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  1. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and only having two to teach. Our year seems to be shaping up to be heavy Language Arts-wise. I'm hoping to focus more with them on writing. I'm excited about my son's Literature. Mostly because, while he's not a reluctant reader, it's hard to find genre he enjoys. I showed him the Memoria Press 6th grade pack and he was genuinely interested!
  2. Jack Newman's website has some helpful videos as well. Otherwise, some really great book suggestions already that I would recommend as well. "I wish I could afford a doula, but unfortunately I don't have eight hundred dollars to spare right now. Babies are expensive" Oh I wish I was closer and I'd volunteer to help you. I'm happy to give you my number if you or hubby have questions during labor or after. I know it's not the same as in-person doula support but if it helps to have someone to reach out to, I'm here. You're also welcome to reach out for breastfeeding questions as well.
  3. NingXia Red - Full of nutrients - Grapefruit EO, Lemon EO, Sacred Frankincense, and Sole Water added to my NingXia Red Mineral Essence - trace minerals, I forget to take this every day sometimes. But I get the sole water daily so.. Thyromin - to support thyroid and endocrine system EndoFlex EO blend - applied over my thyroid and adrenals every morning to support endocrine system Liquid calcium/magnesium/Vit D
  4. (((((readinmom))))) I did absolutely nothing yesterday other than laundry and knitting. Today is a typical Sunday: groceries food prep relax Crazy busy week coming up.
  5. :seeya: I got curriculum ordered...finally. Sitting at my office trying to figure out what to do next. I come a few hours before I see clients to get stuff done but then it's so quiet here I just sit and forget what I'm supposed to do. LOL! - Submit fee schedule to billing service - Maybe work on client binder handouts - Client appointment - Grocery errands: pick up stuff for dinner and the weekend - Try to get hubby to take me out on a date tonight. :smilielol5:
  6. I aim/budget for $250/week. Six people. And I also include house/pet needs in that amount (ie. tp, cat food, band-aids, etc).
  7. I think I have all my curriculum ready to purchase. I keep thinking the minute I click "Submit Order" on all of them, I'll think of something that I forgot. :huh:
  8. Melissa - Ahh..."Winter". That sounds so nice!! Strong winds are scary for sure but I'd take a good thunderstorm right about now! Selkie - :grouphug: I do hope your power is back on soon!!!! Another hot day here as well. Have I mentioned yet that I do. not. like. summer??? Clean bedroom Make salsa Freeze tomatoes Purchase curriculum (I think I'm ready...) Dd art class Dinner Ds piano
  9. It's awful!! I really despise this weather. I haven't done much today other than watching "Wentworth" and doing more curriculum planning. Waiting on my 17yo to finish eating so she can go practice parallel parking for her drive test (take two) next week. #jesustakethewheel
  10. Y'all are busy today!!! I don't have much going on today, which is much needed after my day yesterday. Balance check book Client paperwork Reply to client questions (well, this one is done unless I get more texts later ;)) Take ds to Tropical Smoothie (because his sisters go often and he hasn't had the opportunity to try one yet...lol) Make dinner
  11. I have a glass pitcher that I use. I just slice up some lemon and grab some mint from my garden. Fill it up and let it sit overnight so I can drink it in the next day or two. You can add anything to it. Strawberry/Lemon is nice too. Lots of people like cucumber. If you're looking to support your kidneys, I'd add lemon for sure!
  12. Hey howdy! So far it's been a productive day but I have a full afternoon ahead of me... Resolve an issue with an online order Return a client phone call Dinner prep School planning Drop off dd at art class Meet my apprentice at my office to go do a postpartum home visit an hour away Client prenatal appointments once we're back in town
  13. :001_wub: to plan!!! Here's my plan so far for my youngest: Math: finish Teaching Textbooks Algebra I (he's about 1/2 way through...we took it slow last year since he's so far ahead in Math) Language Arts: Writing and Rhetoric Book 5 Fix It! Book 2 Memoria Press Literature 6th Grade pack (This might be a bit on the easy side for him but he's really interested in the books which is a *huge* win! He's not a reluctant reader but I have a hard time finding texts he enjoys...that's not Star Wars. And he does better if he has a book with assignments to keep him on track) Science: Earth Science - still deciding A few weeks of Entomology - piecing together, may wait until Spring to really dive into this History: Undecided Decided to hold off on history this year. Next year he'll do World History with his sister and I'll count it towards HS. Critical Thinking/Logic: Logic puzzles and maybe some Critical Thinking Co. books Piano lessons
  14. I've searched a little but there's not much on the boards. So far I'm considering Earth Science Daybook. We did Elemental last year and I was not impressed with it and ds didn't like it. I would really like to stay away from a christian curriculum. I may have found a little six week study for Entomology on TPT that might satisfy him. This is probably one I'm going to have to piece together, huh?
  15. My Monday is all thrown off because of our big family dinner yesterday. I usually get groceries on Sunday morning but had to do it today instead. That's about all I've accomplished this morning. I'm eating lunch now (finally) while I figure out the rest of my afternoon before I need to head to my office.
  16. I started going gray in my late 20s but much more in my early 30s. I'm 41 now and am pretty much completely gray. It's really pretty...but not at my age. I'll let it go natural in about 30 years or so. ;)
  17. We are going to use Writing and Rhetoric this year along with Fix It!.
  18. Nope, not one bit. My maternal grandmother was completely gray/silver in her 30s. My Aunt was gray early as well. My Mom not quite as early. I started going gray in my mid-30s. Under my color I'm almost completely gray/silver. My hair grows super fast and I get it touched up every four weeks. I used to do it myself but the gray was making my color more red so I gladly pay a professional to do it for me. I'll let it grow one of these days....in 30 years or so. ;)
  19. :cheers2: Tackle this thread newbie alert!!! Jean - Hope you're feeling better! Arcadia - I 1000% agree with your son. Thanks for reminding me that I have bills to pay today. Selkie - What kind of puppies?? Amy - Congrats to your son!! Jen - :001_wub: First date...is she nervous? Saturdays are usually our do-nothing days but today was nuts. My ILs decided to drive from FL to OK to visit for a week and come for their first (and only so far) great-grandaughter's 1st birthday party today. This was their first time to meet her too. This INFJ has had way too much face-to-face "people" interaction today so I'm hibernating to recharge because hubby's family are all coming over here for a family lunch tomorrow. :blink:
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