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  1. Woke up feeling exhausted this morning after normal sleep. Not sure if it is hormones, overdoing it yesterday, or something else. Still had to do the private lesson, and was feeling well enough to do some target practice after, so about an hour of working out. It's not even 9 yet, and all I have been thinking about for the last 3 hours is going to bed, although my brain is on, so I'll probably not fall asleep anyway. Tomorrow I have to drive DS to a competition, so no working out. Can't say it is going to be rest either, as those event exhaust me. I can't watch my kids fence without stressing out and staying on my feet for several hours doesn't help.
  2. See, that is the difference. You don't feel the need to drastically improve your shape, and given what you tell about your days, I can see why :) Plus, you know how to stay in shape while having fun and how to keep yourself on track when fun options are not available. In a situation like that I wouldn't bother with writing anything down. I did my 1 hour full body workout in the afternoon and a few hours later went to fencing. I'll just say that I need to reconsider my schedule :) I managed about 30 minutes of fencing, but I am totally wiped out. I'll have a private lesson tomorrow and that is probably it.
  3. Feel better soon! And it is totally ok to come here to whine a bit :) But you can and you will, right? :) Wimbledon? :) Then you look at it, realize that you are not in a good enough shape for it, and start working out to get in that shape. :lol: You may never get there, but you will be in the best shape of your life. That's what I do, anyway. At some point I realized that while I love fencing and not excited about general exercise, weightlifting, etc, I need extra strength and endurance to improve my fencing performance. In a few competitions I went to I could feel how my my attention disappears as I get tired. I tried to do exercises at home, but I really wasn't excited about it. Now that I read about bodyweight training, I decided I want to be able to do pull ups, muscle ups, and some other tricks, so I started training to be able to do that. With fencing my goals are pretty move-specific at the moment. I do want to make the team for the World Veteran Championship, but the earliest I can qualify is the season of 2024-2025, so long time from now. I am not at the point where I can say I want to win this or that event either. So I pick something like learn to do a fleche in bouts. I can do it during a lesson, but during bouts it goes out of my head, so I keep working on that.
  4. I tried writing down what I eat for two whole days :). The one way it helped me was not grabbing that handful of nuts on my way through the kitchen, because who wants to weigh them and then write that down :lol: I didn't write down details when I was just working out, I started doing it when I started training for a goal. I mean, I did write something like 30 min cardio, or upper body workout, because I had no plans of comparing that to anything, only keeping track of time spent moving. I did an hour of fencing yesterday. I managed to beat a C-rated fencer for the first time (they are rated from A(the best) to E, plus U for unrated ones, such as myself). I also beat DD two days in a row after many months of not even coming close. I think they were just not making an effort :)
  5. The only things I remember are those I write down in my bullet journal ;) I do write down everything fitness and especially fencing related.
  6. Yes, I meant the soreness. I know that length of recovery depends on the damage done, that is not what I was talking about. It's just for the last few years whenever I did strenuous exercise the onset of muscle soreness was delayed till the day after the next, after which it healed according to intensity. So, the day after the exercise there was no or almost no soreness, just muscle tiredness. It was like that for all muscle groups. Now it is back to getting sore the next day. I also find that the more developed the muscles are, the more effort it takes to make them sore. I think at this point I need to practically kill myself exercising to make my abs feel anything. My back on the other hand took only 3 sets of 7 horizontal pulls to be very sore. I was sure my abs would hurt after the Saturday workout, but no, not even a hint of soreness. Congrats on the lift!
  7. As planned today - lesson and some practice in the morning and open fencing in the evening. I am totally exhausted, but satisfied. I noticed another sliver of improvement today, plus my DOMS seems to have moved back to 24 hour mark from 48, which means shorter recovery time.
  8. We didn't do as much writing as I hoped, but DS10 (almost 11) has finished AOPS Prealgebra 1 and is now enrolled in Prealgebra 2. I couldn't sign him up for AMC8, since our location didn't do it this year. I managed to find another one for AMC10 for DD15, but it was too late for DS. One thing that he learned unexpectedly that is a great achievement was learning to swim and dive. After many futile attempts to teach him he just figured it out himself in a week. For the next year the plan for DS is to continue with AOPS for math, attend a CTY camp (not even so much for academics but for away from mom experience), work on handwriting, and improve general fitness in addition to fencing. I hope to convince him to attend the National Championship, although I don't expect much from it. DD is now mostly taking classes at out local community college, so the plan is to continue with that and AOPS. She is doubling on math this year to do calculus in 11th to be able to take physics for engineers in 12th. She will also fence.
  9. I am very sore from yesterday (who knew pull ups, even horizontal, work all upper body, including chest and back :lol: ), but I still wanted to do some intervals on the bike. Unfortunately, the day was crazy with DS's competition and I am just too tired now to do anything. I am still keeping up with my plant to workout 5 times a week though. Tomorrow is a private lesson in the morning and open fencing in the evening.
