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  1. I will have children in grades 2,6, and 7 next year (2010-2011) and I'm trying to plan for them for ancients. I'm considering using MFW as our history together while using History Odyssey Level 2 Ancients for my older children. This is the componant that might help with notebooking. I'm think we would also use IEW's Ancient themed writing since we're using the early American history themed writing this year with success. And.... just for fun, maybe the cd's from Diana Waring would be a way to tie these things together. I'd LOVE to hear responses for combining MFW and HO. Is this too much or could these blendwell for combining grammar and logic levels together? Is HO Ancients level 2 enough for 7th grade?
  2. Hi Amanda, Are you trying to make life easier?:lol: We've been reading so many SL books that MFW just "seems" too light, and I feel like I must add more to it especially for the logic stage. (i.e. outlining, analytical questions, etc...) That's primairily my concern about MFW. Otherwise, I've only heard wonderful things about them.
  3. What is your favorite history spine for grammar to logic stage history?
  4. Thanks, Paula. You've hit upon my problem. I think I need to choose the best of Core 6 (and eventually 7) and do more specific analysis with just a few books. I don't think I could do both of these together. Yet it seems a great combination!
  5. Thanks, Julie! Do you have any advice about using Year 2 Creation to Greeks for grades 2,6,and 7? (The following year, I would do Year 3 with grades 3,7, and 8. After that, my oldest would be ready for high school....probably with MFW.)
  6. Julie, I'm researching for next year's history. We'll do ancients with kids in grades 2,6, and 7. If I use MFW with the youngest, I thought I'd use something like History Odyssey ancients or Beautiful Feet ancients or Sonlight with the older ones. Is it possible, however, to use MFW with all of them? I want to begin the logic stage, and didn't think MFW would be enough.
  7. Very curious to read your compare/contrast of BF ancients and History Odyssey. I'm trying to decide which one I like best. Next year, I'll have kids in grades 2,6, and 7. If I use My Father's World for the youngest, I want to know which one (BF or HO) would mesh the best. Also, just overall, which is more interesting, do-able, effective, etc... Thanks!
  8. I have not considered SL Core 5. I have planned to study ancients and medieval history (from the 4 year history cycle) before my oldest begins high school. We will have gone from MOH (used 2007-2008) to Core 3 (used 2008-2009) to Core 4 used this year (2009-2010). We missed the medieval year, but I'm trying to start with year 1 again. My kids did not enjoy MOH, that's why I'm trying to find something like SL but also with more than just reading. As for writing the responses to questions.... that's what we're doing this year. It is working better, but there is an imbalance towards reading. I think something that balances reading and writing more equally might work better. Thanks for your response!:)
  9. In another thread, I asked if Sonlight was enough for jr. high, and the posts gave a resounding, "Yes!" My kids love SL. We've used Cores 3-4 (finishing 4 this year), and I'm planning what to do for next year. My only concern is that SL is only reading. The way SL asks questions and assigns map activities just isn't working well for us. I need to find a history curriculum for logic stage for my 7th grader that will also merge with 6th grade and 2nd grade. TOG and Trisms are out for various reasons. I'm currently considering Beautiful Feet Ancients and History Odyssey Ancients (level 2). How do you like these? Are they good for grades 6-7? Do you have any other recommendations? I'm not trying to find too many cutsy,crafty things..... a few, maybe. I really just want a way for my kids to do more than just read. I'm hoping I could use MFW with my youngest in mind and work the olders in but then let them work on grade level history more independently. I would also have them use IEW ancient theme writing. What spine do you all like the most? I want to teach from a Christian perspective. Thanks so much for your help!
  10. Michelle, This might be a silly question. Adding TtC/WEM will necessarily add time to SL. It seems like I would want to choose the best of the Core for the in-depth discussion and not try to cover all of the books. Do you agree? This is why I love pre-planned material.....:) Then I just follow all the lovely directions! Thanks so much for the links!
  11. Thanks, ladies! After a lot of reading on this thread and others, I think I'll try this: Pre-Alg: Lial's BCM/LoF/Keys combination Alg. I: Jacob's (or Foersters) Geometry: Jacobs Alg. II: Foerster's I'll have to re-visit this plan toward the end of the year to make adjustments. How does this look? I think Jacobs might be better for us for Alg. I just because I've read how user-friendly it is. (I've only read about these books; I have not seen many samples. That would be a good next step before making a final decision). I'd love to read comments about which you would choose between Jacobs Alg. I and Foerster's Alg. I. I'm just not sure about using MUS again. I feel like we came out on the short end of the stick comparing the "mastery" method (MUS) vs. the "spiral" method we're enjoying with Horizons. We've learned so much more this year with Horizons compared to the years we used MUS. Maybe algebra is different, but I'd have to have a really good reason to go back to MUS. Thanks for your help!
