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  1. Thanks. This was a very similar answer to the ones she heard at her school today. She has always thought she would choose general business, but the school is dissuading students from that major in preference to entrepreneurship. The school is also advising a finance minor. They told her that she would be more marketable with this because many people don't know how to run the financial side of business. Do you agree?
  2. Dd is a sophomore in college this year. She is trying to decide between these two majors. Her goal is to own her own business, but she also wants to be able to be employed to have a safety net. She is trying to find out if she should specialize (entrepreneurship major) or get a general business degree (no specialization). She could tack on a minor if that would translate into better job opportunities. It would be helpful to hear from experienced business owners/employers here who could give her some direction. Anyone?
  3. Angie, we have a golden and shepherd mix here. She is so, so sweet. Our dog loves to play a sort of hide and seek with us outside more than retrieve toys. This game involves running at top notch speed and also darting around and between us. She makes quick turns too. It is a fun game. Often, when we are all playing, she'll yelp and start to limp. It seems like she steps on something sharp, but when we check the paw on the hurt leg, there is never anything there. We do give her meds for her hips because she has a little arthritis in them, so I guess she could be hurting them somehow. When she yelps like this, it is a mystery figuring out what caused her pain. I think she is about 4-5 years old, so not terribly old yet. She has a lot of play in her still. Our dog usually recovers fairly quickly. She definitely goes through something quick and painful that causes a limp, but it only lasts maybe about 10-20 minutes. I don't think this is much help, but thought I would commiserate with you and bump your question back up.
  4. Ok, for the first sentence... "thinking about what his wife had just told him" I can see that being a participial phrase. Just help me with this... which adjective question proves that this is an adjective modifying "cob"? I see why "about" is a preposition and "what his wife had just told him" is a noun clause functioning as the object of the preposition. (I should have seen that! :001_smile: ) "he was beginning to work out a plan for his little son Louis" What threw me with this one is that "work out" could have been hyphenated (work-out) which would have been the object of the infinitive "to". For this one, the S/V is he/was beginning. Slanted under the verb should be the infinitive "to". The object of the infinitive is "work" and the DO is plan. Out is an adverb modifying work. Kinsa, I don't think I understand your comment. Seems like you are saying "to work" is both the infinitive and the DO. Would you help me understand what you mean? Yvonne, wouldn't the infinitive phrase be "to work out a plan"? Because (for his son Louis) is a prepositional phrase. "Sam...got (into bed), turned out the light, and lay there wondering why a dog always stretches when it wakes up. I agree with the subject (Sam), verb (turned), adverb (out), and DO (light). No questions. "(zoo) It has just about every creature that....." I agree with just and about being adverbs. Yvonne, thank you for asking the adverb questions that prove. That helped a lot. Again, thank you EVERYONE! Could you help me with the above just for clarification? :)
  5. Ellie, I was not sure if it was ok to directly quote the book like I did to ask my question.
  6. Whew! Thanks VERY much, ladies. I had to take ds for driving practice, and I'm just now looking at this. I'm going to have to chew on your answers and try to understand them. Give me a few minutes, and if I have questions, I'll post. I really appreciate your help!
  7. The Bees were just as sure that the treasure was theirs. I'm thinking that "just as" is used as an adverb. (How sure? Just as sure.) Would I treat the two words as one adverb? I cannot see separating the words to parse them individually. Any grammar people reading the boards today?
  8. The Bees were just as sure that the treasure was theirs. I'm thinking that "just as" is used as an adverb. (How sure? Just as sure.) Would I treat the two words as one adverb? I cannot see separating the words to parse them individually. Any grammar people reading the boards today?
  9. I have used this Daytimer calendar for years. I love it! This one is blue, but it also comes in a tan leather color which is the color I like best. On the inside each monthly view includes margins with sections titled "To Do", "Contacts", and "Notes". These are handy and get used all the time. I love all the paper in the back: lined, graph, and plain white. I use this Daytimer for more than a calendar. I take random notes in it, and I keep it with me for phone call notes. For example, when I was shopping for tires a few months ago, I kept a written record of who I called, their phone number, and tire details. This is a wonderful tool. I love paper calendars. https://www.amazon.com/Day-Timer-Appointment-Wirebound-Essentials-45225/dp/B01DQMSP4G/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1494515244&sr=8-6&keywords=2017+daytimer This is the description on Amazon: Designed for people who use both paper and electronics - full year of tabbed 2-Page-Per-Month calendar pages plus lined note section, graph pages, and perforated blank notes Wrap-around blue debossed leather-like cover - creates a professional appearance for work or home use Lined Notes - 26 sheets/52 pages; Graph Pages - 25 sheets/50 pages; Blank Perforated pages - 32 sheets/64 pages Dimensions: 9-1/8" x 11-1/8" x 5/8" - Notebook size 5 wire-bound page: 8-1/2" x 11" Printed on quality paper containing 30% post-consumer waste; Made in the USA
  10. Yep. I agree. I would just like to avoid hunting for these source documents. I was hoping someone here could tell me about such a resource. Thank you for helping!
