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  1. My thoughts exactly! If it's good literature we'll still read it but will mix in a bunch other good stuff as well---guilt free! We'll still do SOTW and things like that that we love. Someone else mentioned boxed curriculum. I would be VERY lost now if I hadn't used boxed curriculum for years! It taught me a lot so now I feel able to plan more on my own. Very grateful for it and think that you could still do some curriculums in the CIRCE type mode as a mindset. I still love WTM, LCC, and CM all of which heavily influence the content of what I use. I think CIRCE is another source to draw from now as well and so far that's from a philosophical standpoint in that that through this thread is affecting my heart. What a rich era we get to homeschool in with soooo much at our disposal!
  2. Whew! I got to the end of the thread. Good thing I was in bed sick or I would have never found the time. So glad I did even though I haven't listened to any of the talks yet. The cost of my up and coming 'to get' list has dropped since I've added in more classics---that happened to be free on Kindle! Love, love the booklists linked in here! Still have a couple of historical fiction in there but only because they're 'good books' that just happen to fit our next history era. This is something I'd been struggling with inside already since my list of 'want to read' books was way too long to even think about with historical fiction in there as well. Thanks for freeing me! :001_smile: I really appreciate what Andrew said about not wanting to say too much about curriculum so we can teach to our particular children's needs. My kids' needs are quite different at times! Recently we read Jean Fritz's Homesick and was amazed at the things my own child who's been raised overseas resonated with. Now we're reading The Secret Garden and he instantly identified with Mary since the book started out in India (it was also an interesting look into the country under the British Empire because my ds's experience is quite different!) and how she moved to a different culture. Seeing kids connect with what they're learning..........ahhhhhhh. And watching my youngest loving to read for the first time is even better. Thanks so much for this thread!
  3. What a GREAT thread! Thanks for starting it! I definitely gleaned from it and have also found a bunch of free books for Kindle now that I didn't realize were out there. I got side tracked by recommendations on Amazon and downloaded some classics for myself, too (shhhh!).
  4. HI, glad to "see" you again. My subscription to the SL boards ended, so I've missed "seeing" you. Hope all is well with you & the family.

  5. Thanks, Colleen! I haven't been homeschooling for a couple of years but will get to homeschool my youngest again for at least a year or so again soon. I'm excited! Yes, I used to be around quite a bit and remember your name, too. :-) And Dad's certainly been good in looking after my family. He's given us a great husband/dad again!


    I was in YWAM, too, based in Hong Kong. Long time ago!

  6. Hi, just wanted to say I am glad to see that you are posting here again. I used to enjoy your posts years ago, and didn't you used to post on the old boards, too? I also remember your family story from a few years ago. Am reading your blog right now - I used to work with YWAM, so stories about missions interest me. Take care!

  7. Really????? Wow! I always wanted a twin! :-)

  8. Bula Mama, when I saw your avatar I couldn't believe my eyes! You look just like I did about 20 years ago. Seriously, the resemblance is astonishing!

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