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  1. As a midwife, I sometimes am fine stretching out a client's appointments to every 5 weeks before 28 weeks and every 3 weeks between 28-36 weeks. However, I'm pretty picky about those last few weeks being weekly appointments. There is so much than can creep up during that time which makes those frequent visits so important.
  2. Good info! Thanks!!! Actually that's the exact part of the country we are considering! It's all still in the planning/dreaming phase (our hope is to eventually relocate to the OR coast) so I have no idea if we'd want to go through something like you posted or through AirBnB or VRBO. We've had really good experiences getting places to stay via VRBO and it seems the coast books up well during tourist season. That's one thing that's part of the learning process...how most do the fees. In our experience booking through VRBO, it seems that many have the price per night then tack on the fees. Good to know about the differences in tax situations of a VRBO vs an income property. Again, we're still new in investigating this idea and haven't talked to our accountant yet. Just getting feelers out there with people who have experience.
  3. Wondering if anyone here does this while living in a different part of the country. Is the management company fee $$$$? Do you roll most of the management/cleaning fees into the cost of the rental? Do you actually make a decent income off the property?
  4. Suggesting to "give it a try" because I may find it to be not that bad is not a helpful suggestion. I've been in that neighborhood/area of town before (during the day). I DO NOT like being in that part of town during the day. I certainly DO NOT want to be there at night. Other people who live in this city might. I am not one of those people. I meant daytime during the week isn't an option because my nephew works a 9-5 M-F job. Wow. Just...wow. He's not happy about it and when I expressed my feelings on going over there for lessons at night he said he didn't want me to either. I think I may have my husband have the discussion since he's already expressed his concerns about the area. He has a good relationship with him (probably better than our nephew has with his dad) and can be straight with him in a way that our nephew will respect. Not that he wouldn't respect it coming from me but I just think it may be better coming from him. He directly asked him, "You know the reputation this area has, right?". Nephew said that they know the area's reputation but they feel it will be fine. They talked a bit more about our experience knowing people who have lived over there (and got out ASAP!) and my friend who currently lives there and desperately wants out. My husband said he didn't belabor the point anymore because our nephew seemed confident in their decision so he just told him, "I wanted to make sure you were aware of the area you're moving into." Thank you for that understanding. No, the issue is they were in a rush to get out of their current place before their lease was up and found a good deal. They can afford other, safer, areas of town and still live well within their means. Possibly. My husband has a very busy work schedule from Oct to June so I can't count on him to be available every week. Thanks to those of you who had thoughtful and understanding replies.
  5. Daytime isn't an option. He has a 9-5 job. I really don't want to change teachers and I know my son won't either. My son and nephew are quite similar in many ways...including how they approach music. So my nephew "gets" how to teach him. It's also nice that he can have that time with his cousin. Wonderful for you! However, that really isn't the point of my post/question.
  6. My nephew teaches my son piano. At the end of the month he and his family are moving to an area of town that has a *VERY* bad reputation. There is quite a bit of crime, police helicopters often, horrible schools, etc. My husband spoke to him about their decision last weekend. They have a good relationship and dh can give it to him straight and nephew will respect him. But they are convinced it is a good option, a good deal on the house, etc. My son has lessons in the evening and in the Fall, it will be dark when it's lesson time. I am really not comfortable being in that part of town, especially at night! My dh isn't able to drive so having him transport ds to the lesson is not an option. The only thing I can think to ask is if he would be able to do a lesson on Saturday afternoon. Not my ideal but I'm not sure if there are any other options. I could pay my nephew a little extra to have him come to our house for lessons but part of the fun and learning is ds going over to his place. He gets that time out of the house to do something that is "his" and my nephew has several other instruments he can show him. I also don't really want the extra expense. I'm just not sure what to do other than ask about a Saturday lesson. I feel like if I tell him, "I'm not comfortable in that neighborhood at night so we can't come for an evening lesson any more.", it will hurt his feelings. I guess I could have my husband handle it. Any other angles I'm missing??
  7. This morning was pretty uneventful. My daughters went on an end-of-summer-sister-day-trip today. :) Got them all sent off then I took my son bowling. Eating lunch now and trying to figure out the rest of my day. I think ds and I are going to watch a movie then I'll get on with my afternoon. - Work on a protocol for a client - Clean the kitchen - Dinner - Ds piano lesson
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! We only have from Monday evening to Wednesday. Obviously you can't drive the entire coast and do it all in a day...that's why I asked for "not to miss" places so we can plan the time that we have. ;)
  9. It's a pretty laid back Wednesday here. - Tended to the chickens - Sorted some business receipts - Cleaned out my business email box I'm not really sure what else I need to get done today. Tomorrow my girls are taking a little road trip so it will just be ds and I...I think we might go bowling. :)
  10. I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. I also completed midwifery school (non-degree program) and have a nationally recognized credential.
  11. Oh Jean..I hope they get that cleared up for you asap!!! I was MIA this weekend because we had three of our four visiting their Grandma. It was my oldest daughter's first solo road trip. :w00t: Our 17yo had to work most of the weekend so it was just hubby and I. We spent most of our time watching Netflix in the living room since when the kids are home, we don't/can't (not kid appropriate shows ;)). We start our school year a week from today. :thumbup: Trying to get it in gear today. - Balance checkbook - Grocery errands - Make salsa, prep veggies for the week - Dinner
  12. We'll be staying pretty much due West of Portland for a few days. My husband would like to take a day and drive along 101. Are there any places we should check out? Any restaurants we should try?
  13. Pretty quiet day here which is a nice break. Cleaned bathroom Ran errands Lunch Not sure what else I need to get done today. Maybe some laundry.
  14. Busy day so far already. Midwifery association monthly meeting Errands Schedule an appointment Lesson planning Client appointment Lesson planning
  15. Halfway through the day but I'm here. I spent most of yesterday putting together the Spring semester of Earth Science for my son and looking over Biology (and adding in some extra lesson/activities) for my daughter. Today I've been tackling the school closet. The rest of the afternoon I plan on going through new curriculum and doing more planning. Yayyyy.....
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