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  1. Hi everyone, One of my best and brightest Latin 2 students has decided to switch to Russian. Our Latin teacher can handle Russian as well, but I'm having trouble finding classmates for her! In addition, we've got student who wants classmates for Latin 3. We'll probably march through Gaul with Caesar and toss in some Cicero for fun. Please contact me off-list if your high school student would like to join either class. Thanks, Christine Hahn www.latinforhomeschoolers.com
  2. I had two students who loved everything about it EXCEPT their experience in the Latin 1 correspondence course. The course consisted of getting through all of Wheelock in a year and taking exams with absolutely no instruction or guidance from the school at all. Once these students moved onto campus and enrolled in traditional classes, they loved the school and the Latin classes...one even majored in Classical Liberal Arts.
  3. I've had the opportunity to work with both of these programs in great detail. Some of my students use Artes Latinae and I taught from Latin Alive in a co-op setting a few years ago. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to each. Artes Latinae: Pros: *Thorough--one of the best in terms of explaining both English and Latin grammar, imho *Sentences and readings are based on ancient authors *Your daughter can work at her own pace. *Ancillary readers are a great source of practice Cons: *Non-traditional format is very off-putting for some people *Requires a motivated student who isn't just going through the motions *Large up-front investment Latin Alive: Pros: *Minimal upfront investment *Traditional format *Active support group Cons: *Not practice exercises, imho *Readings, based on Livy, are at times rather convoluted and difficult for students. Whatever program you choose, this rule will be instrumental in your daughter's Latin success: MEAT (Memorize Everything All the Time). If there's a chart, memorize it; if there's a vocabulary list, memorize if as if your life depended on it. Take your time, and be sure you have the current chapter's information completely under control before you proceed to the next. Everything else flows from there.
  4. I think I might use it for a small group of Latin 4 students in the fall.
  5. For those of you who are ready to tackle unadapted Caesar, this is nothing short of amazing. This also includes the lines for the revised AP syllabus. Really cool features: Text as a pdf with vocab and commentary on facing pages Translation Sheets Vocabulary flashcards in ppt and jpg format (download and use on a smartphone or tablet or touch!!!!) Text as double-spaced powerpoint (for those of you working in a group environment) Latin geeks all over the world are doing the happy dance right now. http://collegecaesar.wordpress.com/college-caesar/
  6. Hello everone, I saw this on another list, and it made me think of those of you who work so hard to teach your children Latin. The cool folks at Dickinson College have provided an updated (improved!) version of the 1000 most common Latin words. Right now, it's simply an alphabetical list, but it looks like it will eventually be organized by parts of speech and semantic category. http://dcc.dickinson.edu/vocab/vocabulary-lists Enjoy! Christine
  7. I've always had a soft spot for Artes Latinae, but that might be a result of my Michigan bias.:)
  8. Yes, we're going to look at individual years, as well as groups of years. I wanted to start w/2012, because everyone has just gotten the scores and the students would be more able to recall information on a test they just took, than on several years past.
  9. You are using the Henle First Year book, so please answer Henle 1. Thank You!
  10. Ooooh, good idea. I'll put that on my list for tomomorrow. I also have some really useful ELE prep materials to share for next year's test. I've prepped classes for the ELE a few times now, and it has been my experience that the items tested are not to be found anywhere in the books marketed for the homeschooling community.
  11. As usual, your wisdom exceeds your pay grade. :001_smile:
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