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  1. With regular school teachers mostly unfamiliar with online teaching, it makes more sense to go back to homeschool with trusted online class providers, who have ironed all the creases. My son has enjoyed Potter School's English and Spanish classes. I think this might be the most stable and quality education he can get. Having T1D puts him more at risk if he contracts Novel Coronavirus. 10% death rate.
  2. My oldest son is doing PSEO for three subjects and homeschooling for two subjects this school year. My youngest homeschooled up to 8th grade and is now in a small 370-student private school for 9th grade. He has been under-challenged academically wise though he enjoyed the social aspects, especially the debate team. But with the schools closed, he has been doing e-learning put out by the school, which runs at most at 1/2 capacity and he's back to feeling isolated as he cited as the main reason to discontinue homeschooling. I don't know how schools look next school year with this SARS-COV-2 still running around. It doesn't make sense to pay for private school and then do online learning. So my son is interested in homeschooling again with online classes that he has done in the past. Originally he wanted to do the regular private high school for all 4 years. Now he is interested in doing PSEO for junior and senior years. What do you think public and private schools would look like for the fall semester?
  3. Chinese in Russia are going back to China in droves by three entry ways, Suifenhe being one of the three. Also, it is rumored that Russia is kicking them out, but my friend in Guangzhou said the Chinese voluntarily return to China. I've seen videos of them taking huge long distance buses to the three entry points into China. Guangzhou originally planned to open up schools, but since there is now another outbreak, they are delaying the school opening now.
  4. 她是一个武汉女性,她在家困了2个多月,今日清明,终得走出门去,在自己最熟悉的路上致哀。她的声音,令人心碎极了。 A native Wuhan woman finally was able to step out of her home after over two months' quarantine. Yesterday was Tomb Sweeping Day to remember passed loved ones. Walking on her familiar street, she cried for her city, where some whole families were wiped out. This cry is from someone who has gone through hell. I couldn't help but crying with tears all over my face. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 IMG_6296.MP4
  5. So true! We've had one ever since we came back from our Japan trip in 2016 and we only use 1/3 amount of toilet paper now.
  6. I agree. You and I do NOT know the real number. We simply have no way of knowing because China does not report the real number. The 21,000 is just as believable as the 3300 they reported. We DO NOT know the real number.
  7. Many died at home (I heard 60% died at home and 40% at hospitals) because they were refused by overcrowded hospitals. Some died in the hospitals before there was time to test them. These two groups are NOT counted in the death number. China heavily covered up even the death number of tested patients.
  8. Supposedly. But I do not trust this number. This number is downplayed by a lot!
  9. Yes. Sun Jiatong is a Wuhan official, leader of Wuhan Civil Affairs Bureau.
  10. I saw today that Mr. Sun Jiatong, the Wuhan official in charge of Civil Affairs Bureau said that the death number was 21,703 as of March 30. I think this numbe is much more believable than the 2500 deaths in Wuhan published by the Chinese government, though even this number is not big enough to be the real number.
  11. And why did WHO NOT call it a pandemic? Is it possible that China gave WHO pressure to not call it a pandemic for fear of economic loss?
  12. They have seen inside video footages and know the real death number in China; westerners do not. So there is that.
  13. Patient 0 in Italy is a 49 yr old Chinese woman professor of Marxism in a University in China who went to Italy for tour. She was just discharged after hospitalization in Italy. Chinese government owned New China News agency directed and videotaped the story of "I am not a virus, I am human" with a Chinese man who works for Chinese government in Italy with a blindfold and a face mask on the street of Italy.
  14. 大家小心水果皮和生吃的菜。最好买包装好的,不买散装的。 From trusted source in Hong Kong today: “In our laboratory, we found trace amount of the virus on the skin of fruits and vegetables after 12 hours of being touched by another customer who was infected. We recommend our staff to avoid salads. Do not eat the fruits within 48 hours of purchase, or pour some boiling water over the fruit before cutting. Berries, apples, cucumbers and tomatoes are the worst because some people eat the skin. Do not eat the skin of any fruit. We have to assume anything that comes from outside our home within 48 hours is infected. Shoes, clothes, our hair, all food.” I add: I read that 17 days after cruise ship vacated, live coronavirus was found on surface of objects in rooms where symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 patients inhabitated.
