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  1. I'd definitely rule out physical/hormonal (like the previously mentioned PCOS) causes first, and keep up with your nutritional supplementation, dietary changes, structure/routine, and physical activity plan.. Another avenue to consider - before looking towards the super intensive inpatient options, perhaps see if you have a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) center or therapist nearby? Depending on how its structured, it can be a pretty intensive, effective outpatient option. A lot of inpatient facilities are set up more for stabilization rather than long-term inpatient treatment, especially depending on insurance, financial means, etc. (sigh) - If you aren't in crisis mode, then I wouldn't go to inpatient as a first course of action - and one incident of self-harm, while certainly scary and not to be ignored, isn't exactly crisis mode. Especially since she is talking to you about it - But DBT is a really great option for complex issues, anxiety, depression, eating disorder, self-harm. And I wouldn't rule out meds completely, but ugh, sometimes finding the right one or the right combination can be so challenging.

  2. Are you concerned about the "data plan" Or just that the user of the iphone be restricted in what he/she can do? Because even if you found a way to avoid the "data plan," if you have the phone hooked up to wifi, they could still get data and access the internet. But the iphone does offer restrictions, so you can turn off, or restrict certain things - you can't turn off or restrict texting though, but for my daughter's phone, we have it set up so she can't get online via safari, and she can't download apps (so she can't download another browser, or a social media app or something) - She can still text, and use the camera, but that's about it (oh, and make calls, but who does that anymore??) Its super easy to lift the restrictions if we want - I have the password, and she will come to me and tell me what app she wants, and if its ok by me, we'll get it,and then put the restrictions back in place. 

    And not that it matters, but ftr, she asked for the restrictions - she was struggling with social media sites and being able to put down the phone. My other kids don't have the same restrictions because they don't have the same struggles/needs. If that ever changes, we'll start having similar conversations.

  3. I also used 100EZ lessons - with three kids - OPGTR came out after I'd already used 100EZ lessons with one kid, so I bought it for the second kid and found myself going back to 100 EZ lessons - that was 10 years ago, and I can't remember exactly what I didn't like about OPGTR - so this probably isn't super helpful, bu I did want to chime in with my support for 100EZ lessons, since it seems to get such negative reviews here..

  4. My current list:


    This American Life


    Moth Podcast

    Death, Sex, and Money

    Planet Money

    Wait, Wait....Don't Tell Me

    A Brave Writer's Life in Brief (not updated regularly, but past episodes are great and she does update...occasionally)

    Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast

    TED Radio Hour

    Jillian Michaels Show


  5. We don't have a home phone, and we're on a super cheap friends of employees plan, so my 15 yo has an iphone 5c, which isn't on your poll.  :laugh: She bought this phone, and her previous iphone 4s herself, and I pay for the service. My almost 13yo has an iphone 4s, she got it for her last birthday, but prior to that she also had a dumb phone because she didn't want to spend her money on a smart phone. My 9yo (10 next week!) just acquired my old iphone, but it doesn't have cell service - it has a better camera than her ipod and I upgraded my phone, so I let her have it...

  6. I think its for (older perhaps) struggling readers and for (younger perhaps) non-struggling readers. I used it for my two younger kids, one was 8 when we started, and pretty much on target in terms of reading skills. My other daughter was 11 when we started, and an ok reader, but perhaps a bit behind and really struggling with spelling - it was perfect for both kids. Both different ages, very different needs, totally different goals going into it, and LoE met both of them where they were, even though they were both at very different places. Both of them have become stronger readers, spellers, and grammarians. imo, its a very good program....It has optional practices and exercises that you can do if they need it...but if they really are doing fine, we skip those. If your goals are spelling, phonics, and  grammar, I think LoE could be perfect for you.

  7. From your description and the side view picture, my guess would be Doxie/Beagle mix.  The only part that doesn't really fit those two breeds is that you say she never barks.  In general both of them tend to be pretty darn vocal.  But I've known exceptions.  We had a beagle (now departed and sorely missed) who was one of the quietest dogs I've ever known.


    We have a beagle mix, and he's SO quiet!

  8. Just the easy going, never snaps, doesn't startle, very tolerant, no aggression, food or otherwise - beagle. Prey-oriented is doxie, active is both, doxies like to burrow, so when you say she'll tuck her nose under something to chew on something, Smart - that could be any of the breeds, but especially Jack Russel, and doxie. Affectionate - beagles. Eager to please - beagles and Jack Russels.