  10. As I expected, I didn't get a good night sleep after that coffee, but I could sleep in today, so I had enough energy to do a full body workout for a whole hour. I managed to add some reps on some movements, so that is good. Unfortunately, my left elbow was very picky about my position. I think it prefers diamond pushups, which seem to be further in progression line but feels easier to me and less chances of it getting out of alignment.
  11. After some thinking, I drank a latte, ate a bit, and got myself to the club thinking that I should try to stay for at least 30 minutes. The first couple of bouts were brutal, but after I warmed up, I actually felt much better and ended up fencing for an hour and a half. Not sure if I'll be able to sleep after coffee at 6, but I feel great right now.
  12. I am feeling weird, very tired and sleepy. I didn't do anything on Wednesday, except a couple of sets of hanging knee raises. Yesterday, I took a private lesson, but I couldn't really concentrate on what I was doing. Skipped my usual tennis ball practice after the lesson. Today I am still sleepy and tired. I may drive the kids, but not sure if I will fence myself. On the bright side, my back is much better :) It was actually also weird. For 2 or 3 days it felt like my entire spine was inflamed, then it just disappeared, only the usual slight discomfort in certain poses left.
  13. I didn't do my home workout yesterday, as the day was too fractured, but I did fence for an hour and a half. Not sure about the plans for today. My back hurts pretty badly and I only got 6.5 hours of sleep. Not even sure about fencing tonight.
  14. Thanks for the encouragement! And 2 pull ups is great, especially since you were not training for them! I know it is a long way for me, but as long as I am moving there, I am happy. I did "jump method" when I was a kid, as it was the only way I ever could get my chin up there :) This bar is attached entirely by tension/gravity forces, so no jumps on it for me. DS tried though and had a blast. The gym has an attachment with a bar at 4-5 feet level, which is almost perfect for him, as he is short, and good for me for horizontal pullups. The idea is kind of like stairs push ups, so that is what I am going to be doing for now. I can barely manage 5 in that position. The program is called Convict Conditioning, In line with all the other names :) I wouldn't recommend it for handstands though. It goes from headstands for 30 sec to crow pose 3x1 min, to handstands. Not a lot of tips or explanations. It's end goal in that exercise is handstand pushups, so they quickly move there. I didn't look too closely, but I think Recommended routine from reddit's bodyweightfitness is better for that, and it has lots of tips, videos, and progressions. The plan for today is do the program, hopefully with DS, and then fencing in the evening.
  15. It was raining today, but I still managed to get out of the house 4 times. Did an hour of a lesson and ball practice in the morning, and then went to fence in the evening. I also got my door gym today and it works! I don't think I'll be encouraging my DH use it, but it holds my weight OK. I tried it and right now I can't even bend my arms, at all. My program is intended for working on pull ups, push ups, squats, leg raises, and bridges. I think I will skip handstand pushups for now ;) What I like is that it starts from very easy exercises and progresses to very high levels all using pretty much only a pull us bar.
  16. My new program is based on Convict Conditioning, a required prequel to Prison Break 1 :laugh: Sorry about that. Flu is terrible this season, and it seems it keeps coming back in circles for a lot of people. Hope you all feel better soon! I did day 1 of my new program yesterday. It was good, and I can feel new muscles today. It does need some more tweaking, but I like it overall. Today is a private lesson and open fencing. I feel the routine coming back, and I like it :)
  17. I was considering getting a power cage for outside, but when I really thought of it, I figured I would use it 5 times a year, if that, because it is always "too something". Indoors it is, unless it's a walk.
  18. I am 5'4", and 115 would be low for me. I was there before kids and before muscle, don't really want to go back. Some people are crazy. I remember the time when I first came to the US, 30 lbs ago. I could find tops, since I carry my fat there, but pants... Forget about it. I wear small now. And coincidentally, I just realized how much weight I gained since then :lol: To be fair, at least half of that is muscle weight. We were talking with my DD recently, and I mentioned that she weighs 10 pounds more than I did when I was in college, and she is an inch shorter. She looked at herself and asked how she could lose 10 pounds (not in terms of how to actually lose them but where would they come from, she has healthy outlook at weight). My only answer was muscle. She did gymnastics since she was 6, and has well-developed muscles all over her body. I never exercised and had no muscles to speak of. I probably had more fat than she does, which is another reason why BMI is not a reliable indicator, especially in the normal/overweight ranges (and further up for some categories of people). Yesterday was a rest day. I napped and read a couple of books about working out. I think I am getting close to coming up with a program for that. Up until now I just did whatever came to mind at the moment, as long as it hit major muscle groups, no plans, no progressions. Hopefully it will work for me. It also requires a pull up bar, which I am still waiting for and not sure if it works with our doorways.
