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  1. My son (BSA) just earned his Star Rank. He's working on Pets, Citizenship in the Community, and Personal Fitness.


    My daughter (AHG) has her court of honor at the end of the month and has earned 4 service stars (5 hrs of service per star), Living in the USA, Creative Crafts, Stick Shifts and Safety Belts, Nature and Wildlife, and Travel. She is currently trying to finish out Citizenship and Government before we start on Outdoor Skills next month.

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  2. My DH and son, along with 12 other boys and 3 other adults, left for Camp Baldwin (Eastern Oregon) this a.m.  The entire troop will be working on Horsemanship while there in addition to several other badges of choice.  My son plans to finish up Swimming, First Aid, and Environmental Science as well as see what else interested him during his time there.

  3. DS is 10 (turns 11 next wk) and is working on Tenderheart rank. He has earned his Geology merit badge and this weekend he should earn his Winter Sports badge. He is also working on Pet Care, Citizenship in the Country, and Salesmanship. This weekend the troop went snow camping and skiing. I'm looking forward to hearing about it when they get home later today.


    DD is 6 (turns 7 this month) and is an American Heritage Girl. This is her first year earning badges (last year she was in the Pathfinder program and they have their own set of awards). So far, she has earned Swimming, Our Flag, Insect-a-Inspect-a, Cooking, Cake Decorating, Be the Best Me, Geology, Our Heritage, and Family Helper. She has several (10-12) she is working on with a few of the requirements of each met but should definitely finish Emergency Prepardness and Native American by the end of the month.

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