in both French and Spanish fairly well, but while speaking I often switch back and forth between the two in the same sentence! :tongue_smilie:)


    But really, who can afford a supplement like RS? I think the money is better spent on a tutor. Even once a week conversation (with private study in between of course!) would do so much for fluency.

  2. :bigear: Am I hearing some of you right, that you have subfolders and such with google bookmarks? If so... how?!? Maybe I just haven't looked in the right place...


    Right now I use google bookmarks, but I don't particularly like it. I have 90 different folders (!!!!) broken up into categories such as Jenna: Science, Jenna: Math, Mommy: Reading Challenges, Mommy: Spanish, Mommy: French, Jenna: French: Programs, Jenna: French: Games, etc.etc.etc.etc. (plus categories like homeschooling blogs, family blogs, craft blogs, graduate schools, scholarships... ahh!)

    I'd LIKE to be able to create a folder for me and one for Jenna and then separate from there. Oh, and if possible include a link in more than one folder. :D Am I asking too much? I'm going to check out some of the links posted in this thread, maybe someone has already posted what I'm looking for!

  3. Someone lead me to the perfect thing :) I love this board for pointing out R&S Spanish. I should email my old professors.


    You should! My French professor (who also speaks Spanish) has been an awesome resource for helping me find foreign language materials for my DD. She didn't know any curriculums, but she has pointed me towards a number of websites/online bookstores and such.

    (They also might be able to point you towards a good program to jog your memory. Have you checked your local library to see if they have anything? I don't particularly like the audio programs as a primary learning tool, but I have found the French/Spanish programs useful for reinforcing what I already knew. It might help you remember enough to start teaching the kids)

  4. Hi Kymmie :001_smile:


    I am not using Rosetta Stone, as I do speak Portuguese, but based on my observation of how Rosetta Stone teaches I would very much like to use it to learn other languages.


    We are still on level 1, but already our oldest picks up words when my DH and I speak, and also from kid's videos we watch, which makes him very happy.


    Feel free to PM me if you have further questions.


    What is your dissertation is about?


    Best to you,




    I haven't really explored Rosetta Stone for us, since my DD is so young (just turned 5) and I most need to be able to read/write Portuguese. But there aren't many options out there for Brazilian Portuguese for kids, so Rosetta Stone may be it.


    I haven't yet nailed down a specific topic, but I'm interested in 19th and 20th century Brazilian social/cultural history. I'm currently writing a paper about civilizing attemps at the turn of the century - "whitening", public health intiatives, etc. I'm also interested in changing conceptions of gender and sexuality. :D

  5. We are doing Brazilian Portuguese instruction.


    We use Rosetta Stone and I like it. Our kids are little (oldest in K right now), and we are just starting.


    I try to expose them as I can to Brazilian Portuguese. We watch Bible story videos and also have some Bible story books, and Bible story songs we got from Brazil.


    Don't know if that helps, but just thought I'd say hi.


    Tudo de bom para vcs. :001_smile:


    I'd be interested to see how the kids progress with Rosetta Stone. We are doing French right now with a different program (L'Art de Dire) and will be adding Spanish next year (La Clase Divertida). But I'd like to add Brazilian Portuguese in another 2-3 years, since there is a strong possibility we will be living in Brazil for 6 months or so in a few years while I do research for my dissertation.


    Are you using the Rosetta Stone for yourself also? I need to learn Portuguese myself... planning on doing it in graduate school, but it would be so much easier for me to start now!

  6. I am currently on day 94 of one of the year long studies on my Iphone (You Version Bible app.) It's much easier to be able to read it first thing in the morning when I wake up and I don't have to worry about actually having a physical Bible with me, I can read it when I'm waiting on a dr. or need to kill time, etc.



    I'm using a YouVersion app also! I'm officially on day 25, but I've read ahead and caught myself up many times. I actually only started about a week and a half ago and I'm on Exodus 16. I was actually inspired to read it again by a young adult fiction book I read.


    This will be my second time reading the Bible from cover to cover, and of course I've read bits and pieces throughout the years. My first time was as a child. I found my grandmother's Bible when I was 9 and decided to read it.

  7. August 10th is my birthday... come on time baby!! :D


    I've heard that even in a car accident, babies that early are unlikely to be hurt because they are so well protected. A teammate of mine found out she was pregnant in the middle of the season and her doctor told her she could keep playing soccer if she wanted, because the baby was well protected by fluid and such. I wouldn't worry about the doppler causing injury.

  8. I've loved ES. We are doing Intro to Science and so far all the experiments have been both exciting and fairly quickly. Plus, word on the street is they are putting together experiment kits, which I am so excited about, and will make finding some of the more random items easier to find.

