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  1. Thanks for the info! I have kids currently in 10th grade, 7 grade, and 5th grade, if that makes a difference in what you recommend. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Can anyone share information about homeschooling groups (mainly focused on academics) in the Silicon Valley area? I'm looking for a cooperative group where dedicated parents prepare and teach lessons to the group at weekly meetings. Does anything like this exist in that area? Also, any suggestions on housing areas to seek or avoid on a limited budget? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if there is a biology resource similar to Georgia Public Broadcasting high school classes for chemistry and physics (http://www.gpb.org/chemistry-physics/students/all)? I used the GPB physics class last year (which includes weekly lectures, homework assignments, and labs) and was really happy with that resource. I'd love to find something similar for biology for my weekly co-op class. Having lectures to view during the week allows me to teach the class flipped, so that our precious weekly meeting time is focused on labs and collaborative experiences. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Dee
  4. Here's a response I received from a BHP representative. Following the quote is a lesson plan for a two year scienced focused implementation of BHP, courtesy of Amy Hiebel - a teacher. "We need to remove reference to those docs. Middle school teachers that were teaching the course over two years generally found that the pace was too slow for their kids. All of the larger deployments moved back to a single year deployment, and adjusted the reading lists. We can reach out to some of these places to start a conversation if that would be helpful. On the science front, we are about to start work on a more robust plan for science. We plan on starting this work in a month or so. There are a couple of schools that more deeply integrate science, but much of the science work is teacher generated. One of these is a two year middle school deployment. " Hiebel 2013-15 Frank.pdf Hiebel 2013-15 Frank.pdf
  5. Thanks for your helpful response! I don't know where to find the Customer Created Deployments. I was hoping someone else had found them! I'll keep you posted if I find them. Thanks again - looking forward to this curriculum for the fall!
  6. Can anyone please help me locate the teaching resources that are under the "Customer Created Deployments" listed in the BHP Teaching Guide (and attached to this thread)? I'm particularly interested in the "Middle School" and "Science Integrated" deployments. Thanks so much! Also, if you've used either of these, can you share how it went?
  7. I'm wondering if you completed the Big History Project class yet, and if so, what books did you use? Did you like the course, and was it easy to implement outside reading into the course? I'm planning on using the course for middle and high schoolers (different expectations for both), and am curious how your experience was. Thanks!
  8. Can anyone please direct me to where the teacher materials are that discuss how to adapt the class to jr. high? I'm very interested in this! I'm also interested in viewing two of the Customer Created Deployments for Big History Project: Middle School (simplified or extended version of Big History for younger students) Science Integrated (year long course combining history and science) If you have any info on these, can you please send me links to access lesson plans for those versions of the class? I'm using this class for a class I teach to a group of homeschoolers - middle and high schoolers combined. I'm hoping it will make sense to do this! Any suggestions?
  9. Is there pricing information available already, or is that something we need to wait to hear? Looking forward to the possibilities!
  10. Hello, Can anyone suggest a good and engaging online "Art Appreciation" class that would be appropriate for Logic/Rhetoric learners? Ideally, there would be online video "lectures" and other supporting materials. Suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm considering this course for a co-op of middle schoolers. https://www.coursera.org/course/howthingswork1 Does anyone have any feedback on this course? Is it engaging? Would it work for middle schoolers? I would like to run the classroom "flipped" - meaning the students watch the videos at home, and we get together and discuss and do labs. Suggestions? Also, can anyone recommend any resources (labs, quizzes, test, homework) to use with this course? Thanks! Dee
  12. Has anyone completed this course: GPB.org Physics video lesson supplements http://www.gpb.org/chemistry-physics/students/physics I'm considering it for 8-9 graders in a co-op I teach. I would run the class "flipped" - having the students watch the videos at home, and going over problems and labs when we meet weekly. I like the looks of the course, but am not sure it is engaging for this age group. Can anyone share experiences - good or bad with this curriculum and experience? Thanks for sharing!
  13. Any chance you can share the tests you have? I'd be interested in possibly using these as well. Thanks!
  14. These videos are now on sale (probably only for a few more days) for $95, which is quite a bit cheaper than usual! http://www.amazon.com/Conceptual-Physics-Alive-Francisco-Hewitt/dp/B004UCHYEE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396756466&sr=8-1&keywords=conceptual+physics+san+francisco
  15. Can you please inform me... what is a "do living book?" Thanks!
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