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  1. I hate this about my native culture: people tell each other they are too fat, too ugly...Last night on the phone my middle school classmate told me his impression of me was outstanding student, very kind-hearted, not good-looking (ugly). Granted, I did ask him what impression he had of me first. It still stings. I know all along how people in my native country think of me. It stings to hear it. So very glad my American dh praises me beautiful every day and my Maker thinks I am beautiful!

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    2. MerryAtHope


      I always think of you as beautiful because I love your screen name! So glad that Christ has helped you overcome the hurt.

    3. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      Yes, God sees us as His beautiful children. But sometimes it is hard to drown out the "noise".


    4. Sahamamama2


      Jade Orchid Song, I am so glad that Christ has helped you heal from these hurtful words. I pray that He will continue to reveal to you the way He sees you -- you are precious in His sight. He cannot love you more, and He will never love you less. Let His Spirit wash over you, with the soothing oil of joy in His presence. Peace.

  2. We have managed to almost finish our Chinese 100 without the textbook I ordered on Amazon. Should just cancel order and get the money back to pay for Chinese 200.

    1. Arcadia


      That is a good problem to have :)

    2. JadeOrchidSong


      I agree! He can read much better than he can write. He speaks well.

  3. ds11 whined all day! He complains about his online Spanish class, his online writing class, his weekend Boy Scout jamboree camping, ...Because of the camping, he has to finish his Spanish and writing by tomorrow. I have to tune out.

  4. Really don't like Emma. Looking forward to finishing it so that I can resume Exodus.

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    2. JadeOrchidSong


      I don't know yet, but I hope Harriet marries the farmer who proposed to her in the beginning of the story. He seems to be very likable. I hate it that Emma managed to kill that relationship.

    3. Rosie_0801


      Harriet is so honoured by the attention. I suppose to us it would be the equivalent of a celebrity we hero-worship wanting to be friends with us.

    4. JadeOrchidSong


      I totally agree. I will try to finish the book by tomorrow. I am a very slow reader both in English and my native language.

  5. Hope Journey Through Narnia will go well for ds11. I just opened the first assignment. So meaty and interesting!

  6. Started back Chinese yesterday. We finally gave up on Latin after 5 years of study. We are picking back up Mandarin for ds13. Ds11 is doing Spanish and is enjoying learnign a living language. He is doing well. I enjoy hearing him practice in his online class. Hope Chinese will go well this second round.

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    2. JadeOrchidSong


      Chinese is easier for me. Ds13 wasn't doing great with Latin. If I can make him practice writing characters diligently, he might be successful.

    3. RootAnn


      Best of luck! Glad ds11 is enjoying Spanish so far!

    4. JadeOrchidSong


      He is having some trouble with homework. He doesn't know where to find the audio with the sign of earphones next to the exercises. For example, Page 3 of his textbook.

  7. TPS first day tech problem. Narnia class canceled.

    1. RootAnn


      Always a possibility. Things aren't yet clear sailing for several of DD#1's online classes. Deadlines miscommunicated, ghost logins, and still quite a few microphone issues!

    2. JadeOrchidSong


      Ds is FOEW class had a confusion about the due date for his writing homework.

    3. madteaparty


      Same for us (different class) after we lost 40 minutes trying. Can't say THAT has happened before...

  8. Why can't I just make up my mind to do America the Beautiful for both dc? Do I really need to switch to Changing Frontiers?

  9. Just reserved The Silkworm!

  10. Quit WTM for a few days for more time to teach.

  11. Will take next week off to recharge. Enjoy the warmer weather and the outdoors.

  12. 6 inches of snow. More is coming. Co-op got canceled. What should we do? I

    1. PinkyandtheBrains.


      Build a snow man? snow fort? make snow cream?


  13. Just watched a captivating movie masterly done called Flowers of War

  14. Willing to put in time to learn and do discussions TOG way for the last few weeks of the year for TOG 1 Unit 4. Please cheer me on, Hive!

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    2. RootAnn


      How exciting! What a great way to end the year. Go for it!

    3. ILiveInFlipFlops


      Ooh, good for you! I think that's such a valuable skill. Would you mind sharing how you're learning?

    4. JadeOrchidSong


      I will learn by doing it, trial and error way. :-) hope dc and I both ease into it and do better as we go. You can check my post on high school forum about TOG not working and advice people gave me.


  15. Watching Jackie Chan's Drunken Master we bought in China. We love his movies made before he became famous

    1. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      I love Jackie Chan! This movie was the first one I saw of his as a teen in Japan.

    2. JadeOrchidSong


      Yea, I love the movies with lots of him learning from a stern but kind master. He was such a handsome, playful, and humorous young man in those early movies.


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