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  1. I have a cuisenart griddler too, and while originally I loved it, I've since realized that it doesn't heat evenly at all, so when I'm cooking meat, its very annoying. One piece will be half overcooked, and half perfectly cooked, while other pieces will not be done at all - I have to constantly move things around to insure evenness. I'm actually considering getting a george foreman grill. We really only use the griddler for sandwiches now. I loved the versitility of the griddler, how it could lay flat for pancakes, and had the reversible plates, depending on what you were cook - I even bought the waffle plates and have used it as a waffle maker.
  2. and it did arrive today - yay! All items were in there too.
  3. Mine says completed and shipped, but the payment says pending - it still hasn't arrived. Maybe today! :001_rolleyes:
  4. I love it, and I think all of my kids would love it - the oldest one will be 14 next month, and the youngest is almost nine - I and I think their friends, even the teenagers, would love it - I'd get it for my living room or rec room, and I get tired of everything within 10 years anyway, so that wouldn't be a consideration for me. I like change :tongue_smilie: But I do think we'd love it for several years....in fact, the main reason I'm commenting is so that I can come back to this thread because I love the rug so much and in a year or so will be redoing the rec room
  5. Yikes! I'm no longer living in OK - haven't since 1997 - but now that I'm done freaking out, I'm thinking I must be safe, even though I really do think it was the same guy - that office building pictured in the second article looks familiar, and he was the only one taking new medicaid patients at the time, and the whole office really did put out a bad vibe - they strapped me to the chair, left me alone with my fears and being strapped down, didn't explain anything, and when I mentioned being nervous the dr responded with something like I could leave right now then - it was a bad experience - But I've had three babies since then, and granted two were born at home with a midwife, I did have a regular dr with one halfway through, and the first one all the way through, and that one was born in a hospital, and they did all sorts of blood tests - I'm sure something would have shown up at some point - Oh, and I had an HIV test before getting married - which was a couple of years after the wisdom teeth were removed. This man is evil - I'm also in disbelief that in all this time, he didn't have a staff member come forward! They are professionals as well - took similar oaths, know about infectious diseases, and proper care of instruments and medications, and toxic waste.
  6. I hadn't heard of that - how horrible! I agree, that's just disgusting! oh geez. I had my wisdom teeth removed from a not so nice oral surgeon in Tulsa back in the early 90s - I have no recollection of his name, just that he was pretty short with me - I was on state assistance at the time, and a single mom in tons of pain, and he was the only practitioner that was taking state assistance and would see me - he was pretty rude - and it was a not so great memory in my life - so now you have me freaking out - probably not the same guy, right? RIGHT? :blink:
  7. I started this last week! I've found that on my "fasting" days, its easier for me to not eat at all all day long, and then have a small meal at dinner time, and then another small meal a few hours later (I'm a night owl) then I go until about noon the next day before I eat - I read that it really should be about 500 calories in an 36hour period, not a 24 hour period (although I've read many other things as well) - for my fasting meals, yesterday I had a whole bag of trader joe's shrimp stir fry with a tablespoon of TJ's terriyaki - huge bowl of food for 200 calories, and then for my second meal, I had TJ's black bean and corn enchiladas for 280 calories (I think?) and that was it, and really fine. Last week I made a huge pot of veggie soup - something like 60 calories a cup, and I had lots of that on both of my fasting days. And lots of water and tea. On my second fasting day this week, I froze some of the soup I made for last week, so I will probably just defrost it. I picked Tuesday and Thursdays as fasting days, because I'm busier those days, so its easier to go without eating, but I'm thinking I need an extra day in between the fasting days, so instead of fasting tomorrow, I think I'll do Tuesdays and Fridays. But I haven't decided yet, I'll decide as tomorrow shapes up :-) My first day of eating after a fasting day, I think I ate a lot, but now I think its really regulating itself. I'm not weighing, because I've vowed no more scales in my life ;-) but I do need to lose weight - a significant amount. I'm also working out, and I'm still doing it on my fasting days - I almost always work out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach anyway...and since I eat late in the day on my fasting days, I've found that it really doesn't interfere with any of my workouts - either on the fasting day, or on the day following.
  8. Oh my gosh, I cannot stop laughing - all of the workouts are available free on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/dancelikeaman if your man really needs to work out but can't afford the $15 - was just watching workout four - he's Punching the earth, because we hate the earth. It does nothing but take from us... see how expensive it is to drive your car somewhere? Its because the Earth won't give us its oil. Punch the earth!
  9. I used a peel and stick dry erase board, and it came off real easily when we moved. It wasn't really re-usable after that though. I did feel the bumps through it - not sure if it would be the same for the chalkboard or not. I ADORED it.
