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  1. I'd prefer to stay away from a traditional text since many times they are not accurate and/or biased. What is that?
  2. Is this the right American Odyssey? http://www.amazon.com/The-American-Odyssey-History-United/dp/B002KDYS0S
  3. What would you recommend? I can't seem to find a curriculum that will fit our family and needs so I'm putting together a timeline to teach from and wasn't planning on using a spine. A friend of mine taught AP History and has a plethora of materials (handouts, quizzes, articles, movies, etc) I can use/borrow/copy. So my plan is to use those resources plus what I find online. However, my 15yo told me today that she feels she learns better having a textbook to refer to. So now the search is on. We're picking back up right before the Civil War and going from there. I don't want anything religious (ie. Bob Jones).
  4. Yes, I looked on Amazon. No "Look Inside" feature available. I've bought many a textbook and know how to find used copies. :) As I said in my OP, "wondering how others have done with it." I'm looking to know if this curriculum is worth that much, does it provide a decent overview of U.S. History, have people bought it and enjoyed it, have people bought it and hated it, etc.?
  5. The only sample on their website is the course book and it looks good so far. I can't seem to find a sample of the text online yet. Before I consider dropping $180 to try it and hope we like it, wondering how others have done with it.
  6. Best to call your OB and consult with them on this issue.
  7. :( Where did your post go 23dn??? I was coming back with paper and pencil to glean from your system. :(
  8. If you need a realtor, my MIL is one. However, my ILs will be moving to FL in May (that's the plan at least). But I throw that out there in case you're needing help searching for what you're looking for. For a house that size you'll probably have to look in the suburbs. Most of the homes in Tulsa proper are not that large. But my profession isn't realty so…. lol
  9. Hi! I'm in the area. :) You absolutely don't want to be in North Tulsa (anything north of downtown). Also I'd avoid anything up near the airport and the area of Admiral (1st St) to about 51st between Sheridan and County Line. Popular areas are: Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso, South Tulsa ($$$), mid-town/Brookside ($$$), Jenks, Glenpool I'm not sure if there is a FB group for the Tulsa area (I'm sure there is) but the BA Homeschoolers group would be a great resource as far as getting set up with those things you mentioned. An early welcome to the area!!!
  10. This has worked in our family (four children) for years. I made and laminated eight index cards (kitchen, litter box, vacuum/sweep, trash, bathroom, dusting, dinner - helping mama, laundry) that tell the job and instructions (put those on back when they were younger and were in the learning stage). Each Monday someone shuffles and deals the cards into four piles. :) Those are the two jobs they do for the week. If they get a job they had the previous week, they can keep it or trade with a sibling if that sibling is willing. Sometimes the person dealing out the cards will recognize that E. had litter box the last one or two weeks and will just go ahead and swap it with something else so she doesn't have to do the litter box *again*. Now that they are older I've been thinking about revamping it. Adding more responsibility, etc. I really like 23dn's system!!
  11. Spread out the dosage. I have clients take 1/2 at lunch and 1/2 with dinner. If you are having loose stools, your body is not absorbing the magnesium. http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/abcs-of-nutrition/magnificent-magnesium/
  12. Ellen said OB's TYPICALLY don't learn the skills. She didn't say they never do and it doesn't mean there aren't OBs out there who don't [edited that from "do" to "don't" as I mistyped] have those skills. And typically OBs do not take the time with women during labor like a couple of you have mentioned about your OBs. You had gems!! :) OBs like that are very, VERY rare.
  13. Answering as a midwife, absolutely you can tell by palpation!!! Usually it's very, VERY obvious. All you feel are "parts". :) No smooth back along either side or anterior. Just a squishy belly with lots of little bumps (limbs). You can also see it just by looking at her belly when she's laying on her back. If you are listening to the heart tones carefully enough you can tell that way. An OP baby's heart tones sound further away b/c you don't have the doppler right up against baby's back. And of course asking the woman where she is feeling fetal movement will tell you quite a bit about the position. However, palpation is a lost art with many medical doctors. They rely quite heavily on ultrasound to tell baby's position. Many times (and I know b/c I've watched OBs do it) when they listen to heart tones, they are picking up the cord sound, not against baby's back over the heart. There is quite a distinct sound difference between the two. So even if the OB picks up heart tones that may seem like baby is anterior, you can have an OP baby. By palpation I can also estimate a baby's birth weight. I usually get within a few ounces if not the exact weight. Yes, really. ;)
  14. Finally an episode to make us think!!! Me too! I didn't clue in to Carol until her video interview. Then the fumbling around with the gun and "Oops!" facial expression made sense. Even though I'm suspicious of the people in Alexandria it's a nice break to have a suspicion about a group that you KNOW isn't doing horrible things. Does that make sense? lol
  15. We will be finishing up our US History next year and I need a new curriculum. I'd really like to have something I can use for all of my kids. They will be 12th, 10th, 8th, and 5th. But I'm willing to do the older two together and the younger two together if they are affordable. We did through the Gold Rush with All American History so we'll be picking up at that point in history. These are curriculums I have used in the past and am not interested in using again. - TruthQuest - Tapestry of Grace - MOH - SOTW I also don't want something like Bob Jones, Abeka, etc. A couple I am considering are: - NotGrass (but it looks like it will be really $$$) - Time Travelers - for the younger two What else is out there that you would recommend???