  12. Ok, ladies, I have been reading posts from this thread and others. Which combination would you choose? These are my goals: Lesson plan that accommodates grades 2,6, and 7 Similar to Sonlight because this is what my kids are used to and love Similar to History Odyssey/Trisms because this is where I want to go Something that will help us transition to high school eventually The inclusion of God in history or at least a plan to inclute this perspective if the curriculum is secular Choice 1: My Father's World as the spine (with the idea in mind of using MFW high school), Include a selection of the best of Sonlight books in the book basket, Something like Teaching the Classics and/or TWEM to help us with more logic level thinking, Maybe IEW Ancients/Medieval themed writing (we're using IEW early Am history theme book this year and learning a lot.) Lastly, maybe CDs from Diana Waring Choice 2: Sonlight 6 and 7 over the next two years and then move to MFW for high school, Sonlight uses SOTW which I could use with my youngest (or SL 1-2), Also, use Teaching the Classics and/or TWEM for more logic-appropriate questions, Also, IEW ancients/medieval themed writing and the Diana Waring CDs. Choice 3: History Odyssey for the olders Maybe SOTW with AG for the youngest Include the best of Sonlight books or maybe Beautiful Feet Ancients (With this plan, I might not need the Teaching the Classics/TWEM as much nor IEW) Choice 4: Trisms History Makers with the olders for 2 years (concerned this is too much of a change from what we're used to in Sonlight, but I like the research aspect) Not sure what to use with the youngest.
  13. Thanks everyone! Crystal, thanks especially for such a complete description about MFW. I have some follow-up questions if you don't mind. We're using IEW early American history theme based writing this year, and my kids have learned a lot. As far as writing with MFW, are there any guides/rubrics that help a mom grade papers? I don't like thinking that grading is subjective only. IEW has a checklist that we're using this year, and it makes grading easy. I'll have to look the Stobaugh up on-line. Looks very helpful, yet I've not seen it. As far as MFW 2nd-8th, I didn't mention the ECC because we borrowed some of these books from a friend of mine and I organized geography for this year to go with our Apologia science Animals of the 6th day. I'm sure what we're doing isn't as good as following the MFW lessons, but I didn't want to repeat it next year either. Also, I have always considered waiting until my youngest was old enough to use ECC which will be in 2 years. At that time I could use the geography as it is intended. Just curious, though, I thought if we used MFW we would start with CtG and then RtR because this is the time period we have missed the most. We could do this in my oldest child's 7th-8th grade years and then she would be ready for MFW high school. How does this sound? (Our SL American history would generally take the place of the 4th and 5th years of MFW). Considering the enrichment and Progeny Press, maybe it would be enough. The advantage here is that MFW is more than just reading, and I like that.
  14. We used SL 3 last year, and we'll finish SL 4 this year. My kids love SL! I love that it has caused them to love to read. Now, as I look to the next few years, I want to know if SL is enough for jr. high into high school. Next year, I will have kids in grades 7,6, and 2. I want to find a curriculum similar to SL since my kids really love it. I want the Lord to be a primary component to history (how could He be left out???) I want all of my children's grades to be inculded as much as possible, and I MUST have a lesson plan. I do not want to use TOG. I know it's popular, and honestly I love the look of it. However, I become overwhelmed when I have to pick and choose from a list of choices. BTDT. This is why I MUST have a lesson plan. I like the look of Trisms, but I'm concerned that a leap from SL to a research-based curriculum might be too much. I think I would get short answers to questions and looks of frustration from my kids. Plus, Trisms would not incorporate my youngest child. Trisms, however, seems the right direction to go...... how do I get there from here? History Odyssey might do the trick. It's more research-based than SL, and it has lesson plans, but it still doesn't incorporate my youngest well. (It would be expensive and time-consuming to buy two levels). Diana Waring and Biblioplan provide the inculsion of the Lord. I haven't researched them enough yet to make any decisions. Thoughts??? Story of the World: Can I really use this for older kids? HOW???? This seems very elementary for the ages of my older kids. Omnibus? It certainly covers upper-level thinking, but it