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  1. I have a rising Senior and we are new to homeschooling. She just switched from public school midyear of her junior year. So right now, I am kind of overwhelmed by the stuff to do. I am working on her transcript, which is weird since it is all from the public school, CC where she is now dual enrolled, and co-op. Trying to get her motivated on college stuff without causing too much anxiety. She just decided to continue at the CC the first year, in which she will complete her AA degree, then transfer to local State U for Elem Ed. She has taken ACT, will retake for better score in October. I am a little nervous about her decision, simply that if she doesn't apply anywhere else and changes her mind, it may be too late, so I am trying to make peace with that. Cheryl
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  3. So DD didn't begin homeschooling until Dec of her Jr. year. Our homeschool didn't exist before then. She did two years at local high school, 1 block credit from first half of Jr. year she was able to finish. So when I create her transcript from our homeschool, does it just begin/include the things she did from the homeschool? Therefore she would need to send 2 transcripts to colleges? Actually would it be 3 since she is dual enrolled? Trying to get this together, she is going to be applying before I know it! Thanks, Cheryl
  4. My DD is a rising senior. She took the ACT in April, she has a 25 composite, 25 on all by math which was 23. These will most likely get her into the schools she wants. She has a 3.8 unweighted from P.S. and a 4.0 from her dual enrolled classes. She is scheduled to take SAT also. First, she has dealt with severe anxiety issues this year (left PS to homeschool due to this). She was being switched between meds, NOT sleeping, and extremely wound up about the ACT when she took it. She is not thrilled about taking the SAT. She scored significantly better on pre-ACT Plan test than she did on pre-SAT. All the schools she is looking at take ACT or SAT and don't stress any preference. I had never even heard of ACT when I went college, it was an SAT only area, so it seems weird to me to not take it. So, do we cancel the SAT (which she would like) and have her do prep and tutoring for a retake of the ACT to improve scores? A 2 point raise in scores will result in 3-4K per year merit aid at the private schools she is looking at? Make her take both and compare which to retest in? Advice would be appreciated! Cheryl
  5. We are just beginning homeschooling my DD who is a junior. She is withdrawing from public hs, starts 2 classes at local CC next week and others through co-op and at home. As far as credits for her high school transcript, does a 3 semester hour course count as 1 high school credit or .5 credit for her transcript? The friend who homeschools all her kids (oldest is a jr also) said a semester class is .5 credit. Everywhere else I look I see it recommended to count as 1 credit. The only thing I have found that is state specific is from 2 different counties in the state saying that their public school students get 1 credit per 3-5 hour semester course. (I am still combining a composition course with a lit course to count as high school English) So, what do y'all do? Thanks! Cheryl
  6. My DD, 11th grade, is withdrawing from public school to homeschool. She will complete her one block class, chemistry, when school resumes next week and have that credit on her public high school transcript. The rest of her year long classes will not show on the transcript as they are not completed. We are outsourcing most classes and she started US History and Composition at local college and Literature and Algebra 2 at co-op next week also. She will have completed credits for Chem, English, History and Math for jr year, as well as electives in music, Bible and Logic. The question is what to do about the incomplete classes. She will not be taking midterms in those classes (decision made due to the overlap of starting college classes and ending the semester at p.s.) and those classes will not show on her transcript. Should I even include them on her transcript when I make it? It seems to me that I can't call it a 1/2 credit since she didn't complete the semester and I can't back anything up with grades and wouldn't 1/2 credit of what should be full credit classes look weird. Also, she won't need the credits to fulfill any requirements. Advice would be helpful! Thanks! Cheryl
  7. So we are just now beginning to homeschool, DD 16 is withdrawing next week after her block class finals and starts homeschooling, with some courses at local college and co-op. She has asked for a Bible class. I would like to find something that works through the tenets of Christianity (we are conservative, evangelical Baptists), foundations of theology for Christians, not so much denominational (if that makes sense). Any other suggestions? This would be a .5 credit elective for a semester. It does need to be something she can do on her own with weekly discussion time with me. (I am a full time teacher and also in grad school, so time is precious!) Thanks for the help!
  8. Thank you all for your replies. As I just replied above, it is the "label only" gf/bf thing here, for most kids. And honestly, I think the appeal to her is more that everyone else is "going out" with someone. That said, she is also the voice of reason to many of her friends with the relationship drama, pointing out that they deserve so much better than this garbage so why bother with it. We do have a no dating until they are older rule. I not sure we have ever established an actual diffinative age for that, I'm not sure 16 is when either of my kids would be ready, but she does know it isn't until at least that age. I think that I will encourage her to turn him down nicely, maybe a "My parents don't allow me to date yet, but having friends is great. Check back when we are 16" kind of thing. And I agree, encouraging her to have this boy as a friend, he is welcome to hang out here, etc., is probably a good way to head off the "secret" email/fb/texting relationships.;) Cheryl
  9. For the majority of kids here, this is what it means. Be my girlfriend, mostly it seems to me for the purpose of having a bf/gf, but we don't actually go anywhere. She has one friend who's parents let her and her boyfriend go to the movies together and according to friend, they sit in the back and kiss. DD reaction to that is "no way, gross." :) (so glad we are still there.)
