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  1. but mine is finally up a day late, I guess that makes it Not quite wordless, not quite Wednesday.
  2. Not as much as I should but I'm trying to make it a routine. I have been consistantly doing 2 days a week at the Y where I'm on the treadmill 20-30 minutes with 15 minutes of weights afterwards while my older 2 are at Homeschool PE. I plan on steadily increasing until it's a real habit.
  3. They do make them with a hole on top but I love the one I have. The pencil goes in from the front but it's a heavy duty one with multiple pencil size holes which is nice since my dd was using the big horse leg pencils last year. Even if you don't need the different size holes this baby is a work horse. We only have to empty the shavings every month or so and it sharpens wonderfully. The sound changes so you know when you've reached maximum sharpness (is that a real word :)) Here's a link for it http://www.staples.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StaplesProductDisplay?&langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10051&productId=13821&cmArea=SEARCH
  4. I don't remember the name of the principal at the school I went 1-4 at but remember it changed 3 times. K was College Park (greendale WI) 1-4 was Canterbury (greendale WI, we moved just out of area for the other one) 1st was Mrs Kunz 2nd was Mrs Golumbeski 3rd was Mrs Graf (and my aunt was the teachers aide) 4th was Mrs Jacoby then we moved to Muskego WI and I don't know the name of the 5th grade teacher but it was a weird year because there were a few too many kids for 4th and 5th grade so we were in what was called a Split class Half 4th grade half 5th grade. Then it was on to Baylane middle school (Muskego WI) 6th was Mr. S that's all I remember because that's what we called him 7th and 8th we changed classes every period just like in high school and there's too many to remember High school was Muskego HS I remember Mr Baker who was my Geometry, Computer and Pre Calc teacher That's about it because he was the only one that made class fun. The weirdest thing for me is actually about dh. His highschool Biology teacher was none other than his dad. I told him there's no way I could have done that, just to weird for me.
  5. I know many don't like computer based systems but my dd loves Click n kids online phonics program. We tried OPG as well as headsprout (another online program) and like Click n kids the most. OPG was boring for her, headsprout was ok but I didn't like that if I didn't think she'd gotten the lesson I had to call the company to have them reset it back a lesson or 2, with Click n kids if I don't think she did well enough to move on I just go to the student list and put her back a lesson or 2. I also like that the subscription is forever. Once she finishes the 100 lessons I can delete her and put my next child on (if you need 2 kids at once there is a $10 charge I believe) also when we're completely done we can give our subscription to another family free of charge, it's kind of like a pay it forward thing. HTH
  6. I can't speak to the lit pockets, but we love history pockets and the theme pockets. I'm using the Theme pockets for January right now to do the Penguin pocket book while we read Mr. Popper's Penguins for our read aloud. I'll use the Seasons one in a month or so for science. I have used the Ancient Civilizations HP for my kids and they really like it. I've actually made an american history plan for us myself for the next couple of years which will use 6 different History Pockets. I love that EM lets you see each book page by page it really helps you get a feel for them.
  7. I used Evan Moor's building spelling skills last year for 2nd grade and am using SWO C this year for my 3rd grade ds. I have SWO A on hand for when my dd is ready. We're working through ETC now though which she loves so we'll stick with that for a while.
  8. I have my list in an excel spreadsheet with the best online price and place I found that price. I'll print it out and take it to the local homeschool store where they sell mostly used curriculum and see what I can get for less their then I'll order the rest from my list at where I found the best price. I'm just waiting for the tax refund to come in so that I get my school budget. I actually have a seperate checking account for it so that the school money stays safe and seperate from the rest of the budget.
  9. I've had some really horrible luck buying used. I don't like buying something I can't see in person that's used because too many times I have gotten something that was supposed to be "like new" or "excellent used" and to me it was lucky to be called fair. I guess my idea of "excellent used" and "like new" can be very different. Luckily here in VA where I am there is actually a homeschool book store that buys and sells used curriculum. They sell some new as well but 85% of their stock is used and I can go in a look for what I need. I'll go there first this year and then what I can't find there I'll order from Rainbow resource. I know that they are the lowest price on the things I want.
  10. I have pictures of mine on my blog. They should pop up as a slide show up in the left corner. my blog addy should show up in my signature. We use a dining room that we don't need for our table. The purple color is what the owner painted it before we moved in. We rent and I don't feel like changing the color now that the white board is up. Although I'd love it to be red.
