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  1. I had 4 normal pregnancies. Then a loss at 21 weeks. Then 3 early (4-8 week) losses. Then two normal but extremely stressful pregnancies. Then a loss at 18 weeks, and one at 13 weeks. Then another early loss. Then I used topical progesterone cream during my last pregnancy, and had the caboose baby. So thats 14 pregnancies, and 7 living kids. None of the OBs were helpful. Let your body take a break for a few months.
  2. You can watch it free on
  3. I would not trust the leadership anymore. That's way too large of an age range. It's hard enough to kids to stand up to peers, never mind a 5 or 7 year age difference. More supervision needs to be in place if children with a documented history are attending. Like an adult who doesn't sleep or something.
  4. Go to your carrier and buy a cheap new phone. Make a backup to the cloud first if you can.
  5. I actually went and signed in so I could reply to you. :) If this is all very recent, it could be related to spring allergies. She may be reacting to more things now because of the pollen. Take away everything she tested positive for or reacts to. When all the springtime stuff is done, try to give her one thing one time and see if she has a reaction. But yes, take corn away if she is reacting. Her body is trying to tell you something. Allergy meds may help as well. If they have no corn.
  6. Go look on the shelf. It happens to me all the time.
  7. She sounds normal. And she said no thank you. :) Normal and polite.
  8. Whining and complaining about a chore gets another chore here. Regularly assigned chores would probably help though. Maybe she would rather do the dishes.
  9. Try an apple when you get hungry again. The pectin helps your gallbladder relax. Not eggs, pork, or dairy. Those are common irritants.
  10. We've always had the 2 kid carts at my Aldi. (17 years now) I needed those seats. Now the seats are full of food because the kids all like to eat food.
  11. I have an Isaac Joshua. We hadn't picked a middle name, and he was born early. So he got my husband's name as a middle.
  12. I can wash thick sleeping bags in my Speed Queen top loader.
  13. You don't need to add people that you don't want to. But you may have messages from those people that you don't know about. If you go to messages, and find "other messages" you can look. Some people just like to collect friends.
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