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  1. I can't see how to search FS posts. I tested by using the search box at the top right-hand corner and "no results were found" for one of my own FS items. "Seeing Stars" Can someone help me figure out how Ican search for a specific item:? Thanks
  2. Since the changeover, on the For Sale forum, the "start new topic" has been greyed out. Does anyone know what I can do about that? Thanks
  3. I just found it. Sorry for the silly question.
  4. Is it possible to see private messages? I see how to send one, but I don't see how to view pm's sent to me. Appreciate any assistance,
  5. Definitely jump on the opportunity. An OG tutor in our area costs $100 an hour. I have 3 dyslexic children - 2 very severe. One of my children attends a school that costs $56K a year. This summer we've been seeing a tutor for 3 hours a week. It is well worth it to see how efficient this tutor uses instructional time and to see how much my son is learning. Nothing beats 1:1 for these students. even a specialized school can not come close to what this tutor is doing with our son. If your dd is mild - they will likely move at a quicker pace. I think the direct, multisensory instruction will help with spelling - which is the bane of every dyslexic. At $20 an hour, I'd be signing up for an hour a day! Without batting an eyelash. Best, vicki
  6. Classical academic press publishes Spanish for Children.
  7. Illuminations by Bright Ideas press also schedules in the literature, science, writing .....
  8. Eric Liddel is another good bio....and you can follow up with the movie.
  9. As others mentioned - some chapters are easier than others. We just did the challenge problems in those cases and sped through them.
  10. There are Karate or martial arts classes designed for kids with neurological issues (whether ADHD, NLD, apraxia or whatever) that might be good. Martial arts seems like a good physical outlet - are there any with small classsizes?
  11. I think it's easy to get burned out. It helps to keep perspective - remembering the goals and long term benefits while making sure to do things to recharge your own batteries so that you don't run out of steam.....
  12. Sorry to hear that it's taking your husband a long time. We recently had a looooooong period of unemployment. Dh is in information technology. Ended up in the healthcare field (doing IT work) Hope things happen soon for your family....
  13. I've done overnight dishes many times, but keeping it on low all night.
  14. We enjoyed Greek through Lukeion - Regan Barr is a great teacher.
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