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  1. I am so, so sorry. Praying for comfort for you, your children and all your loved ones.
  2. Bill, you've mentioned Sous Vide many times over the years. I just can't get on board cooking something in plastic. Any thoughts or research on that aspect? I love the idea, but hot plastic touching my food concerns me.
  3. Were you truly isolated from him during his entire isolation? You were in Q, so unlikely to get it from another source. I think you need to call your primary and get tested. It certainly could be a sinus infection, and if his isolation was excellent, it most likely is. But why guess?
  4. Adding an interesting article I found when googling about shortening Q time that mentions specifically timed testing: https://elemental.medium.com/new-science-suggests-how-to-shorten-quarantine-7cad61243428
  5. So you're saying that you're worried she could turn positive up to 14 days after exposure, not know it, and still spread it for 10 days after the positive test, right? CDC guidelines are test or not, the quarantine is still only 14 days, so the "turn positive late in quarantine and spread asymptomatically" group is very, very small as the NZ statistics show. My state guidelines recommend-but do not require-testing (5-7 days) after a known exposure, but your guest doesn't necessarily even have a known exposure. I "attended" an Illinois Dept of Public Health Webinar this week where o
  6. I think she has higher risk by going out and getting tested than avoiding the tests altogether. Q for 2 weeks and NO testing is sufficient. Because of NZ stats, I'd even say Q for 10 days is sufficient if the isolation gets too hard and there are no known exposures.
  7. I'm sorry about your family, and pray that your brother's MIL will have a mild case, and you all stay well. Sounds like your family is doing all the right things. And your husband is right that close contacts of THE close contact do not need to quarantine. Hugs ((((Noreeen)))).
  8. My daughter has had the Micke desk for about 3 years. It's a fairly small desk, but has worked great for her needs--she always does school/her homework there. I would say it would work fine for a small to medium adult, but not for a large/taller adult? For me, not enough "tabletop" for my computer and all my assorted papers. I work at a large table :). She does have a stand on the desk that elevates a screen, so she zooms on the screen on the top, and works on the ipad on the desk surface itself. Re quality--I wouldn't use it to sit or stand on, or treat roughly, but we don't have little cra
  9. Hugs, Panda! (and I agree with your thread tag! :))
  10. Any books or games or puzzles or music you have a history of sharing and enjoying together? Reading a passage, or listening to a song, or playing a turn or two of a game might bring joy and some structure to the visit ("we talk for a couple minutes, listen to this song, then we say goodbye and leave before tiring g'pa too much") And I am so sorry your family is going through this, but grateful for the love and thoughtfulness you have and are modeling.
  11. My Aldi has not had canned tomatoes the last 3 weeks I've been there. I can still find them at Jewel, but they're more expensive there, of course!
  12. I'd say yes to the card, no to the call. Maybe the call can happen in a few weeks if things calm down a bit. Let the inner circle friend know your availability for meal train, helping with yard work or child care during appointments or treatments if you are wanting to do that kind of thing. Hugs/prayers for you and them.
  13. Per my Johns Hopkins free contact training class, if the last exposure to the positive person was >48 hours before that person had symptoms, there is no need to isolate/test. Close contacts are traced only for the previous two days before symptoms developed. Like the above poster said, if your son comes down with Covid, it's likely NOT from that specific band mate who was unlikely to be contagious when they were together.
  14. Has it been mentioned that one can buy an AG doll (Molly) for Courtney to play with. Comes in a little box, with a little book and catalog...
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