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    <p>Do you love running? Do you wish you loved running? Do you want to start running and need some encouragement or advice? If so, come join in!</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>For those using herbs or interested in using herbs, growing herbs, in a helpful, healthy and encouraging manner.</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>This is a group for those of us WTM moms who are currently pregnant, or trying to get pregnant! OR if you are "not preventing" you are also welcome.</p>
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    <p>This group will consist of various "Challenges" and/or "Contests" pertaining to diet, exercise and weight loss. You may join any of the Challenges that interest you. Some will run for specific lengths of time, others will be ongoing. Are you in? :)</p>
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    <p>A place to discuss gluten free recipes, concerns, and questions.</p>
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    <p>For those who are doing the HCG diet protocol.</p>
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