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  1. I have a rising Senior and we are new to homeschooling. She just switched from public school midyear of her junior year. So right now, I am kind of overwhelmed by the stuff to do. I am working on her transcript, which is weird since it is all from the public school, CC where she is now dual enrolled, and co-op. Trying to get her motivated on college stuff without causing too much anxiety. She just decided to continue at the CC the first year, in which she will complete her AA degree, then transfer to local State U for Elem Ed. She has taken ACT, will retake for better score in October. I am a little nervous about her decision, simply that if she doesn't apply anywhere else and changes her mind, it may be too late, so I am trying to make peace with that. Cheryl
  2. So DD didn't begin homeschooling until Dec of her Jr. year. Our homeschool didn't exist before then. She did two years at local high school, 1 block credit from first half of Jr. year she was able to finish. So when I create her transcript from our homeschool, does it just begin/include the things she did from the homeschool? Therefore she would need to send 2 transcripts to colleges? Actually would it be 3 since she is dual enrolled? Trying to get this together, she is going to be applying before I know it! Thanks, Cheryl
  3. My DD is a rising senior. She took the ACT in April, she has a 25 composite, 25 on all by math which was 23. These will most likely get her into the schools she wants. She has a 3.8 unweighted from P.S. and a 4.0 from her dual enrolled classes. She is scheduled to take SAT also. First, she has dealt with severe anxiety issues this year (left PS to homeschool due to this). She was being switched between meds, NOT sleeping, and extremely wound up about the ACT when she took it. She is not thrilled about taking the SAT. She scored significantly better on pre-ACT Plan test than she did on pre-SAT. All the schools she is looking at take ACT or SAT and don't stress any preference. I had never even heard of ACT when I went college, it was an SAT only area, so it seems weird to me to not take it. So, do we cancel the SAT (which she would like) and have her do prep and tutoring for a retake of the ACT to improve scores? A 2 point raise in scores will result in 3-4K per year merit aid at the private schools she is looking at? Make her take both and compare which to retest in? Advice would be appreciated! Cheryl
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