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  1. Woof-Wool Fido-Fiber Rover’s Roving I love this game. I’ll keep brainstorming…
  2. I will try to link a picture here for you. I used to make “baby” blankets years ago. But I switched to a chevron pattern and started making them bigger so they would last beyond the toddler years. I hope this works. I don’t know how to post pictures… This picture is crochet. If you want to attempt something like this, I can send you some links to YouTube tutorials that are helpful.
  3. Any suggestions for the larger books crowd? On ThirdLove.com, which I haven’t been willing to pay for…I’m a 34F. Is there a less expensive wire-free alternative for those of us with larger books? I do wear shelf-bra camis at home but they don’t work well for leaving the house. Not enough support and nowhere near enough coverage. 🙈
  4. Thanks for the input everyone! I settled on this laptop today: https://smile.amazon.com/HP-Celeron-Classroom-Compatible-Accessories/dp/B08T931LXB I have an appointment with an academic advisor to plan my degree path and I’m hoping to start on 8/1!!! I’m so stinking excited. And absolutely terrified. I haven’t taken any classes in 24 years. I feel like such an old lady. I will keep you all posted on how things go. 💜
  5. I haven’t read any of the replies but I wanted to chime in and tell you that I knit and crochet. I taught myself from library books many years ago before YouTube existed. It’s so much easier to learn now with all the wonderful tutorials available. There is nothing like gifting a handmade blanket at a baby shower. Knitting and crocheting are rare these days. So a handmade gift that doesn’t cost $200 on Etsy is often much-appreciated. I know teenagers that are still sleeping with the baby blankets I made them when they were born. Such a special thing. 💜
  6. I haven’t had a computer in…I don’t even want to say how long it’s been. I’m proficient in IPad and iPhone. But I haven’t used anything else since I left the workplace in 2004. I have now enrolled in an online university. What is the best bang for my buck for online classes? I assume I will need Microsoft office programs? Or is it possible to do university from my iPad? If you tell me I can do this with my current iPad, I will love you all forever… But if you tell me I need a laptop, I like basic, cheap, and I love red and blue. Bonus points if your suggestion is part of Prime Day or any competing sale right now. GO! 💜
  7. I second this. I have PCOS. I did Accutane at 17 and again at 20. Beautiful results but the jawline hormonal acne always came back. The only thing that got rid of it for me was going no/low sugar and no/low grains. PCOS is a metabolic disorder that goes hand-in-hand with insulin resistance, infertility, facial hair, hair loss on head, etc. Most allopathic docs will prescribe birth control pills to control symptoms. But the root of the disorder lies in a metabolic issue. My face tells the world when I have cheated with sugar, grains, or excess simple carbs. The jawline cysts come raging back. In addition, the avoidance of sugar and grains will help with weight issues, menstrual issues, and fertility issues. Hopping off my soapbox now. After dealing with PCOS for 30 years, I can spot others that suffer from a mile away. PM if you have any questions. ~Courtney
  8. Hey Everyone. I’m finally getting back to this thread (crazy weekend and I finally got my first Covid vaccine yesterday after dragging my feet for a long time) and I can’t thank you all enough for your feedback. I don’t know how to multiquote (I really need to learn how to do that 🤦🏼‍♀️) so I will just give some more information here. I have battled anxiety and depression for 27 years. It has been debilitating at times. Last summer during the height of Covid, I sought more help for my mental health. The one hour intake appointment over the phone with a psychologist was billed to my insurance company and applied toward my deductible. My cost after the insurance discount was…over $500. For ONE HOUR. The psychologist recommended I consult with a psychiatrist for possible medication therapy. I scheduled that appointment but when I called to find out how much the visit would cost, I was told they couldn’t tell me that until after the appointment when the psychiatrist selected the billing codes. So I canceled the appointment because who orders something when they don’t know how much it will cost?!?! “Yes, ma’am. I’ll take that box of lobsters. How much is it? What? You can’t tell me until I get to the register? And what? If I decide they are too expensive, there’s nothing I can do about it?!? I have to buy them anyway?!?” I know you all know that the mental health care system in this country is broken (as well as the entire health care industry) so it got me thinking. What if I got a degree in psychology or social work and got a license to be a therapist? Nothing special. Just someone that people could talk to and get helpful feedback. I could charge a reasonable hourly rate and not participate in insurance. Because $550 for one hour?!? What even IS THAT?!? If I start Gen Ed classes and decide I want to pursue Psychology/LCSW in order to work as a therapist, am I crazy? I just want to work with real people and help them outside of this broken system. I welcome all feedback. I’m talking to a college and career counselor tomorrow to try to figure out what direction to take… Thank you all for indulging the questions and concerns of a mostly-lurker for the past 11 years. I really appreciate the honest opinions and feedback. 💜
  9. Hi Everyone. I am absolutely OVERWHELMED with all the positive replies. I wasn’t online much today so I am just catching up and you all have such amazing insight and advice. I can’t thank you enough. I will try to sort through all these replies and respond on Monday. You are all so encouraging. Thank you all 💜
  10. Thank you so much! I took AP courses in high school but my confidence has waned over the years. I don’t really know if I can do this? I haven’t even been in the workforce since 2004 (medical billing) when my oldest was born. I feel like a dinosaur 🙈
  11. Hello all. I have been a member here since 2010. Mostly lurking. My kids have gone back-and-forth with public school and homeschool. My sig is probably very old but I don’t know how to update it on this new format? My oldest is now 17. He had finished high school and is attending a culinary program at the local Polytech. My middle is currently schooling through the summer on her own ambition. She is using power homeschool through Acellus and is on track to finish early as well. Youngest is finishing 6th grade with the same Acellus program. Covid sent us back to homeschooling. But the youngest might be heading back to public school in the fall. Long story, I know. But now I’m contemplating returning to school myself now that they are all getting older. I would need a completely online program for our current circumstances. I’m looking at SNHU for now. $250/month is manageable for us during this difficult time. My problem is that I don’t know what degree to pursue?!? I will be starting from scratch with only a high school diploma from 1997. One would think I would have this figured out by 42 but NOPE. I’m considering paralegal, psychology, and gerontology advocacy. How does one figure out what to pursue in middle age? And how does one choose an online school these days? I want an accredited school that is well respected and not-for-profit. I don’t want a degree-mill school. HELP!!! ~Courtney UPDATE: I took the plunge today and submitted my application to Thomas Edison State University (I’m a NJ resident). They have a ton of online degree paths. I’ve decided to just start ticking off the gen Ed requirements while I decide what to pursue. I’ve looked at financial aid, grants, and scholarships. Unfortunately I don’t qualify for anything. We are considered high income in much of the country but the area of NJ where we live is very high cost of living and we have 3 teenagers. So on paper we look wealthy. But in reality, we are not. Oh well. Walmart here is paying $17/hr for shelf stocking. I’ll just have to pay-as-I-go. Thank you all so much for you wonderful encouragement and feedback. 💜
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