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  1. Oh, I meant to add that I can't dry my hands in public restrooms without thinking of you either! :D

  2. I saw a sign that made me think of you:

    Give Me Bacon or Give Me More Bacon


  3. Similar storm experience...right down to the junk food! :D

  4. Just wanted to send you a :grouphug: today!

  5. Just thought I'd send you a post-hurricane :grouphug:

    I may never get used to living here... :lol:

  6. :grouphug: Thought you could use a few! :grouphug:

  7. Sending you a :grouphug: today!!

  8. I just read that you lived (past tense?) on a sailboat! I'm jealous! :D

  9. This made me think of you! I tried to send you an "@" on Pinterest but never can tell if such things work. :)
  10. Sending you some :grouphug: today!

  11. I found some great ideas to pin from your Pinterest boards!!! Thanks! :D

  12. I had great fun browsing & pinning stuff from your Pinterest boards! :D

  13. Thank you for the Anne of Green Gables recommendation! I have it set to record. I listened to it on Librivox earlier this year and can't wait to watch. :)

  14. I'm glad! :grouphug:

    Here's to a happy & hope-filled September! :cheers2:

  15. :grouphug::grouphug: Praying! :grouphug::grouphug:

  16. Have I ever commented that I love your screen name?? :) If not: love your screen name!!

  17. Sending you some :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: today!

  18. I really enjoyed your Pennsic info! :)

  19. Just wanted to send a :grouphug: and say I'm glad you checked it!

  20. Thanks for posting about The Nature Collection -- I love Clare Walker Leslie's nature journaling book and had no idea she had more! :)

  21. I just posted in your Swiss Family Robinson thread and noticed Little Men in your signature -- I listened to that via Librivox recently, very inspiring to me as a teacher-mother! :)

  22. Just wanted to say: WELCOME BACK! :)

  23. Oh, LOL! I thought maybe it was a Society of Creative Anachronism persona name. :D I watched a couple episodes and would've watched more if we'd kept Netflix. I tried the name generator. I'm a Lady Isla too...but I'm Countess of Wetwang. :lol:

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