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  1. Even after watching the video of SWB last year, we finally finished off level 4 with my DS9 doing it as copywork.
  2. Craigslist and thrift stores would be the place to look here. Unfortunately though, at least here, Goodwill buries them among the general color-coded racks. Good luck finding clothing buried in ten million regular pants or tops. I hate that.
  3. Bingo. There are plenty here who believe the very same thing. There are plenty in our local groups that believe the same thing. I use a public charter. I also choose our curriculum and teach it, am responsible for their learning, and reassess each year what is best for my family. If I think a charter is best, I don't care anymore that people call my kids PS kids. Whatever. I will say though that those that seek to divide are only making themselves weaker while thinking they are making themselves stronger. A smaller group has less power, less voice. CA did have a homeschooling challenge to it's legality in the last few years. Those of us who are not "really" homeschoolers stood alongside those "real" homeschoolers in writing and calling our representatives and standing for every single parent's right to choose what is best for his or her own child. I have heard the argument that every charter user here undermines those who choose to file independent, and that the state will go to charter only method of alternative schooling. Baloney. Most in control here detest charters. They funnel off government $ without allowing full government control as they have over the more traditional schools. Charters take flak from both sides. Some are more traditional minded and some more towards the relaxed homeschooling approach, but they have to fight every year for less and less money. The state would probably rather they disappear rather than those families who go totally independent, costing the state zero. Our schools are overcrowded to the max here, and our homeschooling/charter population is quite large.... the school system would be in very very bad shape if all those kids slammed into the traditional PS system.
  4. If she has the basics from those programs but is feeling pressured now, why not just slow way down and do less each day to let her even out that way? My kids would balk at going back to the beginning of something, but usually don't mind slowing down. I only have WWE and FLL of those you listed, but it would have been no problem to just continue slower. They review quite a bit, so anyone stepping into level 2 directly would still be able to do 3 successfully. If you take level 2 slow and easy, she should be ready for level 3 whenever you are done, whether at the end of this year if you continue full pace (I probably wouldn't do that in your situation), take 1-1/2 years, 2 years, etc.
  5. I usually hear it used in a joking manner, not seriously meaning a bio father. Because of that, I don't consider it crude but rather something kind of dumb sounding.
  6. The idea of scheduling what you want in your day very very deliberately is a good one. If I don't schedule it here, it doesn't get done - exercise, cleaning, etc., etc. I couldn't schedule down to that detail, and my kids' moods can be unpredictable. I also have more littles and less bigs. She seems to count on some bigger kids to help entertain the little ones, like scheduling baby is with XYZ sibling from 10 to 10:30 or whatever. I'm big no routine but not scheduling down to the minute. So I looked at what I liked from it and then sold the book as not practical for me/my family.
  7. California is Nov 1st now, http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/gs/em/kinderinfo.asp They are in the process of scaling it back to Sept 1st to match other states. It was Dec 2nd last year, Nov 1st this year, Oct 1st next year and Sept 1st the following, where it is planned to stay. OP, my DD shares a B'day with your son (5 Nov 1st this year) and is entering kindy in California, homeschooled of course.
  8. Thanks. It's for a family member, elementary age kids. She is new to that area, and it is not my area. I appreciate the recommendations.
  9. This one isn't my location. Doesn't anyone have a good public homeschool charter school they use and are happy with, or just know of a good one that covers the Lancaster/Palmdale, CA general vicinity?
  10. Oriental trading carries cheaper versions. We got these, and they work for what I needed them before, but they are not keep long term things. http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse/processRequest.do?requestURI=processProductsCatalog&sku=12/4663 Also Lakeshore. They were having a big sale on the packs of them (10 pack I think) for Back to School sales. http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/seo/ca|searchResults~~p|2534374302174892~~.jsp Lakeshore one is more geared towards the very youngest, but they carry one with smaller lines too. The Oriental Trading ones I'm using for my 2nd grader and 5th grader.
  11. Mine is also on 3 different meds (mood stabilizer, stimulant and something for impulsivity) but without help unfortunately. :-( This is his second psychiatrist, and we have been with this one for 3+ years now. He had a partial hospitalization in a psychiatric facility in the spring, where they said they have taken him basically where they can go with it. He was there about 12 days I think. We do use workboxes and a list. Maybe this is as good as it gets, but that is frankly awful most days. He doesn't get TV, computer, Wii, playdates, etc., until school is done, which means basically he doesn't get those things.
