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  1. My little guy will turn 5 in three weeks and he is doing very well with long chapter books. He loved Charlotte's Web, Henry Huggins, Cricket in Time Square, Mouse on Motorcycle, Tale of Despereaux and more. So I think we will finish Core K in a couple months, and start Core 1 right away so that his older brother can be more on target. If ds5 cannot follow CHOW easily, then I will repeat it for him in later years. So that is my plan for now. We will finish Sonlight science K in a month or so and I am thinking of either starting SL science 1, or Apologia Astronomy, or God's Design science (I haven't look at this one yet). What do you use for science for 7 and 5 yr olds? Thank you again, J
  2. you start Core 1? I am a bit concerned that we might be behind. My ds7 and my ds5 are doing SL core K now and I know some 8 yr olds are doing core 3 and my ds7 is really behind in comparison. He is very good at reading, just finished the Hobbit and started to read the Fellowship of the Ring against my will (well, my dh allowed him to). He does everything else on or above grade level. We did three rounds of SL preK and are doing core K the second round just for ds5's sake. In fact he is not 5 yet, will turn 5 in three weeks. He remembers every detail in the history and read-alouds we did the first round of core K. He understands long chapter books really well and we have done many above level read-alouds which he enjoyed. I am now hurrying up to finish core K so that we can get to core 1 and finish it within the year of 2010 (by December 2010). So what do you think? Please let me know I am ok and not behind. J
  3. Also I am using Liping Ma's Chinese to teach my boys. She has done a wonderful joy creating Chinese textbooks for Chinese kids who are born and raised overseas. The first book is very doable for 6 yr olds. I am very pleased with the results. Check it out if you are interested: "Ma Liping Chinese".
  4. doing all TB/WB and IP? I did 1A1B with all those and spent a LONG time, over an actual year. I did both WB and related topics in IP the same time rather than finished one whole book and then start another. How do you do it? Do you skip some exercises in IP? J
  5. Zoo keeper, Thanks for the answer. You obviously use a combo of 3. I am curious how long does it take for you to complete one level. When I used SM primary 1A1B all TB/WB/IP, it took much longer than a year. Since I haven't used 2IP so far into grade 2, I am really not interested in buying the next level of IP. I would like just use SM standards edition 3 TB/WB and add in the free MEP. Thanks again, J
  6. I have SM 2A 2B IP as supplement for our main TB/WB. We finished 1A1B ann IP 1A1B, which took a long time. Since we are transitioning to use Standards Edition 3A 3B TB/WB, I don't really want to buy the IP anymore, especially if we don't use them that much when doing 2A2B now. So I am thinking of just using the free pages from MEP. So what part of MEP do I use with 2B, and then later 3A3B? I hope those that have done this could share your wisdom. I really don't want to spend a lot of time on the Singapore IP anymore if I can supplement with MEP to enrich our math. By the way, my younger one will start SM primary 1A soon, so would you also share what you use from MEP to supplement? Thanks, J
  7. Thank you, Andrea, and others, for detailing for me how you use your HIG. I had a look at the HIG of a friend's and decided not to get it. I see it as another thing to take my time. I learned math the Chinese way (I came to the US at age 31) and often come up with my own strategy. For example, ds7 is learning 5 tables. I teach him the way I always do, maybe no one else does it this way: for even #, 4x5 = half of 4 and then add a 0 to the end. So that is 20. for the odd #x5, i.e. 7x5 is half of one less than the odd # 7 and add a 5 to the end. So it is half of 6 and add 5 to the end and it is 35. For division: 20/5: cross out the 0 of the whole #, then double the first #. So 2x2=4 is the answer. If it is 75/5, then double the tens #, that is 7x2, then add 1 more. The result is 15. For 35 / 5, the it is double 3 plus 1 and the result is 7. He learned it faster this way than to memorize the table or by counting by 5s. I think if I do one level a year, then there is time in the summer to fit in the IP. Thanks for your advice. I am getting the Standards Edition for 3A, then I don't know if I should get the IP for that since it doesn't line up well.
  8. First thing in the morning after breakfast is I read Egermeier's Story Bible to them and I ask them questions in the back and then they say their separate memory verses and ds7 copies his verse a few times a week. We read Abeka Health 1 and never do the fill in the blank stuff. Thanks for the feedback. J
  9. It took me much more than a year to finish Singapore 1A 1B TB, WB with 1A, 1B IP books. Ds7 is 1/4 done with 2B. It will take us 18 weeks at least to finish 2B without any IP. So I wonder how you can add more than the bare bone TB and WB. I don't even use the HIG. Please share how you do it. I would like to add the IP, but I can't see where we can fit it in. Should I assign some for afternoon homework? J
  10. I have two dss, 7 and almost 5. I would like some feedback for the curriculum I use. History/geography/read-aloud/readers: Sonlight Core K with random readers at 3rd to 5th grade level Science: Sonlight K science Co-op science twice a month: Flying creatures of the 5th day Rod and Staff English 3 (ds7 just finished English 2) Sequential Spelling 1 (after many tears with R and S spelling 2) Singapore primary math 2B (1/4 done) Chinese: 2nd grade Chinese for families that speak Chinese at home Musikgarten Keyboard 1st year Mark Kristler online 3-D drawing (just signed up) and some art class at art institute. Cub scouts once a week with gym games half of the time and den activities the other half I always feel it is lacking. Should I let him do more writing (WWE) than R and S English, or wordly wise vocab, or .... He just finished reading the Hobbit by himself and understood it very well. He could read one Magic Tree House in an hour or so. He is such an avid reader that I don't bother getting a reading program for him, or should I? Please share what you do for your 7 yr olds or give me some ideas what I should add. J
  11. Do you use it as stand alone or as supplement to Singapore or any other math program? I am just curiously. Since it is free to download and looks very neat, I am interested in trying some. My ds is using Singapore 2B right now. J
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