  11. Growing with Grammar for my 3rd grader after FLL 3 was a bust. He loves, loves, loves it. I like that it's written to the child so he can read the student text which includes examples and then he does the worksheet. It's to the point with a few graphics here and there but they are in black and white and not distracting. I really like the way the lessons are presented and you can't beat the price. It cost me $34 for the 3rd grade set and that is with the shipping cost. I also like that the lady that wrote the program wrote it specifically with homeschoolers in mind and wrote a program that can be used by anyone regardless of their faith background (we're secular hsers so that was a big plus for us) She is also very quick to answer email if you have questions. I can't wait to use the grade 1 and 2 set for my dd next year. My son now looks forward to grammar each day.
  12. I'm in SEVA as well. Chesapeake to be exact.
  13. I have the History through the ages placement guide. Which shows where each of the figures they make is placed. I use it to see where to put them as well as anything my kids should write. HTH
  14. I love the all purpose cleaner. I keep a spray bottle of it mixed up on my counter to wipe down the kitchen counters and table each day. I also used their laundry detergent and like that. I prefer their liquid instead of the powder. I love the smell of their stuff. Nice light citrus scent. I also like their glass cleaner and bathroom scrub. The only thing I really didn't like was the dishwasher powder, but I prefer liquid. I know they just came out with a dishwasher liquid and I plan to try that next time I need some. Kel
  15. We are voyager fans too. In fact our dd was named Annika after the human name of 7 of 9 before she was assimilated.
  16. Oh how could I forget The Wedding Singer. Dh and I love that one and watch it anytime it's on. When there's nothing on to watch on weekends we'll pop in the DVD.
  17. and she just finished her K math but is still working at a K level for phonics. She does history and science with her 3rd grade brother but I require less. Anyway when I had to report to the state I put her down as a Ker (here in VA we have to list grade level) because that's where she'd be had she been in PS. They wouldn't have let her start anything last year. I move her curriculum along as her pace dictates but for reporting purpose I stick with what grade the PS would consider them.
  18. There aren't many for that grade level. Only Native Americans and Living in a Plymouth Colony, but if you're kids like hands on crafty type things they are great. I actually just made up something similar to the Our los Banos curriculum mentioned using History Pockets, DK's American history encyclopedia for children and lots of living books for my kids next year curriculum. They will be 1st/2nd grade and 4th grade.
  19. I have a new red Bosch universal which I love. It replaced my Kitchenaid Artisan which is hanging out in the cabinet just in case. I also have a nutrimill set to arrive on Tuesday (hooray I can't wait) I also have a kitchenaid food processor that I barely use, a toaster oven which I like so much more than a toaster, a black and decker blender that I don't use anymore since getting the Bosch. I also have a magic bullet blender that I don't use anymore, and a deep fryer which we use from time to time. Oh and 3 crockpots. I really big one, one medium, and one super small one for dips and such. I have to say that the Bosch is the best appliance investment I have made.
  20. My all time favorite movie is Mr. Blanding's builds his dream house. It's an old Cary Grant movie which I believe The Money Pit was based on. It's hilarious. As for TV show I have a new favorite. A friend sent me the show Firefly on DVD recently and I love it. I sure wish it had lasted more than one season. It's kind of like Star Trek meets the Wild West which you think wouldn't mix, but it sure does.
  21. Some of my favorites are Tom Hanks, Daniel Radcliffe, Nathan Fillion, Harrison Ford, and Cary Grant. I don't know that I have a favorite Actress.
  22. but our favorite cleaner is the Rug Doctor. They are pricey though ($700) but we've had 2 hoovers and a bissell over the last 10 years. We have had the Rug Doctor for about 2 years and I wish I would have just made the investment in the first place. I cleaned my carpet (whole room) with my last hoover and then a week later cleaned it with the new rug doctor. I was shocked over the amount of dirt that came out of the carpet. I have 2 dogs and 3 kids so it seems the carpets are always getting dirty. I give them a deep clean every couple months and then spot clean as necessary. I also used the upholstry attachment to clean the carpet in the mini van and the water came out black, I was amazed. I think the biggest difference is that the Hoover and Bissel just don't have the suction power to get as much of the dirt and water out of the carpet. I also noticed the Rug Doctor cleaned carpets dry in about half the time that they did with the other machines. Usually in about 1 hour the carpets are dry.
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