  15. Do be careful of masks sent from China. Some are fake, poorly made. I have seen people scammed. Chinese people are friendly to Americans they get to know. You can ask him if he believes American army brought virus to Wuhan. That will be the tester.
  16. When the general population in China believed since day 1 that this virus was brought over to harm China, when I was kicked out of a China chat group for speaking against this assumption, when now three months into this plague the Chinese official openly blamed the US army and every average Chinese believes and hates America, when the American donations were taken with no gratitude on the Chinese part, it is OK for Americans to lump them all together, and I say this with a heavy heart exactly because my own family in China are exactly among those believing lies and hating Americans. I do not blame your dc and your dh AT ALL. It is almost hard to distinguish the Chinese government and the Chinese people at this point.
  17. The reason that as an immigrant from a place two hours away from Wuhan will continue to call this Wuhan virus and China's virus is because my friends (also living in the US, also from China) and I want the world to remember where this started. If you look at the infected cases and death numbers China reported and compare them to what is happening in Italy, Iran, Spain, and now the US, you will see China lied. You need to add at least one zero to the end of their numbers. Now even though it is still pretty bad there, they suppress the number to 0 infection by punishing anyone who reports their actual number in their area. China lied, covered up, bullied WHO to not label it pandemic, and accused the US evacuation and travel restrictions of being racists. If China had it lied about its death numbers, the world would have known the real severity much earlier and it would not have come to this. I feel your frustration and that makes me hate the Chinese communist government even more.
  18. You nailed it, TravelingChris. China=liar At the very beginning they loudly claimed and propagandised that it was the bat at the wet market. At almost the same time, they started spreading rumor that the US is so fearful and jealous of China's power and fast growth to be a challenging world that the US planted the virus in Wuhan. All of this happened at the very beginning when they locked down Wuhan. Then they used race card to slander Americans for travel restrictions. They pressurized WHO to name the virus and enforced it to called COVID-19 and criticize anyone who called it Wuhan virus or China virus. Meanwhile Zhong Nanshan an expert and official in medical field in China, started claiming that "the infection started in China, but it may not originate from China" all just to prepare for their next lie that US army brought the virus to Wuhan in October, 2020. As an immigrant from China, I would like the world to remember it is Wuhan virus, China virus, Chinese virus simply because of all the cover up, the lies, the slanders Chinese government committed regarding this novel coronavirus. Nobody knows the real death number in China. For what I learned, 60% died in their own homes, 40% in hospitals. Those that died at home were never tested nor confirmed. Even in the hospitals, they did not have time to test everyone and many died before a test could be done and they were NOT recorded in the death number. In Wuhan, the government showed the world that patients recovered and hospitals were emptied. In fact, friends told me that new hospitals were built in the suburb away from public eyes. They can hold 4000 patients there. Any place in China that reports infected case is generally punished for telling the truth now. Now China refuses to ship 3M face masks and other medical supplies to the US while selling supplies to Malaysia and other Belt-and-Road #BowToChina countries. If this is not malicious evil towards the US, I don't know what is. 90% of American medicines and medical device production is done in China. When China uses this as a weapon against the US, the US suffers tremendously just like now. ChinaCommunistParty(CCP)=liar. "Do not even believe a punctuation mark CCP uses.” "Even the whole world's dirty words cannot describe the evil of CCP". 用尽世上所有的脏话,都不能描述中共的邪恶 These are direct quotes from people in China.
  19. How do you and dh quarantine yourselves while your dc live in the same house? We have a small house. If I use our bedroom, dh has nowhere to go but the living room couch. In fact he has work computer station in our small bedroom. So it will be hard to quarantine if one of us gets it.
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