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  1. Thanks everyone :) I will have to check out Cathy Duffy's book, I had looked at getting it, but found her website and wasn't sure of the difference. DH also agree to go to our Homeschool convention in Feb. even though he isn't thrilled with the idea, so I know this will help some.
  2. Thanks! I already have the rods so maybe that will help. So should I skip phonics altogether for now? The problem is he loves doing workbooks. I also have a DS that will turn 3 in a few days and was wondering how behind he would be and if I could start him out as well?
  3. I am starting out with DS1, he will be 5 in May. He is currently in a preschool program that I do like, but am not a fan of our school system. I am close to finishing a degree myself in elementary education, but again not a fan of teaching in a public school :( I am having a difficult time b/c I feel like I want to try everything out. I see so many books, workbooks, curriculums that look fun and like a great fit for DS. How do you narrow it down and choose? How much do you end up with when you are starting out? Right now I have HWOT on the way b/c this is the area he struggles in the most, we have done a ton of fine motor skills work and he still has trouble. I have also borrowed 100 lessons from the library and he enjoys it, but I didn't know if anything else works w/ this to reinforce what he is learning? Math I am thinking rightstart eventually, but thought about going ahead w/ Singapore- he is already starting to add and subtract on his own and is well beyond most preschool basics, minus not recognizing all his numbers yet :confused: Sorry for the tons of questions and such, thanks!
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