  10. My dd, 13, came upstairs last night to talk to me. She received a FB friend request and message from a boy on her Battle of the Books team asking her out. I read it later, it was kind of sweet. He wanted to know if she would go out with him because thinks she is so nice. (Of course, then I wanted to reach through the screen and smack him upside the head, what is he doing asking my baby girl out. :eek:) I really don't know how to handle this. DD was asking me what to do. I feel really hypocritical because at 13 I wanted to "go out" with a boy. But now, I just don't see the point. Thankfully, she hasn't been boy crazy like some of her friends. I don't like it, but I don't want to forbid her, but I certainly don't like the idea. I look at it like this: where is this going? You are either going to be with this boy forever, get married, have a family, etc or you are going to end up breaking up, probably hurting your heart and friendship. I just don't think that is how God designed us. Any advice from teh BTDT crowd??? Cheryl
  11. This happened to us last month. I called the phone company, was told that they let a third party add something to my bill, but I had to take care of it. Boy was I steamed! Total scam. After I contacted the third party to have the account credited, then I found out I can't block third party access to my account until the credits have reached my account. This was in the midst of some other billing issues with CenturyLink, so the whole thing left such a bad taste we contacted them about discontinuing home phone service and switching to our cell phones. They are a public utility, so you may want to report it to the PUC. I'm sure it is legal, but still a bad practice.
  12. "Because someone studied it and told us that this is the best way – nay, the only way. And it looks good on paper. Well. So does socialism. " This is where she lost me. Looking back at the method of education that was used for centuries, seeing that it worked and saying, "this will still work" is not the same thing as saying this idea looks good on paper, which implies it hasn't been tried successfully. Socialism is more than something that looks good on paper. It has been tried. Not very successfully. Secondly, don't you just love it when the liberty, not legalism viewpoint gets so legalistic about not being legalistic. :glare: I am curious, (seriously not intending to be snarky, this is an area I have never really looked into) is there much research to support the idea of unschooling being superior?
  13. My kids are in PS and I work at the elementary school and here is what I see... At the elementary age, most friends are limited to the kids in your class. Birthday parties are mostly made up of the kids from the childs class. It is just hard to have much interaction with kids outside your class. My DS has a couple good friends outside his class, but they are from scouts, etc and the friendships are maintained outside of school. There are a lot of parents who don't have the same values that I do. I don't mean to be judgemental, I am truely more incredulous at what some of the kids I work with talk about watching on tv, music they listen to, etc. First graders telling me about Jason movies, 4th and 5th grade girls watching shows I dont' let my 13 yo watch. So, when you put your child in a bubble of the other 20 or kids the spend their day with, you can't help but have your child come home having picked up a lot of 'knowledge' from their peers. And it can be a great point of discussion, or it can be a lot to deprogram. The social thing at school isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Same group of kids all day, about 45 minutes of the day that is allowed for social time. Any other time the kids get written up for talking when they shouldn't be. I'm all for teaching responsiblity, but at our school, the list of rules is getting out of control (but unfortunatly, they are needed overall to maintain control because their is such a vast spectrum of what kids see as acceptable behavior) and I dont' like me kid being written up, having to walk an extra lap at recess for irresponsible behavior (forgetting to get snack out at the beginning of the day). It seems that schools are moving farther away from teaching children to trying to mold minature adults. So yeah, in a heartbeat, I would take them out and let them grow up in a bubble of my design. Because really, we all live in our own bubbles, our own normal boundaries. But we generally design those for ourselves and our families. Tell DH you want a bubble, just the one that you two design for your kids.
  14. Hi all, I figure someone here can save me a lot of research time. :001_smile: My DD 13 is in 7th, PS. She is in acclereated math, so pre-algebra this year. I have noticed that there are some areas she is still struggling with and I worry about her going into Algebra without getting this stuff down. Of the top of my head, I can think of Percentages, multiplication and division of fractions, positive and negative numbers, etc. I want to find something to use this summer to work on this, review, cement those facts/processes, etc. Something with instructions for me (it is sad just how much I had to look things up to understand what she was being taught. :tongue_smilie: I am the mathy one in this family!) Any suggestions? Thanks Cheryl
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