  9. We started with French because that is my strongest language, and since I know it and DD saw me studying, she was eager to learn it.


    We'll add Spanish soon, because.. well, that is my second strongest language, and thanks to Dora and Diego DD really wants to learn this also. She is constantly asking me how to say words in both French and Spanish.


    We'll add Latin eventually, but not until she can really understand the grammar.

  10. Well... I'm not married, so take this with a grain of salt, but.


    (And I'm probably going to explain this all wrong) I read on a blog somewhere that sometimes it is about the actions. So, you should hug, even if you don't necessarily feel like hugging. The physical contact is supposed to release... something in your brain, that makes you feel good. I guess the theory is that if you act like you love each other, you will love each other?

    I'm sorry, I know this is completely vague. When I get home I'll try and find the specific blog for you.


    In the meantime, :grouphug:, and take heart in the fact that he is willing to work on it. That says a lot about how he feels for you, more so that his words.

  11. A little secret that I guess is time to let out of the bag, since I just posted it over at the yahoo group, we are currently working on putting experiment kits together. The Intro one should be ready in another week or so and hopefully we'll have kits for biology, earth science/astronomy and chemistry by August. Maybe that will help you make your decision :).


    :party: I love the curriculum (we are doing Intro right now) and was planning on doing biology next year, but I had been checking this thread because I knew I could convinced to switch if I found something with the experiment kits. Great timing!

  12. Our system is complicated to describe, but easily implemented.


    DD has 5 chores a week. (Feed the cat 2 times a day, brush her teeth 2 times a day, clear her dishes after mealtime, make sure toys are all picked up at bedtime, go to bed without whining). I have a chart for checking these items. For each chore she completes the entire week, she gets a dollar.


    If I have to speak to her about whining, or she throws a temper tantrum, I take away 25 cents.


    At the end of the week, whatever she's earned gets paid out in the following manner:

    First, .50 to donate. Once she's saved up a couple dollars, she can pick what to donate it to. Right now she wants to donate to the zoo. (10%)

    Second, $2 for long term savings. This is to go towards college. (40%)

    Third, $1.50 for short term savings. This can be used to save up for a big ticket item, which is picked with my approval. She is currently saving for a Toy Story bike, but since that is what I had decided to buy her for her birthday, she'll be changing this in a week. (30%)

    and the last fund she contributes to is spending money. If all goes well and she earns all $5.00, it will be a dollar a week that she can spend how ever she wants. (20%)


    Birthday money, Christmas money, etc. will be her choice on what she wants to do with it.

    Money earned by doing extra chores around the house is subject to the 10,20,30,40 percent division.


    Wow, that's complicated! DD understands it though, and it works well for us. :tongue_smilie:

  13. :glare: Well, luckily I realized that everything was closed BEFORE heading out today, but of course I had already told DD yesterday that we'd be going to the library. Plus I had FINALLY found the second ID I needed to get a post office box (my voter registration card), and need to have some things mailed to me. I was hoping to get that taken care of today.


    Tomorrow will just be extra busy, we have a lot to do now!

  14. My DD went through a phase of about a year where she was determined she was going to go to school, and it was about 3.5-4.5. Many of her friends are older, so they were all going to school, and her one younger friend started school this year. She kept talking and talking and talking about going to school.


    I just kept reminding her that she DOES go to school, just at home, and making sure she had many chances to be with other kids. She doesn't ask about going to school anymore, and when other people ask her if she's in school yet she happily says "I'm homeschooled!"

  15. I started homeschooling for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because I feel I can provide a much more superior education to that which she will recieve in public schools, and even better than private schools.


    Well. I don't have to report until next year, so technically we haven't even started. But once I made the decision, I knew I was in it for the long haul, but that I'd also make the decision each year. So, my default position is homeschooling, unless something drastic happens to change my mind.


    My favorite thing about homeschooling.... oh, this is tough! I absolutely adore being there when DD makes a big breakthrough. When she reads a particularly tough word, or figures out a math concept that she's been struggling with. The look of pride on her face, and the fact that I am there to share it with her, is just amazing.

    I also love being around my kid. I see so many parents who barely have a relationship with their child, even at 6, 7 years old, and I can't imagine what that will look like in another 10 years. Not that homeschooling is a guarantee that we will be close, but I do think it promotes it.


    The hardest part for me is a combination of financial and time management. We live off of my student loans, which aren't very much, so I have to really stretch our money. Since I'm in school, I have to worry about where DD will be while I'm in class. Luckily it is somewhere around 20 hours a week, but still a lot when you are 3 hours away from family. I've had so many people tell me that I could put her in school, not have to worry about getting a babysitter, and not have to PAY for a babysitter.

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