  12. Advice please? Here is the situation: My oldest is 10, ADHD, bipolar probably. His personality is persistent, strong, determined. Those aren't bad, but they are bad in that mine is not those things very honestly. I do the best I can, but he knows he can break me with 10+ hours of solid in my face oppositional defiance. My personality just can't handle it. Luckily most days DH is home by then and takes over. How it plays out in school is some days 2 hours of work (when he wants to) can take 12+ hours of solid determination on our part. As he ages, DH and I are very concerned that he will never gain any pride in his work. He has a lot of input into what he learns. We have gone that route already - choosing between 3 or 4 curricula choices for what he has chosen to learn (i.e., I let him completely choose what topic of science he wants this semester and so forth). Math and English are non-negotiable to actually do some, but he has input into the curriculum used. We use the carrot - screen time after finished, yadda, yadda. We use the punishment - no outings tomorrow if school isn't finished the day before. That is working ever so slightly better than needing to finish school that day to do something that day because he goes right up to the last minute and then has a meltdown of hysteria if had had to finish that day for activity that day. To the point of chasing after DH's car down the street screaming when DH went off with the others. So there is the background. If you have experienced this, ideas for me to make our lives more bearable? :bigear: DH has some of DS's personality (and also is ADD), so is more able to be in his face and push (metaphorically) right back at him for hour upon hour upon hour to get the job done neatly and completely. I have nonconfrontational built into my genes and just can't do that sustained 10-12 hours a day 365 days a year without major ill effects to my own health. I probably should cross post to the special needs board as DS does have psych diagnoses and has been hospitalized before for them. But probably some of you have a kid similar without the diagnoses so I posted here.
  13. My DD loved it, but didn't learn very much. It was high on the fun for her but not high on the learning anything.
  14. I thought I saw a thread here on this and now can't find it again. :confused: Is there a way to search or browse all the books in the Amazon 4 for 3 promo? I have a couple I need for school work and want to find a couple more of interest to finish off my 4 books. I can guess some of the series included but wanted to know if there was a way to see only the ones included in a list somehow.
  15. My K'er is still in a Britax 5pt. They have several seat covers in various prints. This one we used to have I love, yellow with pink flowers. Would that work? http://www.albeebaby.com/britax-marathon-convertible-car-seat-in-ashley-floral.html
  16. Here are the non-med things DS likes to do or needs to do: 1. Exercise in the morning (treadmill) to help focus. DH uses this too; bicycling 5 miles to work helps him get the work done when he gets there. 2. Noise reduction headphones to block out siblings' voices. 3. Music headphones sometimes to play music. This is another one DH uses as an adult with ADD. 4. Timers and lists, all types of reminder systems. For DS I need to put his weekly work on a nice grid all there and he makes Xs to check it off. We use workboxes for the work (magazine files). It helps him stay organized and see what needs done and what is done, and find his materials when needed. We have the wiggle seat type of stuff too, but honestly I haven't seen that help much.
  17. I would have loved it. I lived in a jammed packed complex for years, and someone in my spot was a continual problem, forcing me onto street parking when I got off the night shift at work or with my groceries. Nothing like walking several blocks with my groceries since someone decided they could park in my space I was paying for.
  18. I can't think of anything more expensive from scratch. Do you mean buying the spices? Those I can get just small amounts from the bulk bins if it is something I don't use much and otherwise would go to waste.
  19. You could just use the books. I had the guide and slowly left it and just did the books plus extras. Ack - edited and lost all my edits! I had this textbook available. It was surprisingly good IMHO. My son didn't even complain really for the bits I assigned. I used it for my outline. I created an outline of what to teach. I can email that to you if you want it (Open Office format). I used the Beautiful Feet guide plus books also, but added in coloring books and some extras. I was teaching a 4th grader and 1st grader at the time. I deviated from it as we went, but it was my starting point. Two of our favorite add-ons not on my outline but enjoyed were Tales and Treasures of the California Gold Rush and Dame Shirley and the Gold Rush. Editing again - we added a few more Scott O'Dell titles to in addition to the BF guide. He wrote many many things about California.
  20. You could just use the books. I had the guide and slowly left it and just did the books plus extras.
  21. Wow. OP, I hope the "dad" responds favorably. My own history is complicated too. I'm glad though I at least know it. And unfortunately a mean-spirited person caused a lot of heartache in my childhood too in a parent relationship. I wish she had had a more loving attitude toward a child who wasn't hers. If my DH came to me with such news, I would want nothing more than to be as open and loving as possible, having experienced the harshness and hatred of the other side. This honestly is such a common scenario. Thinking in my own circle of friends, there are at least 2 unmarried moms (either my friends or friends of friends). I can't imagine anyone blaming their KIDS for anything to do with who the heck their parents were. :confused:
  22. If you look through even some boxed curricula for K, many have just plain good books. That is a very adequate K, with some printing practice if you choose or a little math. Remember you won't always have so many tiny ones and no bigs to assist. By the time you have some bigs needing teaching, they will be able to help you a little too! ;)
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