  16. WD was….eh. Enjoyed BCS!!! Looking forward to the episode tonight.
  17. Yes, I know the Whole30 is not vegetarian. You can do a Whole30 as a vegetarian. Thanks for the suggestions!! :)
  18. If you've done Whole30 and you have a family of 4-6…. Can you please share some dinners you made. My husband and I are going to do this. We eat fairly healthy already but obviously I'm going to revamp some of our regular dinners (ie. chicken and noodle soup minus the noodles, butternut squash soup without cream) and find some new. Anyone have good vegetarian favorites? My 14yo is veg and it's pretty easy to adapt most meals for her or have alternatives. But I like to cook at least two to three meals a week that are vegetarian. And honestly, we're not big meat-eaters anyway. When I do have meat in a meal it's ground turkey or chicken.
  19. Nothing fancy on Xmas Eve. Sometimes we go out for dinner after church but this year we're just having a "Whatever Night"…whatever you can find in the kitchen to eat for dinner. ;) Tomorrow I will be cooking for the six of us, my inlaws, our niece, and her boyfriend. Our nephew and his wife may come by but they won't be eating with us. I am making: Coffeecake (Rhoades dough with a gooey mix of butter, brown sugar, butterscotch pudding, cinnamon, and pecans) Turkey breast Mashed potatoes Green bean casserole (NOT the nasty disgusting kind with cream of mushroom soup…mine is MUCH better) Crockpot Creamed Corn Applesauce Salad (lemon jello, red hots, applesauce) Cranberry Fluff Salad (http://www.gooddinnermom.com/best-cranberry-salad-ever/) Rolls (http://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/2014/09/17/steakhouse-sweet-brown-molasses-bread-recipe-just-like-outback.html#_a5y_p=2695554) Little Smokies (in a sauce made with pineapple juice, green pepper, cherries, and pineapple) Cranberry Pepper Jelly (http://www.lifewiththecrustcutoff.com/cranberry-pepper-jelly-dip/) Cheese Ball (http://www.dessertnowdinnerlater.com/2013/12/ranch-onion-cheeseball/#_a5y_p=2367383) Chocolate Raspberry Mousse pie (http://domesticfits.com/2011/12/16/easy-homemade-chocolate-raspberry-mousse-pie/) Sugar cookies Christmas candy (what's leftover after giving to friends…I'm not going to post a list of what all we have..the list is too long..lol)
  20. I'm in a Tulsa suburb and it was $1.79 when I was out yesterday afternoon.
  21. http://domesticfits.blog.com/2011/12/16/easy-homemade-chocolate-raspberry-mousse-pie/ Plus the loads of candy we make every year. Whatever is leftover after giving to friends, we have out on the dessert table all day.
  22. Well…some jerk on FB spoiled it so I knew it was coming. :cursing: Thought the exact same thing. Ditto with the baby wearing! Crazy. I wasn't horribly upset over Beth. I will say though that what made me tear up was seeing Daryl cry!! :lol:
  23. So sorry you are uncomfortable!! One really good thing is that you know baby can go vertex. Babies who are persistently breech or transverse, never making attempts to go vertex, typically stay that way. But a baby who is hanging out breech or transverse and also likes to try other positions from time to time are more likely to go vertex by term. Anything you can try for a breech baby, you can do to help turn a transverse. So yes, Spinning Babies is a GREAT resource! Ditto the chiropractor suggestion.
  24. This. And never foster a child who is older than your youngest biological child. My Mom has been a foster parent for about 20 years. She started the year I left for college and I'm glad she didn't start before then. Not because I would have wondered why the foster kid(s) got all the attention but it just takes SO much out of the foster parent and the entire family. Kids who are yelling obscenities (and I'm talking about 3-4yo kids as well as tween/teen), kids who are physically violent with the foster parent (my mom...who has training on how to properly restrain…has had SO many bruises and scratches from kids…LITTLE kids), kids tearing up the house, having to call police on kids who were so defiant she couldn't control them or they tried to run away….etc and etc. If it's something your family is supposed to do then you both MUST be on board with it. Foster parenting can be a great thing only if it's something you know in your heart you're family is supposed to be doing.
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