certainly does not incorporate younger grades. MFW? Two concerns: 1) We haven't really been following the classical history cycle, so I'm not sure where to begin. (We've used MOH vol. 1, SL3 and SL4. That's all. And, for some strange reason, my kids did not like MOH.) 2) Is MFW "rigorous" enough? I know it has a plan for 2nd-8th, but, if we started out in Year 2, would that be too easy for my older kids? I'm trying to BEEF UP their history. I read one post from a mom who suggested using TWEM or Teaching the Classics with SL to beef up the questions. Maybe that would work, and we would just go ahead with Cores 6-7 using Cores 1-2 with my youngest child. (Still, concerned there is ONLY reading and answering questions). I'm thinking since we will have completely covered US history with SL Cores 3-4, it would make sense to cover ancient and medievel history in the next two years and then my oldest will be ready for high school history. I like Notgrass, and MFW uses that. I'm leaning towards this plan. With that in mind, I'd love to hear from those of you who have used MFW high school. Do you feel it is rigorous enough? It's so new, I really haven't found any reviews. So, Is SL enough for jr. high? What would you recommend that is similar but is beefed-up that would make for a good transition to high school? There must be a perfect answer out there, right?:tongue_smilie:
  15. Thank you! I have not been able to see an example of Jacobs, and I was not sure about its complexity. I've read a lot of good about it though. Old Schoolhouse Magazine reviews say that if it had a detailed solutions manuel it would be the best textbook algebra program available. As far as pre-algebra, I've seen LoF, Lial's BCM, Aleks, MUS, (maybe a few others) the most used on this forum. I think I'm most drawn to LoF and Lial's, but I'd love some recommendations given our background of MUS for grades 1-5 and Horizons for grade 6. (I'm hesitant about LoF just because it looks too non-traditional, yet, the story form really seems to work for some. It might be just the kind of gentle approach we need.) What do you all recommend for pre-algebra?
  16. I'm researching options for algebra/geometry. My oldest used MUS for grades 1-5 and is using Horizons 6 this year. I think we'll need a pre-algebra course or maybe take 2 years to work through Alg. I. How does this progression sound?: Pre-Algebra: (grades 7-8) Either Jacobs Alg. I (up to 2 years) or Lial's BCM/Lof (1 year) (I also have Teaching Company's Basic Math, but haven't looked at that yet.) Geometry: (grade 9) Jacobs Alg. II (Grade 10) Foerster's Any thoughts? We need a gentle beginning for me and for my child. The biggest concern is the lack of a solutions manuel for Jacobs Alg. I. Does "Math Without Borders" work well with Jacobs? And, does it work to use this for 2 years instead of using a pre-algebra? Right now, I wouldn't say that we are actually ready for the abstract nature of algebra, but we are definitely making progress in Horizons. If we used LoF, I'm not sure which to use: decimals/fractions, beginning algebra, or the soon-to-be-released pre-algebra. What else would be good for pre-algebra? Can anyone advise?
  17. I'm researcing options for algebra/geometry. My oldest used MUS for grades 1-5 and is using Horizons 6 this year. I think we'll need a pre-algebra course or maybe take 2 years to work through Alg. I. How does this progression sound: Pre-Algebra: (grades 7-8) Either Jacobs Alg I (up to 2 years) or Lial's BCM/LoF Geometry: (grade 9) Jacobs Alg. II: (grade 10) Foersters Any thoughts? That is as far as I've gotten. We need a gentle beginning for me and for my child. The biggest concern is the lack of a solutions manuel for Jacobs alg. I. Does "Math without Boarders" work well with Jacobs? If we used LoF, I'm not sure which to use: decimals/fractions, beginning algebra, or the soon-to-be-released pre-algebra. What else would be good for pre-algebra? Can anyone advise?
  18. I feel like we'll probably need to do pre-algebra given our late switch to Horizons. We left MUS because of the mastery (vs. spiral) approach. I feel like we got behind. Maybe mastery is better with algebra, but I'm not sure I want to return to MUS. Instead, I've read that Lial's is self-explanatory and Forerster's is also "gentle". I like the idea of having dvd's available like Chalkdust offers. Life of Fred seems very popular, but I'm not sure how it compares to these other curricula. What pre-algebra do you all like the best?
  19. I have a 6th grader using Horizons Math (grade 6) for the first time. (We used MUS for grades 1-5). Since this is the last book in the Horizons series, will someone share with me what you went to after 6th grade Horizons?
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