  10. We have a retirement fund, but every time I log into it, Wells Fargo tells me (in big letters) that its underfunded. Sigh. We contribute every month and dh's company matches to a certain percentage, and its basing what it thinks we need to have on what we make now (adjusted for inflation), but I think come retirement, we won't need that much - our house should be paid off, we won't have kids in dance schools, etc., so our expenses will be much lower. I think, barring any unforeseen circumstances, and if we continue to contribute at this rate (or perhaps a bit higher, I tend to up it a wee bit when we have a good year) we should be absolutely fine come retirement time. We just started contributing to a Roth as well, so if we have to, we can take from it for college, but for dedicated college savings, we don't have much at all, 3 kids still at home, ages 8-13, and we have less than $2000 saved for each of them. Sigh. The oldest will probably have enough to cover the cost of her books by the time she gets to college :bored: I kind of expect to absorb those costs, and, unless they are displaying special needs or goals, I will encourage them to attend a community college first, and stay with in-state schools...they won't qualify for financial aid, and I'd really like to help them do it without incurring any debt, if at all possible. And I agree, PS is NOT free.
  11. can you play minecraft between an xbox and a pc? (turns out you can't)
  12. I'd do either option 1 or 3 - we just uprooted our family, and it was so hard. Continues to be hard. No way would I recommend doing it for a job that would only be a 1 year thing. Not with kids your kids' ages, as rooted as they are.
  13. If it were me, I think I'd do a lot of living math - books, math games, kitchen table math, and maybe some LoF - I'd try to keep it fun and more of a reward for finishing early, while reinforcing what you've worked on this year. Oh, there's that CM unit out there that has the kids basically running a store with real-world math tossed in - that could be fun too! ETA - the link! http://simplycharlottemason.com/store/your-business-math/
  14. anything that was prepared by my personal chef! :laugh:
  15. Bwahaha! I can't tell you how often I wish DD's computer would break and she'd loose her phone :-) I've got my response all worked out. Full on sympathy, with hidden maniacal laughter whenever I'm alone. Its going to be awesome! Who would have thought that her cheap laptop would be so reliable, and the kid that looses and forgets EVERYTHING can keep such a keen eye on that phone? What's up with that? She's typical early teen space-cadet with everything, but with that phone, some super-power kicks in and she never looses it, forgets it, breaks it, puts it in harms way.
  16. maybe we should be sending our own PMs? Share our wisdom and all. Try to convince them to turn away from their beliefs because clearly ours are better? Save them from their destructive paths? Geez. I haven't gotten any of these PMs, but wow. Just wow. The arrogance!!
  17. I've been using Mastering Essential Math Skills by Richard Fisher, along with working on facts separately with ALEKS Quick Tables and I may have her try xtra math too.. It moves fast, but doesn't take a lot of time each day..the bit of repetition and practice is just about perfect for us, and it doesn't talk down and really seems to be working - she's retaining stuff....my learner is almost 14, and shut down too, but this she tolerates. We work through the sample problems together, and then I stay right there and tell her that if she isn't understanding something, we can work through more problems together, and I don't care if we do all of the problems together if that's what she needs.... I've also pulled up a Khan video or two for reinforcement on whatever we're doing. I've been using book 1 rather than book 2, but they essentially cover the same stuff, just book 2 is a bit more complex in the problems - but follows the same introduction of skills and the exact same format. If I feel she needs it, we may go and do book 2 when we're done..that was my original plan (I have both books and she needed a lot of remediation), but now that we are 2/3 of the way through book 1, I think we'll be ok moving into a pre-algebra or Bilal's College Math...if we could only get her FACTS down! Yikes. That's ongoing. My 11 yo is not as far behind, but she's is also doing the book with us, and I think by the time she's done, she'll be up to grade level...
  18. I get credit for this one :) I was talking it up on some other thread a while ago - my 11 year old has been involved for months - its really cool! she'd love some friends there
  19. I'm curious too, can you PM me as well? Thanks! I picked up HO and was looking at some other things....
  20. we had to bring money to the closing when we sold ~6 months ago - our house had lost so much of its value that the sales price we settled on barely paid off the mortgage - we had to bring ~$3500 to the closing, and had we not been selling due to a relocation, we would have had to bring a bunch more to cover realtor fees and commissions (my husband's company covered that through the relocation package) - it was very painful as it was, to see it sell for nearly $40k less than we paid for it 7 years ago, but to have to bring our own check to the table too? - just sad.
  21. yeah, my 8 yo does her own buns, but she's awesome with hair. I still do my 11yos buns for her - those kids are individuals, for sure. Except for their identical love of dance. I originally learned via youtube as well, we typically do a ponytail, then twist around, and put another ponytail holder on top of it, and then a hairnet and a few pins, to keep it in place - these things: http://www.ponybun.com/ are amazing as well, and my 11yo uses those. So easy. My 8yo prefers the "naked" bun with a flower pinned right above it. We only use product (gel and hairspray) before a performance, not for classes. The 11yo also wears an elastic headband around her head to control wisps. We've tried some of the other devices, including those spiral things from Goody, and the sock bun, but none of them worked very well for us.
  22. I'm thinking the same thing! Well not sure about Oak Meadows, but I'm considering packing up SL and mailing it back too.
  23. Just checked, that may only be for the Kindle Fire or something
  24. I realized that my status update was still about the opening night of the Hobbit...so I'm changing it to this. Which I guess is still about the opening night of the Hobbit. Sigh.

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