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  1. Update: COVID test was negative. Dd is following the meds/supplements/nutrition suggestions I've been sending her way and says she feels 80% better today. Instructors have been very supportive and understanding. I am so, so relieved. And my "over buying" (dh) on juice, soup, etc. paid off because that girl was fully stocked and ready for not being able to leave her room! Thank you all for your support and advice. I have to say that while I'm happy she's in the college environment she wanted, it's way too far away.
  2. They are making my girl WALK across campus to get her COVID test. She is so sick and she has to walk?!?! Concerned mama bear mode has morphed into raging mama bear protector. Edit: She's calling the campus security to come get her. Good thing because I would have called myself.
  3. I'm ready to buy a plane ticket or something because this mama is most fretful and unhappy right now. Thursday she had a sore throat and by Friday she felt rotten. Saturday sore throat, nauseous, headache (no fever). Today is even worse. She has every med I could think of with her along with thermometer, pulse oximeter, heating pad, heat packs, etc. We stocked her room with soup, tea, juice, dried fruit, and anything else she might need as soon as she arrived. She's going in for a COVID test this evening but has not gotten any homework done and she's really worried/upset about that. But she can't function. And I can't be there to help her. 😞 ETA: And now she says she can't keep anything down. No fever but her face feels hot.
  4. On 8/22 I didn't think I would make it. I could not breathe. I could not think. I could not stop crying. One of the dearest people I have ever known (dd18) left for school across the country - this is a girl I miss like crazy if she's gone for a weekend! It was beyond hard. It's way more fun bringing babies home than watching them "fly" from the nest.
  5. To this day I cannot stand the sight of stainless steel mixing bowls - the nesting ones with the handles on the side. Those are what my mom used.
  6. Thanks, ladies! I'm passing any input to my traveling bunch.
  7. Kids/dh are heading for Amarillo, TX (they were in Grants, NM about an hour ago). I just got a message asking for the best route from Indianapolis to Boston. Any traveling people here who can give input? My sphere of travel is about 4 miles in diameter - to stores and home. So I'm no help to them.
  8. I had no intention of going the AP route yet ended up with dd taking 8 exams (I facilitated the courses save for Stats). Dd chose AP after taking a few CLEP exams and not feeling satisfied with the rigor/content, so she went through the same classes again (much faster) and took AP exams. Once she realized how much she enjoyed the work load/content at the AP level she decided for herself which courses she wanted to tackle. For that particular dc it was the right course of action as her plans post-high school were achieved in great part by her academic record. Even had she not gotten into the school she wanted, she had no regrets with AP level work save for that there were more classes she wanted to take but not enough time. For dd, the APs were done from sheer love of learning and wanting the higher challenge. She didn't set a number or have any goal save for jumping full force into each class and doing her best. I personally love the AP rigor and challenge now (I balked at first when dd asked if she could take her first class/exam).
  9. I've tried something like that but my dh does not have a positive thought in his brain. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I can share something good that the dc did or anything positive and he will, without even hesitating, say something negative. He even did it to college-bound dd last night and she just sat there, silent. If anyone tries to point this out to him (again) he gets angry. He has had everyone from friends and family to co-workers and a professional counselor talk to him about this but nothing changes. And I'm done. Especially when it involves the safety/health of our dc. Heck, if it was up to him the gas company would not have been called, we would have gone to bed the night we brought dc #12 home, and God knows what would have happened with the leak. I'm just done.
  10. I need to vent about something real quick. Last night I was up until about 1am AZ time following updated news/weather reports. I went on the airline site and saw the notification that flights might be delayed/canceled. Dh was doing work on his laptop while I was trying to do anything I could think of to get our girl to Boston. When I interrupted him he got really angry and insisted that it would be nothing more than a storm surge. My repeated attempts to show him the weather pattern and the resulting effect on the eastern side, flooding, even tornado possibility were dismissed. I told him that we might want to reschedule now while there may be flights still available on Wednesday but no, I was being dramatic and ridiculous, I didn't know anything, flights won't be cancelled, etc. He will not admit I was right. This morning every single excuse for his being wrong and he will.not.admit.I.was.right. 25 years of this. 25 years of him needing to be right and smart which means I have to be wrong and dumb. From weather to health to a gas leak he insisted was not there (it was). Front yard wasn't landscaped properly but oh no, it's fine, nothing will happen. 4 years later our house still has not been fixed from the flood that resulted. Nothing wrong with the van...how could I possibly know what I'm talking about. Van breaks down 2 days later. We won't need to put the fridge on home warranty. Fridge dies a month later. This countertop will just come right off...totally busted and contractor looks right at me and says, "You were right." We don't need to save up that much money for van repairs. 2K worth of work needed over the next few weeks. The bike barn he constructed is just fine - sturdy as can be. Total collapse 4 days later, thankfully none of our kids was underneath that monstrosity. Every.single.d*mn.time. 25 years of being told I am wrong, ignorant, foolish only to find that my instinct/thought was right. I'm not a stupid woman but my dh needs me to be so he can feel smarter. 25 years of excuses for why he was wrong and it's never because he was actually wrong. There's always some ridiculous reason provided.
  11. Nope, road trip. One-way rental from AZ. Dh throwing stuff into a suitcase, total change of plans. 3 days of almost non-stop driving ahead of them.
  12. Flight canceled. Nothing available until Th.
  13. 3 of my dc were supposed to fly to Boston today but their flight was canceled. Now I'm a bit worried as they are to fly out tomorrow but from what I'm seeing on-line, things are supposed to get really bad on Sunday and even into M/T. I'm afraid they will get stuck in an airport somewhere and don't know if I should admonish them to try and change their flight now or take their chances. 3 kids, a LOT of luggage, and a Thursday check-in date for dd18. WWYD?
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