    :laugh: She's just adorable!

  9. I see dachshund too, and the head, how its flat across the top of the head and into the down-ears, sorta going towards a triangle - that looks beagle to me. As do the sweet golden eyes. And I see some terrier fur around the hind-quarters and tail - Jack Russel perhaps. Beagle would also explain the curled tail and the bark sounds like you are describing a beagle howl/bay. The coloring looks lab-like, but could be a black doxie too. The temperament is congruent with those breeds as well :-)

    Fun game ;-)

  10. my oldest announced it from the rooftops, the next one sent me a text...kinda like "Oh, by the way" type of thing, and did NOT want to talk about it beyond that, although now, she'll talk about cramps and supplies, etc., and #3 had to process it and talk a lot about it, but in private. We'll see how #4 goes, but she's very private. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't tell anyone, for months and months..or like if one of her sisters notice that their supplies are dwindling when they aren't using them, and they tell me. But we'll see. She'll be 10 in a week and a half, and she's teeny tiny, so I think we have some time. All three of the other girls started at 12 - the oldest two started right before they turned 13 though. Like by a week or so.

  11. Orthaheel has some cute flip flops for you flip flop lovers - like these - I love my orthaheels. I do a brace at night during flare-ups, very supportive shoes (like the orthaheels or danskos are nice - I've recently heard Earth Shoes recommended, but I haven't tried them) - I have one of these ball foot massagers under my desk, and use it constantly, and someone recommended this book to me, but I haven't read it yet. Oh, and this foot rocker but you can do the same basic stretch by standing on a step with the front part of your foot, and let the heel part dip down below the step.


    And I agree, different doctor if it doesn't get better!

  12. Just fyi, I've heard low rise is going out of style--


    Hope it doesn't venture into Mom Jeans territory, but a couple of inches would be welcome around here!


    My dd turns 15 in a few days - this is on her birthday wish list. Its the UK site, but I searched and the US urban outfitters site has some too....they just look slightly different.

  13. I did notice that the email says that the teacher account will have the ability to assign things to students without the students having their own accounts, so maybe that accounts for the difference in list price?

    I'm really bummed, I planned on using this more next year, but likely as a supplement, so I don't know that I want to pay for it at all. I'm going to have to really think about it. Up until now, I've barely used it, but I did create an account when I heard that they were moving towards being a subscription service.

  14. I personally like the second chances - as I tell my perfectionist daughter, we don't do lessons/take a class/use a curriculum/etc to test what we know, to get things right, or for a grade.....we do these things to learn. We make mistakes because we are still learning. Mistakes give us an opportunity to tackle the problem, learn from our mistakes, approach the material again, get down in the dirt and wrestle with that equation. If a mistake is made, I like that TT says, "hey there, lets try that again!" - We are using TT (or whatever curriculum) to teach, not to test - so if she misses something, I like that she gets a second chance - to see what she did wrong - to learn. And I like that if she misses it the second time, the software will work through the problem for her. Plus, if she were using a workbook, she could erase and fix mistakes. If I were sitting next to her, I'd see her goofing, and say "hey, lets try this one again" and help her figure it out. 


    So I have three daughters using TT, and the youngest rarely misses anything, the middle one (the perfectionist) will call me in if she misses something the first time, and we work through the second time together and watch them do it on the software. My eldest one doesn't want to involve me at all, so if she misses it, she will work it the second time. If she misses several, even after two tries, I delete her answers from the teacher's gradebook and ask her to redo them a third or fourth time....Until she understands what she's doing - she doesn't learn from me explaining - or really by the lecture part of the lesson, she has to DO. I'm involved with the middle one whenever she misses a problem, and I check up on the youngest and the eldest regularly, and if I see a problem there we have a little talk, and they try again....By the time all three of them get to the quizzes, they get it. And that's all I care about - that by the time they are moving on to the next section, they understand what they've been working on. If they take a quiz and struggle, then we know that we need to work through some stuff before we move on.