  11. As inexpensive as possible. I would not exceed $30 and that may even be too much.
  12. Amy, I really appreciate your offer! I tried looking at samples at IEW, but they did not show any. Christian Bood Distributors did have sample pages! This class I'm researching for will focus on grammar, copywork/dictation, and narrative summaries during first semester. In January, I want to focus on outlining nonfiction and writing a simple paragraph from an outline. At first glance, this IEW source document looks like a true possibility. I see two potential problems. First, there is no way I can cover all the stories in a semester. I'm not sure how to go about picking/choosing the stories. Second, I wanted to keep instruction simple by asking, "What is the most important thing in this paragraph, and why is it important?". I think trying to teach all the IEW concepts may make the writing semester unnecessarily complicated. Third, I have to fit writing into the co-op schedule of one teaching day per week. We are not going to write essays. In fact, the goal is to learn how to write one paragraph. Well, based on what you know, would this IEW source book fit what I need? I'm all ears.
  13. Thank you for the suggestions, Imrich. What you are suggesting is sort of my Blan B. It would just cut citation work for me if I could find one good resource. SJ, I'm interested in nonfiction.
  14. She is our baby!!! :) She is a golden/ German shepherd mix, and her personality favors the golden breed. She is the sweetest dog in the world, but so scared of thunder and beeping. I have this Oster and love it, but the beeping is very loud and can't be turned off. Definitely don't get this one! You are so sweet to think of your dog's comfort. :thumbup1:
  15. Thank you, Redsquirrel! It is a funny thing that we buy such awesome appliances only to realize that we never really needed them in the first place! :) And then we have to find a place to store them!
  16. Redsquirrel, when you say that the stand mixer does more than knead dough and keep it at a good temp, would you elaborate? I haven't used a stand mixer. We have my dh's grandmother's stand mixer, and he uses it to make homemade pizza dough. I just thought a bread machine would do that and so much more. Plus, I've used a bread machine and enjoy walking away after dumping the ingredients into it and returning to a fresh, hot, yummy-smelling load of bread.
  17. SJ, I have used WWS Vol. 1 with one of my children, and I really loved how SWB taught writing. The co-op class is different. We will only meet once-a-week, and the students are of different grades/skill levels. I would love to find source documents that we can outline. Years ago, I listened to Susan's "Middle School Writing" where she very simply asked, "What is the most important part in this paragraph, and why is it important?" This was how she taught first level outlining. Then she went on to describe how to do second and third level outlining. IEW teaches very differently. They teach a key-word outline. I've used IEW as well. Either one will teach outlining, but I do like the simplicity of Susan's way if I could just find resources to use. That is what I'm struggling to find. I must be making this more difficult than it really is. This is why I started looking at DK Eyewitness books. Then I broke down and began looking at outline-teaching books. Maybe I could choose my own topics and print out Wikipedia articles? I need to check on this. Or maybe I can Google topics and print out reports. I'm just not sure what the copyright issues are. If I could find an inexpensive book on an interesting topic, that would be the best thing. Could you suggest the sources online you are referring to?
  18. I had no idea IEW offered source texts. I wish I could see samples, but I've used IEW for years, and I can imagine what they look like. Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I's still looking because the end goal of the class is for the kids to learn how to write a really good paragraph. Writing 5-paragraph essays is absolutely not the goal. As long as I could stick to my goals, this might work.
  19. Thanks, ladies! Would you all please tell me the model of your machines if the beeping is low/quiet? I would like to be able to look at them. KungFuPanda, would I use a bread machine recipe with the mixer? Feels silly to ask. It's so easy to dump ingredients in the machine and walk away. Seems like using a mixer would be more work, but you're right about avoiding the obnoxious beeping.
  20. No, unfortunately this is not the case. That is a great idea, but the kids will be different ages and grades taking all different courses. I had also considered for each student to bring their own history/science books to learn to outline, but I think it is more important to have the same book and learn together. I am checking out the books that teach outlining just to see what is available. It's not really what I want to do, but it might get the job done. Thanks for trying!
  21. Thank you, Bluemongoose. Honestly, I think that is the case with most of the machines. I figured this would be the best place to ask to find out. Several of the machines on Amazon are priced very reasonably. I used to have a double-batch bread machine years ago, and dh and I really enjoyed the home-made bread. Thought it would be fun for our kids to enjoy one now especially since one can be had for less than $100. Hoping the bump back up to the top will give others a chance to reply. :)
  22. I would like one for making bread, of course, but also pizza dough. And...one that does not beep (or has the option to turn the beeper off). Our dog really stresses at loud noises like beeping and thunder. I had to turn the beeper off on my Instant Pot because she reacted so badly to it.
  23. I need to find something simple, interesting, and cheap. This is for 7th-9th graders who need to learn basic outlining and writing from an outline. The resource that has come closest to what I'm looking for is DK Eyewitness books. They are just meaty enough and interesting enough to use, but I don't like the formatting. The text follows the outline of the pictures and just doesn't look like real paragraphs. Also, a page is likely to only have one huge paragraph packed with information. I would rather have several short paragraphs of text so we can ask, "What was the most important/most interesting thing in this paragraph?" I have decided to look for a book each student can buy so that we all have the same information handy. (I had considered trying to take excerpts from encyclopedias I have at home, but it would be much easier if I can just find a decent book to use.) Parents have to purchase the books, so cost is a definite factor. The content needs to "hook" the students' interest. Colorful pictures are not really important to me. The goal is understanding the text. Encyclopedia articles have plenty of information but also have somewhat distracting pictures. Yet, if I were to steer away from encyclopedias which automatically come with a wide variety of interesting information, I feel like I have to pick a topic and look for a book on that topic, and that feels kind of risky depending on the interests of the individual students.. I also don't want one of those books that teach outlining. I want a "real" book- something the students can read, pick out the best information, write their outlines, and write paragraphs. By the end of the semester, they need to be able to apply outlining/writing skills to anything they are studying. What have you used to teach outlining?
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