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  1. Hi ElinorEverywhere, When doing a Conceptual Physics search, I saw that you had a syllabus that you were sharing. Are you still sharing it? Would you mind sharing with me? Thanks, Staci
  2. Thanks for all of the replies. I appreciate the encouragement to go forward with Conceptual Physics and just make my own tests.
  3. Thanks for all of the replies. I appreciate the encouragement to go forward with Conceptual Physics and just make my own tests.
  4. I have a rising ninth grade daughter. We did Holt's High School Biology this year. From a math perspective, she is not ready for a math-heavy high school chemistry or physics course. I thought that Conceptual Physics was my answer, but from what I can tell online, I won't get lesson plans or answers to tests with Conceptual Physics. I cannot find another conceptual-type physics program out there. I don't want Apologia, but it feels like Apologia is the only answer. I'd love Saxon Physics, but I think that is going to be too math heavy. I've been trying to figure this out for about three
  5. Hi all, I'm convinced that my math-phobic high schooler needs to do Conceptual Physics this coming year. I am, however, completely confused about which edition to use. It seems as if there are countless titles and editions. Are any of you able to guide me as to which one to order? Additionally, I'm wondering how difficult it would be to also use Conceptual Physics with my very bright middle schooler so that I'm not having to use a separate text for her. Has anyone done this with Conceptual Physics? Thanks for the help, Staci in FL
  6. You can order Student Activity Pages so that the questions are already printed out. That's what I do. If I didn't order those, I'd print out the questions. I do have my daughter write out her answers. We "meet up" for the discussion every Thursday. I break the readings up for her. On lighter weeks, this isn't necessary, but where there is a lot of reading, it's really helpful to do that for her so that she's ready to answer those questions. I can't stress this enough, BUT...you don't need lesson plans for TOG. It's all right there for you. That's what you are paying for. It t
  7. Do you have several kids at different ages? If so, check out Tapestry of Grace.
  8. Just to defend TOG...it has saved my homeschooling life! I simply cannot imagine homeschooling my four without it. I just started using it this year with my oldest in eighth grade. It has been the most wonderful addition and has made this school year the best we've ever had (the kids have never been in away from home school). I can go on and on and on about how much I love it. That said, it takes a LONG time to "get" it. I tried it several years ago and quit after a few weeks. I think around week 16 was when I went, "Wow, that's how I'm supposed to use this." Anyway, if you hav
  9. Oak Meadow Biology uses the Holt Biology High School text. I bought the OM lab book and was extremely disappointed in it. Most of the labs are paper labs. OM also sells a kit (which I bought) with things used to make models of DNA (think stuff like straws). So, what we ended up doing is just the labs that are listed in the Holt Biology text. The labs are quite good and have made a very nice introduction to Biology.
  10. Oh my goodness, Lori. Soooooooooo helpful. Thank you for writing out all of this information. Staci
  11. Great. Thanks so much. I did not know about Conceptual Physics/Chemistry. I looked at it, and it looks terrific. Thanks also to Momto2Ns, for the Holt Biology. It has seemed a little light to me, so it makes sense that it's an honors middle school text. Staci
  12. Thanks for letting me know this. So, what IS the criteria for foreign language in high school? Just something other than Rosetta Stone? An online class with a live teacher?
  13. I am trying to find an on-line Russian language program for my daughter to use in ninth grade. Looks like Potter's School offers it. Am I correct in thinking that many colleges require foreign languages to be taught by a certified teacher, as opposed to Rosetta Stone or an equivalent? And those of you who have used Potter's School for foreign language, were those classes acceptable to colleges? Thanks, Staci
  14. Hi all, My eighth grade daughter is working through Holt's High School Biology this year. I don't think she will ready from a math perspective to move on to Chemistry in 9th grade, so I'm thinking I'll save Chemistry for 10th grade, Physics for 11th and then an AP Science for 12th. Any suggestion for what to do with her for 9th grade? Thanks, Staci
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