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  1. Working today. I might get some school planning in place.
  2. It would radiate up the insides of my ankle when it was really bad. It would wake me up at night it would get so intense. And forget getting out of bed in the morning. Like walking across the floor and stepping on legos the whole way from the bed to the bathroom.
  3. I wish good arch support prevented it. It didn't. I was in Mizunos (perfect arch for me) and my father was in Asics. So excellent shoes, and we were both careful about replacing shoes regularly. Honestly, I think it's a frequent use injury compounded by concussive force. We were both road runners. I ran on dirt, but it was packed dirt. Both of us are hardly petite runners, which didn't help any. But both of us did heal. I just was lucky in that I stopped running the moment I finished my race and started treating it, and that I hadn't been training so long.
  4. Like somebody took a red-hot needle to it. Mine was much worse along the inside part of my foot, but it was also one foot and not both. Second the advice to wear shoes with good arch support. And if you just cant' stand your feet in shoes, I was able to wear my Birkenstocks in the house and that was okay. There are some arch-support sandals out there for those of us who can't stand our toes in shoes in the summer. ETA: I've had it, my father has had it. It's a real pain in the...well, foot. Mine resolved with time, stretches, good arch support, and ice. Took roughly nine months. My father's did not resolve, and he had surgery, which has resolved it really well for him. Both of us were running hard when we got our initial injury. He was training for a marathon, and I was training for a 10K at the time.
  5. Go Dungeons and Dragons! Get him into costumes and you'll have your Instagram friendly extracurricular! I took the boys to the lake yesterday, and they promptly vanished with their boats to fish and explore, so I got a lot of character work done. Today is going to be hot, but the boy has squash blossoms on some of his plants, and with the recent rain and the heat, they should grow like weeds now. The boys have school today, but tomorrow off, because I have to work. Today for me is writing as hard as I can to see if I can't get both of my novels over the 50K mark. One is, the other has further to go, but it's also low priority compared to the other.
  6. I am back from the lake. I wish to report that having dinner cooked prior to leaving for the lake is a very good deal. DH is always leaving to work on the bridge across the creek and he's not ready to eat until six or later. So when I got home at five, I had time to reheat things, and fix some vegetables to go with. But now I'm pretty tired, and wondering if I can get my last 1000 words in. I can, but it feels harder when I'm tired and fried.
  7. I'm going to take a break from writing and go to the lake for the afternoon. Making good progress, but it's a lovely day, and I have a couple of things I can do that are handwritten things, so I'll do those instead of sit in front of the laptop all day. I am almost at 4000 words today already. That's good enough for now. I can type in things this evening.
  8. Morning. It stopped raining and thundering and blowing a gale. Thus I now have internet. Also power. Didn't have it for about four hours yesterday. I was so tired yesterday morning that I slept through the tornado siren. Fortunately, it wasn't near us, but up the road. But I wrote over 5000 words yesterday between a few synopses, a few query letter pitches, and a funny thing I wrote that compares story ideas to characters in the The Princess Bride. So a productive day. The lawnmower died, but DH is trying to fix it. This should be interesting. The grass is growing in anticipation. Got a busy week of writing planned and Camp NaNoWriMo starts next week!
  9. Morning. Boys have school. Just basic stuff--Math, Latin, and whatever they want to read or write, then they can spend the summer day as they please. I'm going to finish a synopsis today, and get words on my two novels. I also want to paint. There's the usual laundry and so forth, and the kitchen is really in need of cleaning.
  10. Last week of June! Is everyone ready for fall yet? Are you? Are you? Because I am....not. I've got so much planning to do and things to catch up that I should never die. But the next month and the end of this one are booked solid. Have to squeeze planning in somewhere between eat, sleep, write. So far, I'm am just getting a notion of what I might like to do for tenth grade year, but I need to get a look at how I want to award credit hours and then build from there. The boys are pretty much sailing through algebra (I wanted them to finish all of CLE 8 because there's good stuff in there, and so they just started the Algebra in May. They are about 4 books in now, and mowing down the geometry prep I gave them, too. So I have to decide where we go next sooner rather than later. There's some art related electives I want them to do. I have college level geology books, so we'll do that for science, and I expect we'll do ancient history this fall, too. I think I will come up with some electives based on their interests that they can pursue--one boy is really into fishing right now (to the point he has individual kinds of lures memorized) and the other really needs to do something related to sailing ships because he just loves them. Latin and French are going to be our foreign languages, I believe. I need to do a music appreciation course--neither of them are interested in playing an instrument, and I won't push that unless there is interest. Writing will be pretty easy to plan, as will literature. I just... Have to do it. In all the spare time I have.
  11. I am hitting wound-up-writer phase just in time for July camp. I hit 30K written on projects last week, and have 25K over 5 days planned for this week, along with some short story revisions, submissions, and two synopsis and three more query letters to write for this series that I hope to have on submission either at the end of this year or the start of the first one. That gives me six months to go from first draft to polished, while having the final three books in first draft form with polished submission documents (query, synopses). I can do this.
  12. Where are my soft socks? Hamper? Washer? Dryer? Where? I guess I'll go look. My contribution to Laundry Haiku.
  13. Preach! 80K in twenty days is an absolute mad haul. I know. I've done it. It helps to have a "down month" when you either do revision, or work the writing output back to something sane like 2000 words per day, and only 40K in a twenty days. That's still roaring, but it does provide a needed period of rest if you are one of those writers who gets wound up and then won't stop.
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