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  1. I learn by watching others do painting. I like motivating videos & think they the best option for me. I do agree with Laurie about using the tubes, good brushes & quality paper for painting. I have updated the above post and added a video on painting a simple flower. Also see these lovely pink roses painted by Trevor Waugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAvvP-pb6CQ
  2. Hi, It took my (preschool) children, about a month to learn the alphabet using these Alphabet Colouring Sheets (pdf)
  3. Hi, Re: Key to Ray's New Arithmetics (Primary, Intellectual & Practical) by Mott Media Just to let others know if they are in the same place as me, we spotted a mistake in the answers for Intellectual Arithmetic lesson 29 (XXIX) third part of Qu.9, ans should be 50/90 instead of 80/90. In lesson 30 (XXX), the first answer to question no.10, should be 1 1/10 instead of 4/5. Well, at least one positive thing is it forces us to think and revise more and not take the answers for granted. I am changing some answers in the book, wherever any little space allows me to, but I think we need to create a new RA correction book. If anyone comes across any more errors, please do let me know which questions they are. Regards & God Bless!
  4. Hi This is a very nice thread :) I have so much to learn and may have some questions, but first need to know whether the questions get answered here online, or in SW videos?
  5. So far my kids have been following the RA books and my kids have gained a lot of knowledge, but I have recently noticed in the Mott Media version to Key to New Intellectual Arithmetic, some of the answers are incorrect. Has anyone else come across this problem?
  6. I've now bought Oxford refill pads, from Rymans. No ink bleeding through the lined paper! :)
  7. I don't know what has happened to the quality of paper these days! I am looking for lined paper or notebooks, from UK where the ink from fountain pens will not bleed through. Has anyone got any suggestions? Although the quality is important, we're not writing to the Queen, it's for the children's own handwriting, copywork & dictation. Regards :)
  8. Those links for Ray's Arithmetic are now obsolete. Try these: Ray's New Primary Arithmetic http://archive.org/details/raysnewprimarya00raygoog Ray's New Intellectual Arithmetic http://archive.org/details/raysnewintellect00rayjrich Ray's New Practical Mathematics http://archive.org/details/raysnewpractica00raygoog Key to New Intellectual and Practical http://archive.org/details/keytoraysnewari00raygoog Ray's New Higher Arithmetic http://archive.org/details/raysnewhigherar00hillgoog Key to New Higher http://archive.org/details/keytoraysnewhig01raygoog Ray's New Test Examples in Arithmetic http://archive.org/details/raysnewtestexamp00rayjrich There are still further books by Joseph Ray: Ray's New Elementary Algebra: http://archive.org/details/newelementaryal00raygoog Ray's New Higher Algebra http://archive.org/details/cu31924031285806 Ray's Test Problems in Algebra: http://archive.org/details/testproblemsina00raygoog Ray's Plane & Solid Geometry: http://archive.org/details/cu31924031307733 Ray's Geometry & Trigonometry http://ia700409.us.archive.org/35/items/treatiseongeomet00tapprich/treatiseongeomet00tapprich.pdf http://openlibrary.org/books/OL13507523M/Treatise_on_geometry_and_trigonometry Ray's Analytic Geometry: http://openlibrary.org/books/OL6932287M/A_treatise_on_analytic_geometry Ray's Elements of Astronomy: http://archive.org/details/elementsofastro00peab More info on Ray's books :@ http://www.dollarhomeschool.com/raysarithmetic/
  9. Two things I consider important: 1. Writing must be seen as something enjoyable & interesting. 2, Handwriting must not be rushed. My children write in cursive all the time. I recently caught my dd saying she was practising her manuscript because she 'forgot' how to write in print! I suppose that sounds more like good news to me that her cursive has become her normal writing. In the beginning, while the kids were learning cursive, I always wrote out their narration in pencil for them and they traced over my handwriting. Now they write their own work in their handwriting. For spacing, I reminded them to keep one little finger space between words. If their writing gets sloppy at any time, I discuss what went wrong and I ask them to re-write it again. Drawing & painting, has helped my kids write better. Encourage him to be creative and do his own drawing s & paintings Do see 'Draw Write Now' for more tips, by Marie Hablitzel. Best Wishes
  10. Let it go. Try living books - good quality literature. TWTM has lists of great reading resources at the end of each grade level & section. SCM has information on living books & twaddle here: http://simplycharlot...3/time-to-read/ http://simplycharlot...ddle-too-often/ http://simplycharlot...f-a-good-story/ http://simplycharlot...-a-connoisseur/
  11. I think in classical education, the child is supposed to write neatly each letter he learns, correctly from the very first time, which means as he continues the child's writing should be getting more neater, with very few corrections. See copywork here: http://simplycharlot...ubject-part-11/ If your child has got scruffy writing, ask him to write neatly each time and try giving him shorter passages, it will take time to get out of this habit, but be patient with him. I always emphasised to my children that handwriting must always be neat, beautiful and to write each letter carefully right from the beginning. I asked them to copy and write one interesting sentence, neatly (in manuscript) from the books they read. When they started using McGuffey's First Reader, I introduced the cursive script. I gave them a cursive alphabet sheet which I wrote out myself by hand in pencil. All the upper case and lower case letters were large, to trace over. I wrote out a similar sheet using smaller letters and I gave them an extra cursive alphabet printout to look at for practising daily and to improve writing the letters at least once a day. They did this without me, but I had to watch them when they were writing down their narrations (in ink). I kept a few blank labels, which I stuck over if they misspelled a word and then asked them to re-write the correct word. They learnt very quickly to value neat writing and now have neat handwriting with very few corrections. I hope your son will soon enjoy having good handwriting skills. Best Wishes
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I agree with both of you and these are inter-related. From SCM, narration (telling back) is synonymous to oral composition, so writing it down then may mean, written composition: http://simplycharlot...ts/composition/ According to TWTM, narration helps how much a child retains & understands what is being read. It develops the child's vocabulary, his power of expression and lays a foundation for good writing. In FLL, narration helps a child to comprehend spoken language and formulate his thoughts for original written composition. Sharon Shafer says outlining can be another form of narration: http://simplycharlot...utlining-skills TWTM has included some resources outlining here: http://www.welltrain...ning-resources/ I'm concluding that reading a passage and asking questions helps a child to think & to comprehend, to narrate and to compose their writing. Best Wishes
  13. Thanks for the links. Yes, the fabric designs are beautiful, just like the old stencil arts. I meant printing, sorry Stripe, been looking at too many paintings! These were hand made: http://www.4living.c...fe-Ottoman.html Ottoman designs:
  14. Pick the most important subjects, & resources you think you need. Try planning a schedule as suggested in the Well Trained Mind Book. There's more on how to schedule here: http://simplycharlottemason.com/2008/03/19/the-big-picture/ http://simplycharlottemason.com/store/planning-your-charlotte-mason-education/ If you follow through, you will know which resources & topics to drop, which are the most important for your child's interests & the time you have available to use those during the year.
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