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  1. In our groove : )

    1. FloridaLisa


      Yay! Grooves can be good.


  2. Congratulations! :hurray: I have many fond memories of that show lol. :lol: DD says, "Dude - that's awesome!" :laugh:
  3. :bigear: We are in a similar place to your dc - finishing up alg 1 / starting geometry.
  4. BTDT - fun times! :thumbup: Not sure what you mean exactly by parameters, but -- would buddy to rest room.
  5. :grouphug: Reply #4 was my experience - I am the cu member / primary, and took death cert in to remove his name from the accounts. Re: credit cards - those in his name (primary and I was secondary) were closed. I found out that the process is different in some states though. Some people said that they couldn't even speak w/ me on the phone depending on where I lived - have to move through probate.
  6. HI and Welcome - another single mom here :001_smile: I am sure you will love it here - wonderful people!
  7. Hooker-wannabe :lol: I was just thinking about this the other day! Thanks for this thread - just what I needed :thumbup1:
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