  19. After posted here yesterday I went to watch a movie, and did 20 minutes of intervals on the bike. I might have overdid it, or maybe it was because I did a blood test today, but fencing today was bad. I was absolutely exhausted the first half an hour, then after a short break I felt better and ended up fencing for an hour and a half. I probably need to take a break tomorrow, but I am happy that I have my 5 workouts for the first week done.
  20. I grew up in a place where 30-40 degrees below 0 was a norm. Didn't teach me one bit ;) And other places with 40C in summer didn't teach me how to survive in real heat. That's why I like California - it is perfect 90% of the time :001_smile: . I did an hour of fencing yesterday, and a private lesson today. I think I still have time to fit in another 30 minutes of exercise. ETA: I did a 45-minute full body workout and some stretches. I almost got to splits a couple years ago, but stopped when my hips started hurting a bit. Now that I started doing hip strengthening exercises I hope to get further without the pain. We'll see :)
  21. I went to fencing last night, but it was almost empty, so I only fenced for about 30 minutes. I came home and did 20 minutes of bike intervals. Wanted to do 30 minutes, but honestly couldn't, so I stopped at 20. Laurie4b ~ Thanks for the post! We also have Alzheimer history in the family, so I am always listening. Well, I can do #1, maybe #2. With objects not even close to my body weight my knee start hurting after a few steps. I did look at their stuff, and it looks interesting. I just wish they stopped saying that pull ups require no equipment. I did order a pull up bar a couple days ago. Now I just hope it actually works with our doorways.
  22. I did 40 minute full body workout yesterday. It was the last day of the break, and today is a little crazy with catching up on everything, it seems. I will go to fencing tonight, but it doesn't look like I will be able to do any extras today. We still have BIL visiting, so it affects me mentally for some reason and I am much less likely to workout at home. I will get back on track by the end of January, little by little. Yes, please! And if you are too busy to post the info, could you please post the name of the book? I was thinking about it when I was writing goals for January. For me, I absolutely need a crazy challenging goal at the top, otherwise it is not interesting, and I lose motivation. Then I split it into big sections, then smaller steps which I can do every day. Then I need to write down those baby steps to see something shaded or checked. And I need to repeat to myself the huge goal to keep my eyes on the prize. But I also tend to jump in and do too much too fast. For some goals it works, but for fitness/sport it can lead to injuries, so I am trying to learn patience, and just stick to those little steps and no more per day.
  23. I took some pictures of me and wrote down all the measurements. I don't really have weight loss as a goal, but I would like to get rid of some fat and possibly gain some muscle this year. I will try to exercise at least 5 times a week, but I will count 30 minutes of any activity as a success. Of course, fencing goals stay, so I will probably have much more than that on most of the days. I also need to be more careful about what I eat and when to ensure I have enough energy. I still don't really know what it should be, so it is the task for January.
  24. Managed to fit in a 30 minute full body workout tonight, but feel like it is not enough. Still better than nothing. Tomorrow is going to be busy, so highly unlikely that I'll exercise. We are also going to a party, but I'll do my best not to overeat. Wintermom ~ Glad you got to enjoy tennis, and sorry about losing another favorite meal :(
  25. Didn't do anything yesterday again, as we needed to go shopping and it took forever, plus nothing exhausts me as much as shopping. I wrote the plan for January in my journal, as well as the review of December. As for other exercise pages, it is a pain to design. Nothing I saw on Pinterest worked for my purposes, so I am changing every month. Right now I actually have 2 journals - one for life and one for fencing. The fencing one has monthly pages for the entire season, where I mark possible competitions as they are announced, and then write one line of what I did that day, if anything (like arms 30 min+PL). I have one page with a tracker of hours I spent improving my fencing directly, in line with that 10,000 hours thing. It helps to realize how little time I actually spend doing it and adjust expectations accordingly. Right now I am at about 120 hours since March, although I started tracking in October. All that was actually in my main journal, but then I wanted to write more, and it started taking over the main one, so I moved it into a separate book. Now every month I do a spread with goals and things to do to achieve said goals on one side and month review on the other. After that every day I fence I write what I did, whom I fenced, results, observations, etc. Plus, if I read or watch videos, I put any notes there as well. Since I put a goal of exercising 5 times a week into my main journal, I added a page with a yearly tracker (you can find it online as Year in pixels, months on one side, dates on the other) I will shade a square if I did at least 30 minutes of exercise that day. For energy, I'll shade in several colors, according to how I feel that day. I am still thinking how to design a weight-lifting and cardio program given lack of equipment at home and how to track it effectively. The last one I saw that I may try this month has a small square for every day where you write exercise, sets/reps and weights.
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