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  1. Just wanted to say I love your avatar. My dh graduated ISU in '95. Go CLONES!

  2. Enjoying a nice quiet day hanging with the kids. My dh has duty tomorrow so my T-day dinner isn't until Friday. So tomorrow I'll get to just relax and make the pumpkin pie. Friday is when the craziness will ensue.

    1. Element


      We're doing T-day Saturday so tomorrow is just a relaxing prep. day for me too. Have a great day Friday! :)

    2. nukeswife


      Thanks, same back at you for Saturday!



  3. Thanks for the congrats, I'll pass it on to dh. I appreciate that you keep looking for the cereal. I think they've discontinued it. I guess there wasn't enough of a market for "chocolate flavored sugar bombs" LOL

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