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  1. i don't see how a reading test can test or rate intrest -- so i am wondering it is just another term for grade levei but more or less the same
  2. I have been searching about the Net, and posted here, about testing reading level (or assessing might be a better word) I have noticed some places talk about reading AGE and other reading grade level what is the difference as bet as i can test my soon-to-be-8 year old son's 'reading age' is 6.9 ...so i assume that would mean he is behind his "average" age peer?
  3. thanks i am starting to see that he maybe "over achieving" to do as well as he is doing.
  4. question about reading: Is there a good way to 'test' reading level? I want to know if my son is reading on grade level or not. i know he needs more confidence; but he is in 2nd grade and i'd like to know if he is reading 'on average' with his peers or if he is really behind. Anyone know of a way to do this?
  5. i nursed both boys past 3. with child #1 AF and fertility returned at 8 weeks pp. i was honesty not over the emotions of birth :) so i didn't notice any PMS. But then with number 2 i didn't get a AF till month 18 and no; i never felt what you are describing -- but everyone is differnt
  6. my 2nd grade son is 7 and almost 8 -- he is 2e and we don't have a good DX but it is something like GAD/ ADD and OCD -- he is rather emotional (better on medication) he has tested, 2x, as gifted. his IQ is not super high, but it is within the gifted range he is working on grade level in everything he is compliant (mostly) and does his work. he however never seems to excel and he never seems to spreed though it and he never asks to do more. he still makes many number (but not letters) backwards and his handwriting is HORRIBLE. he is not a strong read, though he does seem to be getting better, finally. i am not seeing ANY "giftedness". Am I not challenging him enough, what does that even mean? should i be pushing more? HELP
  7. thanks Ladies :) I aways get the support here i need
  8. working up a unit summary / fact sheet for a 2nd grader on "founding" of the North American land Mass (going to do Native American next). What facts would you include -- i am thinking Viking in 1000 AD (Leif the Luck) up to 1590 (the Lost Coloney of Roanoke) next unit to start with Jamestown ( We have read several books; but i am trying to come up with "What i want him to remember". Nothing too intense; but i feel we need a summary before we move on to Jamestown and the early settlements i am using a ful curr for math, science and phonics and so on -- :)-- i am trying to just read a lot of history to them, they are young, but i want to be sure we are "pulling out something to remember" too. Thoughts: 1000 AD to 1590 -- Vikings to the Lost Colony of Roanoke -- what would YOU pull out to be most improtant to "take away from this"
  9. i have a kindy and a 2nd grader (both boys) this fall. I am looking for a good heath curr for them. I'd like one that goes through the systems of the body and talks about how each works (and maybe and how to stay healthy). I am trying to avoid something that is just 'wash your hands" and "how to be a friend if you know what i mean. Anyone have any suggestions? work books are fine...
  10. I could have written every word of that post!!!
  11. Title says it all. i thought i had it all outlined, now i am second guessing my Bible choice -- thinking it is too easy and i want them to learn a bit more and i am afraid what i had chosen will just be the same old stories ......
  12. I was set on http://www.clp.org/store/by_course/17 from Sonlight, but now i am not sure. Maybe something a bit more academic? they have both been though the "days of creation, let's color the pictures stuff a few times now -- I know i can't do anything too complex, but maybe something a bit more challenging? I am not sure yet thoughts? What are doing?
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