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  1. Dd has a school assignment that has led her to this question. We have not been able to find an example, and she would like to know if any of you can help her. Do you know of a true-life example where a group of people gave their lives to save one person? The fictional example is Saving Private Ryan. Thanks very much for any help! :)
  2. Swiss cheese is the lowest sodium cheese that I have found. Also, Ezekiel 49 bread is a no sodium sliced bread. You can find it in the freezer section of Whole Foods grocery store. My family jokes that it is made out of "saw dust", but it opened up my world to more food choices. My favorite sandwich has been a slice of tomato with avacado, lettece and swiss cheese on my sawdust bread! YUM! Oh, also low salt peanut butter is quite good once you acquire a taste for low-sodium food. These have all been lifesavers for me as I have had to watch sodium for the last year or so. Do read labels. I have found that at least certain can veges that say "Low Sodium" have much higher salt content than those that say "No Salt Added". Of course, fresh is best.
  3. For years, I've used a plastic "hospital" tub with a trash can plastic liner to hold thawing meat in my refrigerator. I can have the week's meat in the process of thawing as I cook the most thawed first. This helps take a little of the guess work out of figuring out what's for dinner. It does take up a bit of room, but the only mess is thrown away with the plastic liner which gets changed regularly. The tub stays clean as does my refrigerator. Years ago and with a different refrigerator, I also used one of the drawers to thaw meat. I like this way better.
  4. Thank you, ladies! I'll give them all a look. I appreciate your help!
  5. I am trying to find a grammar reference book for the junior high age group. Think of a grammar text book minus the written exercises. The closest book to this description that I have found is English Grammar Recitation by Cheryl Lowe: https://www.amazon.com/English-Grammar-Recitation-Cheryl-Lowe/dp/1615382186 I want my students to be able to learn the eight parts of speech as well as simple capitalization/punctuation rules. This reference book would be an easy go-to resource to find simply-written definitions/explanations and a few examples without practice exercises cluttering the information. Oh, and it needs to be reasonably priced.... say, less than $10. Can anyone make recommendations?
  6. Pit is a favorite here. Lots of laughs!!! It is a simple card game. Nothing to set up. Just deal the cards and place the bell in the middle of the group.
  7. Anything with Don Knotts.... The Apple Dumpling Gang The Ghost and Mr. Chicken The Incridible Mr. Limpet
  8. https://www.scanpan.com/ I have these. They are expensive, but they come with a lifetime warranty. If you don't cook with high heat, they have nonstick qualities. If the heat is too high, however, food will stick to the pans. I love the clear, glass lids. This is great quality cookware... an investment. I would buy them again if I had to make the decision over again.
  9. I had Mom's Night Out in mind as I hovered over your title and read the first few words... The other one my family LOVES is Love Comes Softly. I would not say it is funny in the same sense as MNO, but it is very wholesome. It is about a young couple in the early 1800s? who travel by horse and buggy to start a new life together on the western frontier. The only "violence" is the young husband falls from his horse and dies. You don't see that happen, but you do see him when he is found. The rest of the story is how the young wife finds her place in a very unfamiliar place without her husband. It has a WONDERFUL ending, and the entire movie is very,very well done. There is a chance that this movie is more emotional than you want, so maybe preview? It does have funny parts for sure, but it is more of a drama- not a comedy.
  10. No, this is a student in jr. high. I asked on the high school board because I know you all have years of expreience and have proofread enough to have seen it all. :)
  11. Thank you, Regentrude and Debbie! So thankful to be able to ask quick questions like this and get help on the spot! :)
  12. Thanks, Debbie. Can either of you state the rule or link to one? I only found rules joining two independent clauses. I never found anything that directly kinked to joining three. I also found a rule to support what Regentrude said about using a semicolon to separate sentences when a comma is used after an introductory word.
  13. Thanks, Regentrude. I agree with you. I am proof reading a paragraph and trying to decide how to comment on the sentence.
  14. Steve walked to the store, and he bought some milk, but he forget the eggs. I've tried to find a comma rule to help, but I have not found an example ro fit this kind of sentence. My thinking? I would have used a comma between store and and. Then I would have used a semi colon between milk and but. The rule would be use a semicolon to join independent clauses when there is an internal comma. Which is correct.... all commas or semicolon and comma?
  15. I'm laughing inside- with you. :) The night I was going over linking vs being verbs was crazy. I have taught these to my kids. I know them for goodness sake. But that night, I found myself in circular thought, and I could not resolve my questions. I've seen the other verbs as linking verbs- not being verbs. Use your own test; it applies. Some of the other verbs can be action verbs in the right context, tho. I appreciate your reply. Thanks very much for your help!
  16. Thank you, DebbS! We are learning so much from everyone's personal experience. Thanks for sharing yours!
  17. Thank you, Stily! I agree. I think it does depend on the context. I have owned FLL. I have what is left of one book after using the student pages, and I have NO idea where those are now We used this book years ago. I need to see if that is the book I have I went to bed thinking how I would explain these verbs..... Being verbs are forms of the verb "be" and include am, is, are, was, were, be,being, been. They function in two ways: as being verbs and as linking verbs. You must determine how the being verb is used in the sentence to tell which one it is. Examples: You are in your room. (Being) I am tall. (Linking) This seems much better this morning than last night. It was confusing not to be able to Google the difference between being and linking verbs. I do not understand why I could not get a clear online answer because there is a difference between them. I need to be able to explain this difference next week. I think verbs of be are used much more as linking verbs, and that was part of my problem. I tried to write a few simple sentences with being verbs last night that turned out to be linking verbs. It was then that I knew I needed to put it away and go to bed! :) If anyone else has a better explanation, please chime in.