  15. On the "for schools" page, it mentions their sister company - which I assume is Sonlight.


    This is exciting - I may have to rethink plans for my youngest's upcoming fifth grade year! After being drawn to Sonlight for years and years, we finally tried it last year, but ugh, I just hated tweaking it to be secular, and wasn't fond of the LA stuff or the history workbook either, to be honest (the stuff that wasn't literature-based I guess), so I sent it back during its return window. This looks great, because I could just buy the reading through history and the science stuff if I wanted....and leave out the LA stuff. If 7th grade is available by the fall as well, and they can keep up with my kids in upcoming years, that could just be absolutely perfect!!!


    Thanks for posting this...

  16. This library (the one with religious homeschooling materials) is not the school's library, it is a separately housed collection that would be governed under whatever rules the option program has. The OP needs to find out what the rules are and if the program is following them.


    Again, the students in this program are home schooled students, under the legal definition here in CO. They are not public school students, so I don't believe that the Lemon test would apply. In CO, all of the districts have different rules. So you really do have to know, not just the state policy, but the actual law governing the school or program.


    Home schooled students here can use any curriculum they want. Or none at all. The state has no say in the matter. So there would be no coercion argument for or against the use of religious materials.


    Its been years, but about 12-13 years ago, but we lived in CO and participated in one of the first (if not the first) homeschool options program in the state (with my now adult daughter, not mentioned in my sig - I should fix that) - I don't know what has changed since then, if anything. I do know that there are lots more option programs available now - wow!  We moved away from CO about 8 years ago, but back then, for each homeschool child enrolled, the option program received funding from the state - equivalent to 1/2-time student (parttime) - we were told that our students were enrolled in the public school system as parttime students, and they received funding for our students' enrollment in the program - we were required to have so many teacher contact hours, whether that be through the classes they offered, or through individual consultations. In return, we had access to the classes, and to curriculum, which was paid for out of this program - ie publicly funded. When we attended, there was a lending library, but it wasn't housed on location - it was set up during specific periods, and then boxed back up :-) - it contained curriculum that previous students had used, that was provided by the program, and returned when finished. It also contained donated items, but only secular donated items. We were not required to use secular materials though - we could use whatever we wanted, but if we wanted materials provided to us by the Options program (run through the public school district), it had to be secular. Didn't matter if it was provided to us via the lending library or purchased for us to use as our curriculum. It had to be secular if it came from them. In fact, a lot of what we were offered to use was provided through the lending library - it saved them money not to have to buy every family new curriculum each year, if they had nonconsumables available to borrow via the lending library. We actually only ordered materials through them if it wasn't available in the lending library.


    And I see a difference between religious curriculum being available for use and religious materials - ie reference books, etc., in the library. If its balanced, religious materials would be fine in my view. Lets have books comparing religions, discussing the history of religions, the various belief systems out there, and lets bring in some atheist material too! But religious curriculum that families can check out and use for the entire year - use to teach their children? Provided by a public school, a program funded with public school money? Not ok. Being told that the library only accepts material after its been reviewed and approved as being congruent with the program's beliefs and values? Yeah, also not ok. Its not a church program, its not a privately run homeschool co-op. Its a program provided for and funded by the public school system.


    *edited to correct typos and silly mistakes

  17. That looks cool! Have you seen it in the store? My girls would like it if they could move their calico critters or similar toys into the house and play once it is built. Do you know if it is sturdy enough to use as a doll house once it is built? I could see my DS wanting to help and play with them.


    I haven't seen it in person - just heard about it as it was being developed (that and Goldi Blox - which is also newer) because it was an engineering toy targeted to girls (and that's awesome.) But the reviews look great - I think she's probably too old for the Goldi Blox, and I wish that had been around when all of my girls were younger, but I think she'll really enjoy the Roominate - does anyone remember Ello building sets? They don't make them anymore, but you can still get them used (like this: http://www.amazon.com/Ello-Aquaria-People-Places-Things/dp/B000087R8D) - anyway, we still have a bunch of these from when my 14yo was little, and they still get tons of play around here - even the 14yo will still play with them....the roominate reminds me of that building system, with the added electronics, so I really think it will be a huge hit for my daughter.  I'm excited. I've already ordered it, because, even though its been in my cart for a while, the current price is the cheapest I've seen Amazon go on the deluxe set...so I can look at it when it arrives Wed and let you know how sturdy it looks, but I don't want to dig it out and play with it too much before I give it to my daughter. If its anything like the ello stuff I mentioned, I think it would be fine for calico critters :-)

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