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  1. I refuse to use a blanket or hooter hider if I can at all help it. Periodically, I will use a sling, but not often. People can look away if they are uncomfortable. More often than not, most people don't even know I'm nursing.
  2. They will run through the first books fast, but it's entirely possible that they will learn something new in each of the books.
  3. I am using the LOF Elementary books as a supplement. I think they can be used as a primary program, but it would involve more work on my part. Since I'm not willing to do that, I'm using it as a supplement. My two oldest dd's have used Fractions on up as a standalone curriculum. The oldest did not do the Pre-Algebra books because they didn't exist. The second oldest did the Pre-Algebra books. She did them mostly for fun, but she is gets math. I plan to continue to use LOF as a standalone curriculum as long as it works.
  4. I had to respond to this. We are in week 23. <sigh> I think we can get finished through Unit 3 by the end of June. No telling how much of Unit 4 we will get done in July/August. We have two weeks of swim lessons for the littles, a week of church camp, speech camp and debate camp the first week of August. We'll see how it goes...
  5. This has happened a few times with my girls. My older dd would either ask her dad or Dr. Schmidt. Often, it was something simple she overlooked. My younger dd goes to Kahn Academy to watch one of the videos for clarification on something she doesn't understand. She just started Advanced Algebra and has been to Kahn Academy more often since started the AA.
  6. One of my daughter's went directly from the Fractions and Decimals and Percents books to Beginning Algebra.
  7. For some reason, I hadn't thought to have this on my daughter's computer. Thanks! I had been printing out each week for her to read. Most of the assignments so far (we are ending week 11), seem to be written on her own paper.
  8. I schedule it. I do two to three loads of laundry a day. One of the children is assigned to fold it and the others are to put it away. Dishes are done after each meal. Kitchen clean up happens after the evening meal. If it doesn't happen then, they have to wake up early to do it. In theory, we do 8 or 9 weeks on, with a 1 week break in between. I'm learning that this isn't enough. We need more like 4 weeks on, 1 week off. During that 1 week, we do the clothes changing, the deep cleaning, the trips, etc. I also try to schedule a 4 day week. Then, we try to get it done in 6
  9. I've been doing this, too, though not consciously. LOL If I don't do the same thing for everyone, even though I have a schedule written out, I forget it for one or the other of them. I like how once we have something done, it's done.
  10. I am currently teaching my 13 yo (8/9th grade), 10 yo (5th), 7 yo (3rd), with my 2 yo and 10 month old as tagalongs. My eldest is 16, a junior, and is at a two day a week private school. She does homework at home on the other 4 days a week. It is chaotic and hectic. I do laundry 3 days a week. I use the crockpot as much as I can. We eat breakfast together and while the girls eat lunch, I run errands or do something around the house that I can't do while they need me. We finish late in the day. I try to keep the 2 yo occupied, but she is rather precocious and into everything. Ther
  11. Dr. Bauer, My 13 yo dd has been working through the WWS sample and she has really enjoyed it. I am seeing improvement and we are only on week 5. Thank you so very much for making this available to us ahead of time. Susie
  12. I'm pretty sure that you won't receive a response for some time now that the hurricane has been through the area where the Peace Hill Press office is located. The picture I saw showed a tree on top of the electrical wires connecting PHP with the rest of the world.
  13. I had my bright 13 yo look at the WWS pdf of the first 7 weeks and she was very excited about it. I did not mention what level/age/grade this was for. She is doing quite a bit of high school level work, but is going to be using WWS and AAL this year.
  14. When our house flooded, I lost all the CD's and the print versions of everything I had for TOG. Frankly, I wasn't that great at keeping track of them before the flood. After the flood, I now have everything on DE and will be upgrading my years as we get to them to the DE. Should we have another flood, I won't have to worry about all the $ I have spent on TOG as I can just redownload what I have purchased. It's a big hoorah for me.
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