  18. I think this is something I should know. I feel a little silly for asking, but I'm finding it hard to distinguish between being and linking verbs. These are two really different kinds of verbs, right? I've read a few web sites that indicate they are the same thing. The best definition for verbs that I've seen is in FLL by Jessie Wise: "A verb is a word that does and action, shows a state of being, links two words together, or helps another verb." I've tried to Google my question, but I'm not getting a clear answer. What I'm reading is the being verbs are linking verbs and vise versa. So, when is a being verb NOT a linking verb? How would you distinguish between the two of them? I can write, "I am here." This is a sentence with the being verb "am". "Am" can't be a linking verb in this sentence. But this leads me to think that the vast majority of being verbs are used as linking verbs the majority of time. It is late, and I'm not thinking clearly. I need to sleep, but this is bothering me. Can anyone shine a light on this for me?
  19. Yes, I so agree with you last couple of sentences given the conversation she and I had today. It wasn't bad necessarily, but we were discussing long-term decisions that were nearly impossible to make at this point. As for the organization of retail space job, I sort of thought that would be related in a way to marketing. She and I began wondering about that degree since it seems to be one of the more creative of the business degrees. I'll let her read your suggestions, and if she has other questions, I'll post here again. I'm beginning to see how long-term careers are built from a variety of experiences. She may just need to work retail a while before she has an idea of what she may really want to do. Because she is going to have to declare a major sometime this semester, I was trying to help her pick either general business or entrepreneurship with a minor-finance, marketing, or something else.This seemed like a simple thing to research, but somehow the issue mushroomed causing the perception that she needs to know exactly what she is going to be doing in 5 years such that she has to know exactly what to do now. Do you hear the creshendo? The pressure? We are so appreciative for your help. You've given us so many good things to think about! :)
  20. Jdahlquist, If she were selling her own product, I think she would be fine. Overall, she would enjoy interacting with customers. She would most enjoy a quaint, small specialty type store. She is an introvert by nature, but she functions with the public fine as long as she gets down time. I don't think she would enjoy retail long term though. So, I'm asking her what she sees herself doing in 3, 5, and10 years from now. She isn't sure when she considers this question. She is fine with starting in retail to get her foot in the door. Her first love is going to be owning her own business. Apart from that, I could see her doing something like the remodel project the guy did to my friend's kitchen shop. Dd is a creative person, but she blends that very well with being practical (more business-like). I don't know if I am asking the right question, but is there a market for someone to reorganize a business with the goal of improving sales? This seems to be the type of job she needs to research. It is a combination of creativity and business. And... you are right. When it comes down to the bottom line, she finds numbers (the finance side) very unlikeable. She is good at math, but she just doesn't enjoy it. She is a great organizer, and she has an eye for making a place look nice. We just need to find a place for this kind of thing in the business world. Again, thanks so much for your continued help.
  21. You know, years ago, I worked at a retail store. We sold mostly high-end kitchen products and accessories- from cookware to dinnerware to some small appliances to pretty towels and aprons. We had everything from the practical to the extravagant. The owner decided that she needed to remodel her store, and she hired a professional who gutted the place and rebuilt the inside so that when all the products were brought back in the whole store sparkled. He not only planned for displays, but he also reorganized storage so that replacing stock was easy. I don't know what you would call this kind of job, but dd sort of lit up when I told her about it. Obviously, the point of the remodel was to increase sales by making the product shine and making it impossible not to buy. Dd is an organizer just by nature, and she loves to build beautiful pieces and create a beautiful room. She does NOT want to be an interior decorator. She feels the business end is the more important part to learn. Based on what this man did with my friend's kitchen shop, I see how the creative side and the business side can handshake, but how would a person prepare for this kind of job? What would dd major in to do something like this? She just read your response above, and she feels drawn to the idea/product development side of business and she also likes the part about attaining the materials/supplies to make the product. If there is any other detail you could add to these, we would love to research these topics further. Jdahiquist, thank you so much for all your help!
  22. I really appreciate all the input! Yes, she would like to own her own business one day. She has been making small furniture items and wall hangings. If you think about the ways Joanna Gains decorates houses that she and Chip remodel, you have a vision for the style of product my dd enjoys building. She has made really beautiful pieces. The beauty of a business degree is that she could have her own business, but if anything happened to her business and she needed a job, she would not have trouble being employed. I do have a follow-up question. As she and I were talking about being a business major today, we found ourselves gravitating toward retail business- that retail is the most common type of business. I used to work retail years ago, but I did not like the weekend and holiday work. I don't think she would like that either in the long run. I know there are other fields where a business major would want to work, but I'm having trouble coming up with a list. I hope this isn't a silly question to ask... Would you all just spark some ideas and help us begin thinking in other directions? In what ways would a business degree be put to practical use other than retail?
  23. Really, I'm not sure. I'll pass your advice on, though. Would you mind explaining why you would do this? Thanks verymuch for answering. :)
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